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Most children's parties involves the use of fancy dress costumes. Fun time for kids and adults occurs during matinees. The children enjoyed each new image will forever remain in their memory as a happy moment. Superman costume – a great option for boys. In that outfit he can feel like a real superhero.

Superman costume

Superman Costume you can easily buy

These models are very popular today. To purchase the Superman costume in many shops of goods for children. Options may be slightly different from each other. But in General, the set usually consists of costume-jumpsuit with attached belt and muscles, pants, coat and in some cases masks. The sizes are very different. So pick the costume you will be able for a child of any age.

Vivid image

It wouldn't be a secret that this superhero is one of the most beloved characters of many generations. So the Superman costume will have your child like. Jumpsuit with Cape, red shorts with a Golden belt, each known logo's — all this will allow your child not only to stand out at the party. Do not be surprised if he earns the prize for the best costume.


Cooking with your hands

By the Way, if your time allows, you can do without buying ready-made outfit. To make a Superman costume by yourself is not difficult. So, where to start? First and foremost, you need to take the blue kid tights. It is best that the sleeves and pants were long. You can replace a suit for a shirt and spandex leggings. Such models are more than enough in the shops for the dancers.


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However, you can do a simple blue suit. Just have to choose the model size smaller, so that it sat tight on the child's body.

Make a logo

The Next step. This costume requires, of course, the manufacture of the famous logo. Everyone knows how it looks, the emblem of the superhero. Draw it on cardboard or thick paper of such a size that it covers the chest of the baby.

kids Superman costume

Then do three different pattern for the S emblem. It – diamond border, yellow diamond (slightly smaller) and the very letter. Each template is outlined on the piece of felt. To do this, use fabric chalk or washable pencil. All three pieces are cut. Yellow diamond superimposed on top of the red diamond and is secured with strong clerical or superglue. The top is glued the letter S. All three layers are thoroughly dry. The letter and diamond are circled in thick black marker. The position of the emblem is regulated in tights, after which it is sewn on by hand or on the sewing machine.

Add cloak

Next carnival costume is complemented by another element. To manufacture the coat will need about three meters of a brilliant red synthetic fabric. Felt may also be suitable for this purpose. Most importantly, choose a durable fabric without seams (in one piece). One meter from need to postpone the production of underwear.

On the remaining part you need to measure a triangle, pulls the child up to the calf. Figure the required length is cut. The upper part of the triangle meets at the neck in several places and placed at the sides and the back of the collar. The coat is sewn by hand. You're done! To complete the image of the sides and bottom are hemmed about half a centimeter.

Superman costume for a child

Superman Underwear

What's next? Baby Superman costume includes, of course, and briefs. Let's get started. For a start, take the white men's briefs with a high waist. On the table splits the remaining meter of the red fabric. Pants circled in a white chalk and turned over so that the crotch was met with the fabric as if you are doing mirroring. The outline is drawn from this side.

We cut briefs, folded them in half at the crotch and connect the two sides together, leaving openings for legs and the upper part open. Front, back and sides are cut the slots. These will be the loops for the belt. It is made from a piece of yellow felt, a little more than waist circumference with a thickness of about four inches. The belt passes through a loop and fastened with a Golden buckle when the suit is worn.

Final stage – the boots

And finally, the last step. Superman costume for baby padded boots. First select the Foundation. It can be cowboy boots, rubber or are designed for riding. The purpose – pick up your shoes, reaching to mid-calf.

After this you will need a spray with bright red paint and primer. The latter will smear the outside of the boot. Once it dries (about a day), on the shoes apply a coat of red paint. Next, you need to wait one more day. You may need two coats of paint to the boots looked brighter.

That's it! Costume ready! In short, you decide if you want to do it yourself or buy ready-made at the store. In any case, your little one will be irresistible!

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