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All parents are concerned about the issue of the first lure for the child. If the baby is breastfed and well gaining weight, then acquaintance with adult food should be postponed to six months. Artificials or infants who gain poor weight are recommended to enter the first bait in 3 months. Where to start depends on the desire of parents and recommendations of the pediatrician.

прикорм детей с 3 месяцев таблица

Getting to know adult food

If the doctor said, "Let's feed in 3 months!", then there are good reasons for this. Do not resist and argue with a specialist.

Such recommendations are usually given by doctors to those children who are underweight or tall, despite regular milk or mixture feeding. There is a certain norm by which it is necessary to start feeding children from 3 months. Your pediatrician has a table of the number of products. Ask the doctor to give it to you and read it carefully.

The beginning of the lure in 3 months

So you decided to introduce the baby to adult food. Where to start? There are several options: porridge, vegetable and fruit puree or juice. Depending on why your baby is advised to start early baiting, the method of dating the infant with food is chosen.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 4

Day 5




A quarter of a teaspoon

Half a teaspoon

2/3 teaspoon

1 teaspoon

30 grams

50 grams


2-3 drops

Half a teaspoon

One teaspoon

Three teaspoons

30 ml

50 ml


On the tip of a teaspoon

A quarter of a teaspoon

Half a teaspoon

2/3 teaspoon

10 grams

50 grams

Introduction of juice

Juice bait from 3 months recommend children who develop normally, gain weight well and grow. Nowadays, on the shelves of shops you can find a lot of products made specifically for baby food. You can buy juice that does not cause allergies and is recommended for consumption from the age of three months.


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Also, an alternative option can be self-cooking delicious liquid. If you have a juicer, feeding the baby at 3 months of juice of his own preparation will not be difficult.

3 месяца ребенку развитие прикорм

How to introduce a new drink?

It is better to start with an apple or a pear. Shop products are ready for consumption. If you squeeze the juice yourself, it should be diluted with drinking water in the amount of one to one.

If you have never given baby juice, it is necessary to gradually start feeding children from 3 months. The table of proper nutrition says that on the first day you can give your child a few drops of juice. Then it is necessary to closely monitor the reaction of the baby.

On the second day it is recommended to offer the infant half a teaspoon of fruit drink. If everything goes smoothly, and there is no reaction, you can gradually increase the dose of the product.

начало прикорма в 3 месяца

Introduction of fruit or vegetable puree

If the infant has too much weight gain (3 months), the lure can start with vegetables or fruits. A prerequisite is the absence of allergies during breastfeeding.

If you decide to introduce vegetables, it is worth starting with courgette, cauliflower or broccoli. Never inject two vegetables at the same time. For the first lure of fruit should give preference to apples or pears. Exotic fruits (pineapples, kiwis and others) should be postponed until the child turns one year old.

You can buy jars of fruit and vegetable food in the store or cook meals yourself. Shop products are ready for consumption. Look carefully at the expiration date and read the composition of the dish.

When cooking at home, you need to boil vegetables. After that, you need to grind the product in a blender or with a meat grinder. In order for the dish to turn out more liquid, you need to add a little drinking water. It is not recommended to salt the first food or add sugar. Fruit puree can also be made with a blender or a special food processor.

How and in what quantity to give puree?

On the first day, offer the baby a puree on the tip of a teaspoon. See how the body will react to new food. On the second day, you can slightly increase the amount of bait children from 3 months. The table indicates that in two weeks the crumb can consume up to 50 grams of puree. A prerequisite is the absence of an allergic reaction.

первый прикорм в 3 месяца

Introduction of porridge

Feeding porridge in 3 months is recommended for those children who are poorly weighted with regular milk or mixture.

In this case, it is worth giving preference to buckwheat or rice cereal cooked on water. You can buy such porridge in the store. It is enough to dilute with hot water. You can also boil the cereal yourself and carefully grind it to a mashed state. Milk porridge can be prepared for children who eat artificial milk mixture. They are already quite familiar with this product and should not react negatively to it. This dish will be more satisfying and nutritious.

How much and how to give the baby the first porridge?

Start feeding children from 3 months table recommends as follows. On the first day you can offer a crumb one-quarter of a teaspoon of the product. In the absence of a negative reaction, the portion on the second day can be half a teaspoon.

In two or three weeks the baby can safely consume up to 50 ml of cereal product.

прикорм малыша в 3 месяца

3 months for the child: development, lure and possible problems

Complexities may not arise immediately. Perhaps you will easily introduce porridge and juice, and vegetable puree will have an allergic reaction. That's why you need to gradually introduce each product. The baby is given two weeks to one month to get acquainted with one dish. During this time, it is necessary to gradually increase the daily dose of the consumed dish.

In addition to allergies, the child may have problems with the stool. If the consistency of feces has changed or there are abdominal pains and increased gas formation, it is necessary to cancel the product and consult a pediatrician for treatment.

грудничок 3 месяца прикорм

Three-month-old baby's menu

If you want to start a close acquaintance of the child with adult food, then you need to make the right menu. For breakfast, you can offer a crumb of porridge, which he drank breast milk or artificial mixture.

The next meal is between breakfast and lunch. In this feeding should give the baby the usual milk food.

During lunch, the crumb can taste vegetable puree, which should also be supplemented with milk. The child can give up his usual dairy food in favor of a new dish. There's nothing wrong with that.

The next feeding consists of breast milk or a mixture. Offer your child the usual portion of food.

For a snack it is recommended to eat fruit puree or juice. If the baby is familiar with both products, you can give both. If necessary, feed the baby with milk.

In the evening (before going to bed) it is recommended to feed the baby breast milk or mixture. Such food will help him relax, get fed up and fall asleep. Also, the usual food is not heavy. It will not create discomfort in the stomach and intestines.

вводим прикорм в 3 месяца


Remember that when the child turns 3 months old, the development, lure and regime should correspond to this age. All products during this period should be introduced gradually. Take your time, otherwise your baby may have health problems.

Feed the baby tasty and properly!

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