Child 1 year and 2 months: development, growth, weight, a day regimen


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The Old saying, "growing by leaps and bounds" can be safely attributed to the rapid growth of babies in the first years of life. Every hour a toddler is filled with the knowledge of the world and awareness of yourself in it.

Child, 1 year and 2 months: development of a General

The Process of development it occurs rapidly, as soon as the toddler starts to crawl, he becomes a researcher. A world filled with strange things, needs careful study in each subject is necessary to examine, to feel and to taste. With the onset of the little man of the period of the knowledge of the parents begins the time of serious testing and attention. The child may be interested in absolutely everything. So that dangerous items must be inaccessible to the baby place, even can not speak. If the little "archaeologist" beckons the locker with his clothes and accessories in which to dig, there is nothing wrong, do not blame the kid and ban him favorite pastime. Bans still nothing, this is the age of denial. It is better to try to explain to your child the purpose of interesting items. To leave around the house your toys is another favorite thing.

a child 1 year and 2 months development

For adults only this process seems to be a mess, and the kid sees such a mess as a fun game. In addition, the movement aimed at spreading and pulling objects, forced to work the muscular system toddler, thus developing it, and bringing order and putting toys in place of the patient parent can turn into a game. Not all children aged 14 months to begin to speak. Many undecideds accumulating power in order to subsequently surprise the adults with his vocabulary, but I understand the kids well. So if a child is not responding to the ban, that doesn't mean he doesn't understand maybe he is just protesting.


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Development at this age occurs in each in their own way. Some are already starting to attempt to make the first clumsy steps, while others only creep, but very quickly. These differences do peers scare many parents. Pediatricians in such cases, calm them, explaining the differences in the development of many factors, including the height and weight of the child, character traits and heredity. And the old people say that even the trees in the forest grow in different ways: one faster, the other slower. To move children also begin differently, one child walks alone after a few attempts, and the other takes time and outside help to overcome a few steps. But in the end the kids will go equally well, so much so that adults won't keep up with them.

lessons from a baby 1 year 2 month

Child, 1 year and 2 months: mental evolution

The Identity is formed at the earliest stages of human development, and by 14 months of age, already shows the character of the child, as a rule, is a time of rebellion and whims. The reason for such behavior of the kid with his desire to realize themselves as individuals. Parents just need to be patient at this period, and not to react sharply on the obstinacy and whims. To blame and punish the baby for them is not worth it, his psyche is still very vulnerable, and reaction to the punishment will be crying. Zalezshego loud weeping child to calm down is quite difficult, better to spend time on explanation and persuasion or to shift the attention of the crumbs for something else.


Height and weight of children at this age also depend on various factors, in which great importance is heredity and the sex of the baby. Girls, usually less than boys. Baby big parents is likely to differ in the parameters from their peers, mom and dad which have a more fragile Constitution. Basically, the weight of boys in 14 months is in the range of 10.5 to 11 kg, and the height is between 76 to 79 cm Weight girls varies from 9.5 to 10.1 kg, and height - from 75 to 78.5 cm.

Menu child

the child walks

And what to feed this kid? What should be a child menu? 1 year 2 months – the time when, still must be present products that contain gentle protein, pureed porridge from cereals: buckwheat, wheat, rice, corn or millet in the milk, vegetable puree with the addition of a light meat broth and fruit mass. Confectionery products to children under three years should not be used. Feeding is considered correct if happening in 4 or 5 receptions. You cannot restrict the baby in the fluid, a warm drink useful for the growing cells of the small body.

height and weight

Be careful, but in moderation!

The Child goes or just trying to, and so he can grab any object and pull it into his mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to keep small and sharp objects do not fall into the zone of visibility of the baby. Doctors have recorded many cases when children swallow or choke on beads, small toys, buttons and the like. Excessive vigilance as negligence, harm to the child. There is a particularly neat moms, sterilizing toys for their kids. Often their children suffer from infections of the oral cavity due to the lack of immunity to viruses and germs that cause such diseases.

Day Mode smallest member of the family

So, if your house has a baby(1 year 2 months), the mode it needs to be carefully considered. In addition to four or five feedings it should be included walks and, of course, a NAP. If this is the right age to teach a child to Wake up early in the morning, eating and going to bed at lunch time (from twelve to two or from one to three), for example, according to the order of the day in kindergarten when the time comes to visit preschool, baby will be much easier to adapt.

Exciting to play together with the kid

Which play with a child? 1 year 2 months – the period of development. Hence, games should be of this nature. Need to play with the baby, fold the size of the pyramid, to build towers and houses of various blocks, to invest in a hollow place geometric shapes corresponding to the shapes and colors. These classes are designed to develop thinking, conduct comparative analysis and develop fine motor skills. Musical mats with the singing when you items allow you to learn new words and develop the musical perception of the child. Matryoshka will teach kids to fold and unfold the structure from largest to smallest and, of course, back.

child menu 1 year 2 month

The So-called story fun will help expand your vocabulary and mentality of a toddler. For example, the game “What is a saucepan?” will introduce your baby to the name of vegetables and fruits. They will need the capacity in which they are laid. The child's task will be to select a fruit or vegetable by its name. Similarly, you can familiarize the tot with other household items. Toys depicting birds and animals, will help in the game. For example, you can arrange a home theater. The kid would be happy to observe straightforward plot mini-performance. If you take pictures of animals, then you can begin to teach the names of animals, their actions and names of parts of the body. This game is also useful for the development of creativity of the baby.

a child 1 year 2 months regime

Interesting things with the kid

What class should be provided with a child? 1 year 2 months – this is the age when training should be conducted in the form of a game. Then lessons will not be a burden to him, especially if the game takes place with the participation of all family members. Children at this age imitate adults. Therefore, when looking at pictures in a book and hearing the names of things, the kid can do the same serious look as a grandfather while reading the newspaper, and carefully as a mother, folding her toy dishes, or frown while talking on the phone like daddy. Children learn about the world through communication. It is very important that as adults say. With a child you need to talk correctly, not Suzuka and not mispronouncing words. After all, he will remember and will tell the same, as did the people around him.

Toys: how to choose?

Toys are very important for perception of the world, if you have a small child (1 year and 2 months). The development will be more rapid if to give him time to deal with it. If the choice is to follow the correct shape and color toy animals and dolls. A prerequisite for such things is their safety, quality and material from which they are made.

playing with baby 1 year 2 month

You should Not buy young children a collapsible toy, includes small parts they can swallow. The material used for their manufacturing must not cause allergies. Therefore, when choosing baby toys should pay attention, of course, the producer and certification of its products.


Now you understand how the world perceives the child (1 year and 2 months). Development in this period is quite rapidly. So you need to help your child to learn everything new.

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