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In those days when our great-grandmothers and grandmothers were still young, things were used for a long time. In prudent and neat owners items of wardrobe and everyday life could serve several generations. Almost every girl on the extradition had a chest, which stored dresses, skirts, suits, blouses and embroidered underwear. The most elegant and good clothes were worn during the holidays. What became scarce, passed on to the younger.

Today, everything has changed. Items of wardrobe and everyday life, which have been purchased only recently, for a short time become old, despite a short period of service. However, those things that you "write off" for lack of need may well serve either you or another host.


Often when putting order on the shelves and in the cupboards, we have the idea that you can redo the old things with their own hands, giving them a second life. It happens that the idea does not move forward. But sometimes creative thought still prevails, and the hands themselves are drawn to work.

Almost every thing can be turned into a new, unique and very favorite item of wardrobe. And the clothes are not only crossed. It can be decorated with various details, paint or just cut off excess.

As for furniture, it is remodeled and it. The objects of our interior are glued, painted and pasted. New details are often added to them.

How do you remake old things with your own hands, so that they continue to please you and your loved ones? Take jeans, for example. Such an old, but favorite item of wardrobe can be found in the closet of almost any person. The ability to rework will depend on the state of the thing.


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куда сдают старые вещи

Most often, jeans make shorts. To do this, you just need to cut off all the excess. The result is a wonderful summer attribute. In addition, shorts can be bleached with chlorine, decorated with buttons, rivets, rhinestones and paint with special colors.

Any jeans can turn into a stylish outfit. This will require only a permanent marker and some artistic skills. From denim pieces will be a great toy or bag.

In any closet there are always enough unnecessary T-shirts and T-shirts. One shed, the other stretched, and the third just broke ... Scissors will help here too. The T-shirts cut off the sleeves, made a deeper neckline. You can change the back. It is recommended to cut through in the form of thin strips and sew there a fabric of any contrasting color. An application will be a very fashionable attribute. Help in the rework of rhinestones, rivets and beads.

From the outer fur clothing will be a wonderful material from which you can sew covers for the car seats. If the requirements of fashion do not meet the knitted things, then they are recommended to dissolve, then tying from these threads something more modern. From old clothes will be wonderful outfits for pets - cats and dogs. From unnecessary warm things you can sew a magnificent patchwork quilt. In other words, you will need imagination and time, which will certainly give a second life to outdated items of wardrobe. Boldly start to restore order in their closets, where you will find a lot of ideas to create an exclusive!

Getting rid of unnecessary

Items stored in your home should be sorted out periodically. And at least once a year. After that, you need to throw away old things. They can be not only items of wardrobe, but also broken dishes, torn bedding, as well as broken household appliances. To get rid of unnecessary is desirable not only rooms, but also basements, attics. This will help open up space for something new.

Commission stores

Where can you hand over old things, getting a monetary reward for them? Of course, in commission shops, which are open in many settlements. Various products are sold in such outlets. Customers are offered everything from furniture and appliances to clothes for children.

перешить старые вещи своими руками

It is very easy to hand over old things to such stores. We just need to bring them there and conclude an agreement that will be in force for two months. You will need to bring your passport with you to compile this document. The price of things the client calls himself. The money for the goods commission stores give only after the sale of the goods.

The range of goods in such a retail outlet is quite wide. Here, in addition to furniture, you can see household appliances and prams. Laptops are in great demand, which usually do not linger on the counter for more than a week.

Now you know where old things go out of fashion, unnecessary dishes, blazing in the closet, clothes from which children have grown up, furniture that would still serve. The solution of the issue is quite simple, and besides will not be superfluous the money that you get for the sold goods.

Charity shops

Where do old things go for free? To date, many Russian cities have opened Outlets Charity shop. These are charity shops run by various initiative groups or organizations. The purpose of such associations is to raise capital to help orphans, the seriously ill and the elderly, as well aslow-income citizens. Giving old things to Charity shop is a great opportunity to get rid of them and benefit other people.

продать старую вещь

The principle of charitable shops in our country is borrowed from the practice of European and American social entrepreneurship. For Russia, this type of activity is still new. It should be said that the first outlet of its kind appeared in Russia in 2012, whereas in Europe such stores were known in the last century.

Things in the Charity shop people give free. That is why the social store offers its customers goods at the lowest price. This attracts a large number of consumers. After such a business will cover its expenses, the profit goes to a charitable foundation.

In such stores accept products not only factory production. On the implementation take and homemade. One condition: all things must be of proper quality.

So, if you don't know where to put your old things, bring them to the charity shop. You are happy to take clothes for adults and children, as well as shoes, jewelry and gallantry, pillows and household utensils, unnecessary gifts, various mechanisms, etc.

