World Mail Day is a holiday dedicated to our loyal assistants


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World Mail Day is one of many well-known holidays celebrated in the UN system. It's not surprising. Couriers and postmen work hard for our benefit every day. Of course, I want to thank them, at least giving them the honor on this day. Representatives of this profession should feel that they are needed by people, what means a lot to them.всемирный день почты

World Mail Day - prepare congratulations!

So, the holiday is coming! How to congratulate the culprits of the celebration on World Mail Day? What can I say? What to wish for? Be sure to thank postal workers for their repeated services, delivery safety, speed, reporting. Today they work very quickly.

Both the post office of the Russian Federation and the branches of other countries bring various correspondence, goods from online stores, contracts, business letters to the recipients. In addition, couriers, representatives of this profession, can also deliver flowers, candy, etc.почта рф

The history of the holiday

World Mail Day goes back quite a bit. In 1874, the Treaty of Bern was signed on October 9. It happened in Switzerland with the participation of twenty-two countries. According to the agreement, the General Postal Union was founded. Four years later, he changed his name to the World. Since then, this holiday is celebrated every year on October 9.

Incidentally, the World Union today claims to "speak" the international mail in 6,800 languages of its customers. It allows you to transport goods reliably, efficiently and economically, exchange ideas and transmit the thoughts of loved ones over different distances.международный день почты


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In most industrialized countries, modern mail is also very active in the areas of postal banking, logistics, catalytic trade, information technology development and e-commerce.

Interesting facts

World Post Day is not the only event celebrated by ups and a half of eighty-nine countries. Starting from October 9, even a whole International Letter Week is held all over the world.

Celebrate this holiday, by the way, not only employees of traditional post offices, but also all employees of online stores or e-mail. No wonder, because today most of the young people refuse standard letters on paper. E-mail is not only faster and easier to send, but also much cheaper. The number of registered boxes is, of course, increasing every day, just as the number of emails sent.день почты россии

Invaluable help from postal workers

What can be added to all of the above? International Mail Day is a celebration of those people who have not only created, but also continue to develop a large network of delivery correspondence and various types of luggage. It doesn't matter what kind of product it is. Cheap and efficient delivery of goods, letters, valuables, overcoming any distance - exactly what a person needs.

To date, the postal network is undergoing a variety of reforms, adjustments and coordination with the requirements of customers regarding convenience and efficiency. And it is quite natural. Mail is important and necessary, despite the rapid development of various information technologies. Without it, as they say, nowhere!

Postal workers provide great help to people by delivering all the necessary goods or correspondence. But, most importantly - all this comes on time, without any delays, without any inconvenience. Trouble can only happen because of the sender's fault, and our mail works for cheers!

There is a holiday in Russia

By the way, in our country, in addition to the international day, there is a personal celebration. This holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday in July. Russia's Mail Day reminds people how important this service is, how much it means to the citizens of our state. And that's natural. The Russian Post Office today has about forty-two thousand objects. Among them are forty thousand communication offices, two thousand nodes and post offices. In short, this area covers a huge part of Russia with its services.

Thus, International Mail Day is a very famous and interesting holiday. At the same time, it does not matter in which country it is celebrated. The importance of it, as well as the invaluable contribution of post office staff, is understood by all. Having prepared a good wish, a wonderful concert, interesting contests, you are sure to give the culprits of the celebration just a magnificent day! The only thing that is required of those who want to congratulate the representatives of this profession on this wonderful holiday - carefully think through every moment and nuance. Well, otherwise - everything is very simple! Beautiful words, your warmth and sincerity will certainly please the staff of the post office, bring them a lot of pleasant emotions.

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