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Home kids comfortable and close to mom and dad. But there comes a time when the child should start to communicate with their peers, and the mother to go to work. Kindergarten – the most wonderful time in everyone's life. A delicious lunch, fun, friends, NAPs and walks – the best impossible to imagine. And protect and protect toddlers in this period of life caregivers! These kind and dedicated women deserve gratitude and praise. So congratulations on the Day of the teacher must be an enchanting and touching.

Profession – second mom

The employees of preschool institutions is heavy, but pleasant. Energy and a positive, outgoing from the crumbs, like giving life force. With them interesting and fun, children honest, do not know how to lie and dissemble. The best companies not find in this world! Children perceive caregivers as a second mom. After all, these women feed them, put to bed, read stories and have fun together with the kids as peers. Much depends on these women: how the child will perceive the world will find a common language with the kids, as well as its development and first skills.

day for caregivers

The Respect and gratitude

Their professional holiday, the teachers celebrated on September 27. Institutions are matinees, concerts, performances. Guys love to speak to parents and kindergarten staff. On that day, heard only good wishes and congratulations of the teacher and preschool worker. This celebration involved and nurses, and the Director and musical Director. Give each of them a little attention and care.


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Children at work

Go in the morning to kindergarten,

Give every there concern,

Eyes glisten fun.

Here and hearty, and heat,

Lots of toys

In the group Very well,

Read books about animals.

Congratulations, my dear,

Teachers expensive.

Love and appreciate you

You employees – the highest class.

We see your achievements,

You are all worthy of respect!

Representative of the parent Committee may, with the expression to read such congratulations with the Day of the teacher in verses.

congratulations on the day of the teacher and preschool workers

Ball flower

Prepare a surprise for your beloved second mothers children. Let the children will learn a small dance, depicting the round dance of flowers. Costumes for this performance can be done independently. Fit bright long dresses and wreaths on the head. After the waltz of the flowers hand bouquets to the staff. Invite one dad from the group, to say congratulations on the Day of the teacher and preschool worker. Mother-activists – it's not new, but the Pope rarely participate in such activities. Women will be pleased to hear the good wishes from the man's lips: “Beautiful women, professionals, happy holiday! Words cannot Express our gratitude for that love of our children as a family. Be always the same kind, gentle and open. You immense happiness, financial stability, love and tenderness.”

This is the Day caregiver in prose will delight both children and adults.

Pencil, sketchbook, felt-tip pen

Children love to draw, always and on all surfaces. So give them that opportunity. With the help of adults, let them make a greeting card for the holiday. This idea is sure to enjoy the brats. Stock up on drawing paper, markers and patience. On the poster write the Day of the educator of the children and parents. This may be short phrases, slogans and simple thank you

congratulations on the day of the teacher colleagues

  • Congratulations, beloved, cheerful, hard-working;
  • Better not in the world you congratulations take this hour;
  • Happiness, success, health, patience, wait, favorite, you, Sunday;
  • Today is very important: “holiday”, - you will tell everybody;
  • The teachers the kids need;
  • We wish you want to be healthy and not to grow old while having fun and singing songs.

The Poster would be bright and relevant. It can be hung in the group, he reminds employees that they are dear to their wards. Such funny congratulations teacher will appeal to all!

Friendly team

After children will take home caregivers safely drink a Cup of tea and wish each other success in their work. This can take care of parents and give the team the luxury cake. The main focus should say the head of the institution. She observes everything and sees how trying staff how to relate to kids and are making every effort for their full development.

congratulations on the day of the teacher in verse

“Dear colleagues, today our holiday. It's no wonder we are linked with this profession. It's a great happiness to see these kids grow up, make the first success, truly love us. Stay always the same sensitive and kind fairies. You show care and attention to each child. Other people's children we have – all family, our! You are worthy men and beautiful women. I respect you, and love you happy holidays!” - a congratulation with Day of the teacher colleagues are very like, they will be pleased to know that their work is appreciated.

Sweet miracle

Female genderpartial to sweets. Though a million calories in a delicious airy cake, no one piece will not give up. Prepare a surprise to educators in the form of a huge cake. Decorate it with flowers, bows from the cream. Children, too, can enjoy this confectionary miracle.

But the main point – it is the Day caregiver, written by the cream directly on the cake. All will be delighted by such a beautiful and sweet gift. Don't forget to take a photo before you cut this masterpiece.

congratulations on the day of the teacher in prose

“your Favorite teachers, let your life be as beautiful and sweet as this cake. Happy holidays to you! Happiness and success at work!”

A Long, mournful wishes nothing to something. Let the thought will be short and clear. Do not pass by such solemn days. With a little effort, you will take great pleasure all the staff of the kindergarten.

Congratulations on the Day of the teacher colleagues - is also a prerequisite. Supplies small gift for everyone, it is so important to know that your hard work and friendship is appreciated. Have great fun often come together – these moments are so dear.

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