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October is the tenth month of the year. It is at this time that autumn takes full control of nature. But people still continue to enjoy life and celebrate a variety of holidays. Of course, not everyone knows what the holidays are in October. And there are many of them! And not only those that are celebrated only in Russia, but also those that are celebrated all over the world.

In this article, we will tell you what days are considered public holidays in October. But first of all, let's talk about not only an interesting, but also an important holiday, which is called World Hand Washing Day.

Holiday History

People who grew up in the Soviet Union remember the huge posters hanging on the walls of school canteens and public canteens. They urged us to wash our hands before eating. In modern cafes and restaurants, such posters are no longer found, but we are still not allowed to forget about personal hygiene. So, the United Nations Children's Fund decided to declare October 15 a holiday, which was called World Hand Washing Day.

Modern problem

On the one hand, it seems that hand washing is a personal matter for everyone. No one has the right to tell other people what to do or not to do. However, the report of the WHO and UN experts noted that the problem of dirty hands, considered on a global scale, leads to disastrous consequences. After all, it is dirty hands that cause terrible diseases to enter our body. You can get the flu, hepatitis, viral pneumonia, or cholera. It is World Hand Washing Day that should serve as a reminder that a banal hygiene procedure will help you avoid serious problems and protect your life.


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Worldwide promotions

On October 15, many large-scale actions are held. Holiday scenarios are developed by United Nations experts, and celebrations are held all over the world. The closest attention is paid to Asian countries, as well as to the states of South America and Africa. Their main goal is to attract public attention to a simple, but mandatory hygiene procedure.

Many countries attract the media to cover the World Hand Washing Day as widely as possible. National hygiene campaigns are being conducted, and information brochures are being distributed in schools.

< p>Residents of the Russian Federation do not know too much about this holiday. Meanwhile, it will be quite useful for parents to talk to their children again, remind them of the importance of personal hygiene, perhaps even play themed games with them and arrange competitions.

First week of October

Let's return to our first question about what kind of holidays in October exist at all? There are several of them in the first week of the month.

On the first day, you should definitely congratulate your parents, grandparents, and just relatives and friends of the elderly. After all, this date is the Day of the Elderly. In addition, you can celebrate the Day of sake-quite a strong drink, which is very popular with the Japanese. The Russians also congratulate the military on October 1, as they celebrate the Day of the Ground Forces. Come up with some holiday scenarios to have fun with your colleagues, relatives, or children.

On the third day, the OMON of Russia celebrates its professional holiday. If you have friends who work in this structure, be sure to congratulate them and thank them for ensuring our safety. In Germany, on October 3, Independence Day falls.

< p>On the fourth day, Russians celebrate two holidays at once. Friends are congratulated on the Day of Civil Defense of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and on the Day of Space Troops.

In addition, world holidays are also celebrated in the first week of October. October 1 – International Music Day. The second day is the International Day of Nonviolence. On this day, it is worth refraining not only from the manifestation of brute force, but even from verbal insults. The fourth of October is an International Animal Festival. If you have the opportunity, then congratulate on this holiday not only your pets, but also our homeless younger brothers. It is not difficult to treat a puppy or kitten on the street, and it will bring a lot of benefits. Fifth – World Smile Day. What else can I say? Smile more often! And not only to relatives and friends, but also to passers-by.

Second week of October

There are only two public holidays in the second week. The first-the ninth - is World Mail Day. Be sure to congratulate the postmen. Their good mood is the key to fast and successful work. But the second holiday - the 14th-is characterized by an abundance of reasons for congratulations. Belarusians on this day congratulate their mothers on Mother's Day, cultural workers celebrate their holiday in the same country, and the same Belarusians give gifts to teachers, congratulating them on their professional holiday. Ukrainians celebrate the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

Third week of October

It begins, as you already know, with the fact that all over the world celebrate the Day of Hand Washing. Meanwhile, on the 15th there is another holiday – the International Day of the White Cane. It is today that we need to show respect for blind and visually impaired people.

On the 20th, Russians have two holidays at once, and both are military. Military personnel are congratulated on the Day of the Military signalman and the Birthday of the Russian Navy.

On the 21st in the Russian Federation, the Day of Food Industry Workers, as well as Road Workers, is celebrated.

Last days of October

In the last days of the month, Russians celebrate two holidays – the Day of Advertising (on the 23rd) and the Day of Customs Service Employees (on October 25).

There are also as many international holidays at this time. On the 24th, the whole world celebrates the Day of Information and Development, and on the 28th-the happiest day for young cartoon fans, International Animation Day.

And, of course, this month ends with a holiday that is now known to everyone, from young to old. All Saints ' Eve-Halloween is celebrated either on the night of 30 to 31, or on the night of 31 October to the first of November.

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