Internet sites

If you don't know where to put your old things, check out the world wide web. There are a large number of sites where you can offer to pick up boring items for free. Through the Internet give any shoes and clothes, jewelry, interior items, etc. On such sites there are no strict selection criteria, and things are sent by mail to any city, sometimes even at the expense of the giver.

куда деть старые вещи

With online communities, you can share. Of course, in this case, it will take time to find a user who wants to sell an old thing that is interesting to you. In addition, you will have to offer him something that interests him. Of course, it's not that simple. However, the result will be worth the effort, especially if the thing is rare and unique.

Online implementation

With the help of the Internet you can get rid of the old good quality stuff. Here on various sites are placed ads with offers to sell and everyday clothes, and items of designer collections. Owners of these things assign a price themselves.

Almost all sites work on the same principle. The only difference is in the product category. On some resources only branded clothing is offered, on others - inexpensive everyday.

You can sell the old thing as follows: by registering on various portals and thematic forums. To do this, you'll need to place ads on them. The main thing is to present the product in a favorable light and specify an acceptable price. If your item is useful, it will be bought very quickly. Ads on the sites are placed for free, only some resources take their percentage of the sale.

You don't know where to put your old stuff? Social media will come to the rescue. The ad can be posted on VKontakte, Classmates or Facebook. In addition, there are dozens of similar communities and groups on the Internet. So, clothes for kids are easier to sell on websites about children. Students always need small furniture.


If you have things that are already fifty years old or older, don't throw them away. Collectors of such items are quite a lot. They are happy to buy such products. Some things can be remade for your children or used in the country. The idea of reincarnation of old things can tell you the same Internet.


Where do old things go? Clothes and shoes, appliances and books, stationery and cosmetics, textiles and more will be gratefully accepted in orphanages. First of all, carefully examine what you have decided to give. Worn, shabby and, of course, worn clothes simply will not take. Orphaned children need modern and good things. They are eager to take shoes in these institutions.

сдать старые вещи

Remember that there should be no loose edges on the clothes. They won't take things stretched, with stained spots.

In the event that for an orphanage you decide to hand over household appliances, books, etc., all these items should be considered for hidden and external defects. It is wonderful if the products will be accompanied by instructions for operation.

Where do old orphans go? All collected by you will gladly accept any of the existing centers of social assistance to children. The address of the nearest of them can be found, for example, in the reception city administration.

Orphans in hospital are particularly in need of things. They can be given soap, powder, toothpaste, powders, diapers, shampoos, etc. Sick kids will be happy with a new toy, coloring book, etc.

If you want to pass old things to a particular orphanage, it is better to take them yourself. Only to do it is necessary during working hours, warning the administration about his arrival. Things can be mailed in the usual way. Addresses and contact numbers of children's homes can befind it on the internet.

Charities work at monasteries and churches. You are a parishioner, and do not know where to hand over old clothes? Take your things to the temple. They'll gladly accept your help.

Charity for nursing homes

This is an option for someone who is willing to donate their old things. Nursing homes will gladly take clothes, bedding, blankets, and hygiene products. This is always true. More comfortable living grandparents in state institutions can make:


Oil heaters

Radios and televisions;

- various little things for comfort;


- anti-bed mattresses, etc.

You can pass old things to the elderly, as well as through proven volunteers.

куда сдать старую одежду

Charities of the capital

If you do not want to search for those in need, where to hand over old things? Moscow offers its help in solving this issue. There are organizations in the capital that receive old things and hand them over to those in need.

Old clothes and shoes will always take the point of heating the homeless, which belongs to the Synodal Department of Charity. It is located on the street of Nicholas, in the house 55. It is not far from two metro stations - "Roman" and "Taganskaya."

But a charitable foundation with a beautiful name "Russian Birch" will gladly accept your things to send them on individual applications to needy families from the hinterland. This organization takes clothes (adult and children's) as well as shoes. Everything has to be washed, smoothed and in good condition. Things are accepted only in waterproof bags or plastic bags. The charitable foundation is located on Spartakovskaya Street, house 19, building 3.

Fair Aid, organized by Elizabeth Glinka (Dr. Lisa), helps people in difficult situations, homeless. Clothes here are accepted only for the season, as there is nowhere to store it. There is an organization on Pyatnitskaya Street at 17/4 (Building 1). It's not far from the Novokuznetskaya metro station. The Foundation "Just Aid" regularly distributes clothes, medicines and other things at Pavelec railway station to homeless people.

выбросить старые вещи

There are still quite a lot of organizations of this type in the capital. You will be very welcome in any of them.

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