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The organization of any holiday is accompanied by the preparation of a delicious and hearty table, a selection of exciting contests and entertainment, as well as elegant decoration of the room. The most appropriate and original decoration, located on the cornice, on the wall of a room or banquet hall, can serve as a garland of flags. For the New Year, the garland will look good on the Christmas tree. Flags can be made with your own hands, and children can be involved in the production of simple options, for example, from paper.

What you need to work

The flags for the garland can be any shape that you like. They are mostly made of colored paper or fabric. Instead of colored sheets, bright magazines, wrapping paper for decorating gifts, foil, a roll of beautiful wallpaper will do. Fabric material can be taken with a pattern and cut out individual coupons. A garland of flags can also be combined. To make the flags, you will need scissors and a template, preferably made of thick cardboard. You can use it to quickly draw any number of details. You will also need a rope to which the elements of decoration are attached in the future, glue for gluing paper and fabric, a simple pencil and a small ruler. The front side of the flags can be multicolored, may contain drawings, inscriptions, may have applications or embroidery on the fabric. In any case, you will get the most original and exclusive garland.

Checkboxes with your own hands with children

The easiest way to make flags, in which even first-graders can take part, is colored blanks with fairy-tale characters. These details can be purchased at New Year's fairs or printed from the Internet. Such a flag looks like a long rectangle with a mirror image located on each half. The part should be folded in half along the short side, hang on a rope and glue the sides together. These actions will be done with pleasure by the child. The main task of the mother will be to cut out coupons with scissors.

This option can be taken as an example and use colored paper. And since each sheet is plain, instruct your child to stick letters or cut-out animals from magazines on the flags. Children are very fond of drawing, so you can instruct them to draw snowmen, Santa Claus and Snow Maidens on the flags, as well as various symbols of the New Year. The parts can not be glued together, but make holes with a hole punch and thread a string through them. In addition, they can be not only rectangular with a characteristic cutout for the flag, but also triangular in shape. And, of course, the more elements you prepare, the longer your garland of flags will be.


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Fabric decorations for the holiday

The principle of creating a garland from fabric is more complicated than from paper. Here you need the skills of working on a sewing machine and sewing by hand. To make a garland, you need to take scraps of fabric, braid and a pre-prepared triangular pattern made of solid material. Next, two different pieces of fabric are folded face-to-face, and the pattern is outlined from the inside with a pencil. Triangles can not be cut out at once, but sew two sides on a typewriter. Then cut off the excess, trim the upper corner near the line for smooth straightening and turn out the part. In order for you to get a neat and even garland, the flags made of fabric and the oblique label must be ironed. Next, wrap all the parts with a label and secure them with pins. It remains to stitch the garland on the typewriter. The decoration is made from a rectangular pattern in the same way.

Applications on checkboxes

A combined garland, which uses both paper and fabric, looks very unusual and attractive. On the front part of the flag from paper, you can cut out a New Year's symbol with a stencil, and inside you can place a pad of fabric that is in harmony with the color. You can use metal molds for baking cookies as a blank.

By the same principle, you can create an inscription, for example: "Happy New Year!" On each flag will be located one letter.

Original ideas

A garland of flags has many ways of execution. The article already mentioned a hole punch for creating holes, those who sew garlands from fabric are advised to make holes in the flags from grommets. They can be removed, partially replaced or swapped, so the decoration for each holiday will be updated. If you are a good knitter, then by finding a pattern, you will create a unique decoration for your home. Another original Christmas garland, the flags of which are sewn from linen and have cross-stitch embroidery.

In conclusion, I would like to say that by connecting imagination to the creation of a New Year's garland of flags, you will get the most unusual, unique and extraordinary decoration of a festive celebration, which can serve as an original gift not only to your Christmas tree, but also to friends and relatives.

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