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Many people know firsthand about the harm caused to hair and skin by modern cosmetics, and intuitively strive to oppose artificial "chemistry" with something natural, created by nature and useful. One such common alternative is soapnuts. Reviews of those who tried them - the most amazing, because they are used not only as store shampoos, but also as masks and even for washing! This is truly a universal tool!

At the same time, soap nuts for hair give a striking effect. The strands are perfectly combed, always feel clean and fresh, absolutely not dry (even at the tips) and do not electrify. It is also nice that the hair is smooth, shiny and elastic, and as the nuts are used further, they become more airy, while losing a little in volume. They say that over time, they lighten the curls a little, but this will be relevant only for people with dark hair color.

So, what are these mucorossi?

This is the name of the fruit of the soap tree growing in Asia. And, in general, these are berries, not nuts, but it just so happens that they are called soapy. They owe their washing power to the saponin contained in them. This substance is able to dissolve fat and remove dirt. The tree uses it for its own purposes - repelling insects, protecting against bacteria and fungi, etc. A person uses it for their own purposes – saponin, in contact with water, forms a foam. So, those who use soap nuts for hair, reviews are generally very positive. In addition, saponin foam is conveniently applied to both the skin and hair.

How to use soapnuts?

Since saponin, in addition to its washing ability, has a rather unpleasant property – its effect causes a very unpleasant sensation on the cornea, then with the eyes when using soap nuts, you should be very careful. This is a simple rule that will allow you to get the full benefit of these exotic fruits. They are delivered in packages packed in a beautiful box, or in a stylized bag.


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While the fruits of Mukorossi are in a dry form, their smell is almost not audible. The broth has a slight, slightly sour smell, reminiscent of something like black bread. Someone likes it, for someone it is generally neutral. But if you use soap nuts to wash your hair, they will not have any smell, because the substances from the foam are perfectly washed off with water. In addition, nuts are used for washing, as a means of facial care, they can be added to dishwashers and even used for plant protection, but more on that later.

Since the most valuable thing for us is in the shell, in general, their application looks like this: the shell should be crushed, put in a cloth bag. Linen fabric is ideal. In the same bag, the nuts are boiled to get a washing broth, and it is also laid with the laundry in the washing machine (washing mode is normal).

As a rule, up to 5 nuts are consumed at a time, but this figure is too subjective – the volume of water, its hardness, the condition of the laundry (or hair) is important. Therefore, you need to try several options. It is also convenient that the shell can be used several times, but the higher the temperature, the faster the saponin is washed out of it. If the water temperature is not very high, you can reuse the same shell bag several times until the soapnuts are completely exhausted. Reviews say that you can use them up to 5 times.

The use of mucorossi nuts for hair

First of all, due to their mild action, they do not violate the protective lipid coating of the skin. At the same time, they do not have an irritant factor and are hypoallergenic. Although, it is possible that in some rare cases, there may be intolerance to the substances contained in nuts, but this is individual. Therefore, although they may not be suitable for someone, the majority of reviews about them are positive.

Also, soap nuts have a conditioning effect, do not dry your hair at all and improve combing. Regular use of them relieves irritation and peeling of the skin, treats dandruff. The reason for this is the antibacterial effect on the skin, in addition to which mucorossi has also proven itself as a remedy for hair loss. The substances in their composition strengthen the roots, nourishing them.

These wondrous fruits, of course, grow on soap trees. But they grow in the tropics of fabulous India. Appearing in late autumn, yellowish-brown small round nuts are valuable for their shells containing saponins-special natural foaming agents. Saponins not only have good cleaning qualities, but also completely disintegrate in the natural environment, which makes their use sparing for the surrounding world, unlike the usual household chemicals. Soap nuts work in the same way, reviews confirm this. Free of toxins or allergens, they are suitable for washing, washing hair and dishes, face and body care.

No matter how they are used, they will save you from the danger of skin absorbing all sorts of chemicals that inevitably remain in the fabric. They not only do not provoke allergies, but also treat them. No wonder that the nuts of mukorossi have found application in cosmetology as a means to help treat skin diseases. The reason is that soap nuts, having antibacterial properties, perfectly help with inflammation, heal wounds, regulate the activity of sweat glands.

Let's move on to washing your hair

Although there are many ways to apply these nuts, consider how you can wash your hair using saponin foam. We will not deny that there are other ways to use soap nuts for hair. At the same time, most of the reviews are no less positive. What to wash - a strong decoction of nuts, ground in a coffee grinder shells, the powder of which is rubbed into the hair, diluted with water, or apply the decoction, pouring it into a spray gun and sprinkling on the strands-it's up to you!

We do the following: prepare a decoction. To do this, take 1 liter of water and soap nuts, three handfuls. After boiling them for up to half an hour, strain them. Alternatively, you can cook them in a linen bag that comes with the kit. But here someone likes it. The broth will be very strong and will last for 15 times. This volume is convenient for the family, as it will last for several weeks. Only store it in the cold, in a container with a lid, and before using it, you will need to heat it. However, it is not worth storing it for more than a few weeks.

Next, after combing your hair, wet it. And here is an important point. The broth should be poured into a container in a small amount, pour hot water (the hotter it is, the more foam and the better the hair is washed), and start shaking gently until the foam appears. It is then applied to the hair, at the very roots. After massaging them, wash off the foam with water. Repeat this several times until you are satisfied with the condition of your hair!

If you go the other way of using the decoction, you may be very surprised – it does not resemble the usual shampoo at all. Liquid as water broth may not foam at all, but it is excellent to wash your hair. In order not to mess with an unusual liquid, watering it on the head and trying to collect what flows from the hair for reuse, it is better to use the foam option. It will be much more convenient and economical.

