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Sanox Gel from Stork, a leading manufacturer of detergents in Russia, is a high-quality cleaning agent with a new cleaning formula called Poli-Gel. The main advantages of the above products are disinfectant, pollution disposal efficiency and significant efficiency due to the high concentration of active substances.

Summary of the detergent manufacturer

"Sanox gel" is produced by Stork, which holds a leading position among manufacturers of household chemicals in the Russian Federation.

The company strictly monitors the compliance of manufactured goods with quality standards, ranging from control of input raw materials to strict control of finished products. The company has a special laboratory, which deals with various issues of development of new types of detergents that meet the requirements of the 21st century.

Advanced technologies, progressive production methods and a systematic approach to quality management are the key to Stork's successful development and high competitiveness in the Russian domestic products market.

"Sanox gel": description

The product is a cleaning gel with an improved formula. The purpose of "Sanox gel" is to remove a variety of contaminants from toilets, baths, tile, shells, faience products. The main feature of the above cleaning agent is that it has the ability to destroy pathogens of intestinal infections and staphylococcus.


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"Sanox gel" perfectly removes different types of pollution:

  • Fat
  • Lime deposits;
  • Water stone;
  • Rust.

Therefore, this cleaning tool can be safely used both in the bathroom and toilet, and in the kitchen.

Another feature of "Sanox gel" is that it contains sorrel acid. This component adversely affects materials that are sensitive to acids. Therefore, the manufacturer cautions: it is not recommended to use "Sanok gel" to clean thin enamel and marble.

It should also be noted that the above cleanser has a strong disinfectant component: ideally eliminates mold, fungus and other parasites. "Sanox gel" suppresses unpleasant odors and, interestingly, vigorously affects the cause of the unpleasant shower.

"Sanox gel": composition

The cleaning products include:

  • Non-iongenic PAW;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Aniony PAV 5-15 %;
  • Sorrel acid;
  • Dye;
  • Flavoring.

The plumbing gel "Sanox" has a high concentration, so in order to save the ego can be diluted with water.

If the "Sanox gel" freeze, then after defrosting it still perfectly retains its properties. The manufacturer recommends storing the above-mentioned cleaning agent at a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity should be no more than 95%. If the expiration date is over, "Sanox Gel" is recommended to be disposed of as a household waste, as it becomes dangerous to human health.

How to use it. Precautions

"Sanox gel" is used to clean toilets, sinks, baths and other surfaces as follows:

  • A small amount of the means to apply to the contaminated object;
  • Wait about 10 minutes;
  • Using a sponge whether a special brush to remove complex contamination (if necessary);
  • Rinse the surface with plenty of water.

Some precautions when using this cleaning agent:

  1. Keep necessarily away from children and food.
  2. If by chance "Sanox gel" gets into the eyes, rinse it with plenty of warm water.
  3. To protect the delicate skin of the hands, it is recommended to use rubber gloves when using a cleaning agent.

Consumer reviews

On various economic forums and portals you can find a lot of feedback from satisfied consumers who used to clean up the pollution "Sanok gel". Description of their reviews is as follows:

  • A budget tool that perfectly removes plaque and rust;
  • Perfectly cleans even the oldest stains;
  • The cost-quality-volume ratio is ideal.

Everyone who used the above-mentioned plumbing cleaning tool was 100% satisfied with the result. And the most important thing that is celebrated by all people without exception is the affordable price. Only 80 rubles is worth a bottle of this solution.

Among the drawbacks, consumers call an inconvenient lid-dispenser. In addition, the gel has a faint smell of chlorine.

"Sanox gel" is an effective cleanser against rust, outdated stains and plaque. The solution has no sharp smell, foams well, easily copes with any kind of dirt, eliminates yellowness and perfectly disinfects. You will get an excellent result, nottraumatizing the surface.

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