What is fashion glasses? What to look for when choosing


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Today, the increasingly popular image-points, which are very fashionable and stylish accessory that can not only radically change the appearance of a man, to emphasize individuality, but also to adjust the facial features.

These fashion sunglasses

Fashion does not stand still, and if wearing glasses was a necessary measure associated with vision impairment, in recent years, among young people they acquire the role of a stylish accessory. The main difference of image points from the ordinary – the absence of corrective lenses, which are replaced with glass with no lenses or conventional plastic lenses. Professionals they are called "my best". These glasses are not able to increase or decrease the visible objects by transferring the image unchanged.

Their Range is extremely wide and allows to choose a model for every look and situation. Image-points are a mandatory attribute of the modern Casual style, with particular attention paid to the material from which made the frame, and color lenses.image points

In Great demand points, called "chameleon». Their photochromic lenses darken in contact with them to ultraviolet rays. It turns out that they perform two functions – in the room look like regular sunglasses, but should go out in the sun, they immediately turn into the sun.

How to choose a frame

Choosing the appropriate image-points (photos of some models are in this article), you should pay attention to the material from which made the frame, its color, shape and size. For example, metal edging is not always appropriate in everyday life. Best of all these glasses will look great with formal or business attire. The wooden frame for added ease and extravagance. Color shall match the overall color scheme.image points photo


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Somewhat more difficult to determine the shape and size. Here is not to chase fashion, and to give preference to the frames which is to face. Role – to adjust its shape to expand or lengthen. So, for the face of the rectangular type is better suited to oval frames and round face can decorate a wide dark colored frame with prominent angles. People with an oval face shape suitable fashion sunglasses with any frame.

When choosing a frame it is important to adhere to generally accepted rules: the top line score is on a par with the eyebrows and in any case not closing them, the rim should not follow the contours of the face and touch his cheeks.

Select glass

You Can buy glasses with plastic lenses, but to create a serious image better to stop the choice on the glass. In the big fashion now, the above-described “pyramids”. They are more suitable to people who frequently move from the street into the room and back. There are also image glasses without diopters, designed for those who are forced to spend much time at the computer. Their lenses coated with a special coating that reflects harmful radiation coming from the monitor. Moreover, in these glasses the eyes less strain and restore its full function.image glasses with no lenses

The Lens does not have to be transparent. They can easily be painted in any color you like. Very popular in recent decoration of the lenses with mirror coatings. It is of different colors – red, blue, Golden etc.

Recommendations ophthalmologists

Many fans to look stylish and fashionable wonders, harmful image-points. Answers ophthalmologist to it is not unequivocal. On the one hand, to see through ordinary glass is perfectly safe to view. However, there are some moments that cannot be ignored. Glass of image points must be of high quality. Especially it is of great importance in those cases, if you have to wear glasses constantly. Cheap glasses create no very pleasant reflection that may cause discomfort. So it is better if they are with anti-reflective coating.image harmful if glasses doctor's answers

In addition, doctors do not recommend to abuse the wearing of image points. This does not affect the development of myopia or hyperopia, but it helps mitigate the side view. Therefore it is not necessary to wear fashion glasses are constantly. It is a perfect accessory for club parties, business meetings, trips to exhibitions, etc. Following the fashion, it is not necessary to forget and about health.

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