It will take quite a bit of time, and you will be able to enjoy the amazing effect that this exotic nut will have on your curls and skin! Then, we hope, you will appreciate washing your hair with soap nuts, reviews and impressions will certainly be interesting to your friends.

The nuances of shampooing

Everyone's hair is different, as is their reaction to the detergent. Therefore, you will need a small experiment, because it is quite difficult to immediately calculate whether soap nuts for hair are suitable in your case and in what quantity. This will depend on the length of the curls, their type and degree of contamination, and the hardness of the water in your tap. It is clear that the worse the conditions, the more nuts will be needed. A good approach is to make a rich broth that will surely wash your hair, and adjust it with the amount of water added. In this case, you can "on the go" add water or broth, getting the product with the optimal concentration for this situation.

This approach will be especially convenient if you have never had to use natural products before and you used only purchased shampoos for washing. In such a situation, to determine how clean your hair is, try running your fingers through it. If they feel a little squeaky, and the fingers seem to get stuck, then they are washed. It may also happen that in your case, nuts for washing your hair will not work. In this case, they can be used for body care or washing.

If such a washing process is too complicated for you, and the usual cosmetics are much more convenient, try to use mukorossi courses from time to time. So you will give your hair a rest, and wash off the accumulated chemistry from them. It is convenient to combine such hair therapy with fasts or cleansing practices aimed at cleansing the body.

Alternative use

How to use soap nuts depends only on your imagination. One thing is for sure – because of the preparations, it will take a little longer. In addition to the above version with a decoction, there are several other common ways to use it – use a bag, putting the nuts inside, or apply the mush from their shells directly to the hair.

In the latter case, the powder is either bought or prepared independently, in a coffee grinder. At the same time, make it two – part-small and large. So you will get a foaming scrub, perfect for massaging the scalp. In the resulting powder of soap nuts, add a little water and use this mass, applying to the hair and massaging them, continuing even after the appearance of the film.

The difficulties of this method are small particles that get tangled in the hair, and the need for a rinse aid if you have dry strands. You can wash your hair with soap nuts, placing them in a bag. To do this, a bag of nuts is dipped in hot water, and then kneaded until foam appears. Then you can use it as a sponge, squeezing the foam on your head and washing it off.

What kind of variety to buy?

The usual household chemicals, contains foaming and fat-splitting substances, also contain them and soap nuts. Reviews of those who have tried them in practice, it is not difficult to find on the Internet. The difference is that completely decomposing, these surfactants do not pollute nature and have a distinct antibacterial property, helping to cope with fungal diseases of the scalp.

Since there are many varieties of this nut, let's find out which ones are best for us. The most common are trifoliatus (wild - growing) and mucorossi, a cultivated variety. The first ones are unattractive in appearance, but, as practice has shown, they are best suited for washing hair. The latter grow on specially grown trees. These soap nuts are best suited for washing. The reviews, again, argue this in detail. Although both of these varieties have identical properties, yet, going to buy them, decide on the purpose. If you need them to use for your body and hair, take wild trifoliatus. If you need a household product (first of all-washing), buy flour-russi. Since both types are used both for yourself and for everyday life, you can determine the exact differences between them yourself, experimentally.

Where to buy this miracle?

In our time, everything is very simple – if you do not have friends who would suggest the "points" where flour is sold, the Internet knows everything! There you will find everything – where to buy soap nuts, reviews, how to boil, how to use and for what purposes. In general, there will be no shortage of information. They are sold in different packages and volumes, you will have to choose what is better.

Some recommendations

Who is included in the" target audience " of users? Such a natural shampoo can be recommended, of course, to lovers of natural cosmetics, who seek to get rid of" chemistry " and not to harm both themselves and the nature around us. Allergy sufferers and those with very sensitive scalp can also be recommended soap nuts-reviews, the result is usually good. Also, this decoction will help in the case of weakened, prone to loss or dried hair. It will also help with dandruff, because it has an antibacterial property.

Since it does not wash off the protective layer from the skin, does not irritate and does not dry it, the decoction of mukorossi is perfect for children's skin. It can be said that it is perfectly suitable for everyone, except for owners of too dry, damaged hair or in cases of special cosmetic procedures (lightening, straightening, curling). In this case, you will need a special approach using professional or medical means. Can affect a decoction of mukorossi and bleached hair, changing their color. There are even more subjective indicators that are not related to health – unwillingness to mess with decoctions, buy some exotic solutions for the usual procedures, etc.

How to wash with soap nuts?

There is another direction where soap nuts are often used, the reviews for the washing machine are very good. To use nuts as a washing agent, just put a bag with a few things in the laundry-and that's it, in hot water they will release foam that will wash your things. If the washing is in cold water, you will need to make a broth-concentrate. It can be stored in liquid form, or frozen in cubes, as you prefer.

Although the nuts foam much less. the usual means, they erase much better. However, after repeated use of nuts cost to check the level of panoramasauna. If this property does not appear in any way, they have worked out their own, throw them away. You can also use soap nuts in cold water - reviews suggest simply soaking them first in a small amount of hot water, adding this liquid to the laundry. This is an alternative to using a decoction.

When washing with soapy nuts, you do not need air conditioning, they will take care of your laundry themselves. But with spots is not so clear, most likely, you will need a separate tool. Mukorossi is a great option for children. If the usual "chemistry" is never washed out to the end, then soap nuts are completely hypoallergenic and even take care of the baby's skin!

In addition to all of the above, there is another use that soap nuts find. Reviews, photos convincingly characterize them as a universal tool for washing everything – from dishes to vegetables. In this they are helped by natural antimicrobial properties!

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