How to decorate a house for Halloween? DIY Halloween Decor


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A mystical Halloween night can be turned into a grand party. It is better to implement this idea in the country or out of town. But even if you don't have a house in the village, don't worry! A city apartment, if desired, can be quickly turned into a dwelling of vampires and terrible ghosts. Let's try to make a Halloween decor with our own hands.

Holiday history

The world-famous and unusual Halloween holiday impresses many. But not everyone knows the history of its origin. Before you start preparing the decor for Halloween with your own hands, you should find out the origins of an unusual holiday. The Day of evil spirits appeared thanks to the Celts. On the night of October 31 to November 1, they celebrated the arrival of winter. The Celts considered this day mystical. That night, the Prince of Darkness went out into the street surrounded by his subjects. People believed that at this time the souls of the dead descend to earth to see their relatives. At the same time, evil spirits were reincarnated in various guises. More often they were animals. It was believed that if a person puts on such an outfit, then evil spirits will take him for "their own". In those days, the holiday of the dark forces was called "Samhain". The decor for Halloween under the Celts was limited only to creepy costumes. Later, this pagan holiday intertwined with the celebration of the Catholic All Saints' Day. In English, it was called All Hallows Even. Hence its abbreviated name "Halloween".

How to deceive evil spirits

The main thing on Halloween is that evil spirits do not suspect that good people live in the house. Halloween decor let's start with cobwebs and bats. The web can be made of thin threads. It is better to cut bats out of thick black cardboard. Each mouse should be hung upside down from the ceiling. Halloween decor is not complete without the main festive fetish – pumpkins. Pot-bellied "Garbuzov" with a frightening smile can be cut out of ornamental vegetables. They can decorate the steps of the house and place them on the shelves in the rooms. It is recommended to look into the shop of "jokes". There you can find unusual things, for example, a Halloween accessory in the form of severed hands. They can be attached to the walls with adhesive tape. A chandelier will also help create a creepy atmosphere at home. The lamps can be covered with ragged starched pieces of gauze - and the real ghosts are ready. It remains only to draw their eyes with a black marker.


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Ominous entourage ideas

Halloween decor with your own hands can be done with the help of improvised means. It is only necessary to dream a little. The gloomy Gothic interior of the house is easily enlivened with the help of black cardboard mice. Windows can be "decorated" with a silicone web, from which rubber spiders will hang. Ordinary curtains can also be given an ominous look by decorating them with clippings of black light fabric. You can put candles on the festive table, giving them a bloody look with the help of watercolors. It is recommended to decorate the house with autumn leaves and rowan branches. Some people use very revealing accessories as a Halloween decor idea. For example, they buy an exact copy of a human skeleton and put it in the corner of a room or at a festive table. Unusual Halloween decor ideas are presented in the following photo.

Scary dishes

As you can see, Halloween decor is easy to make with your own hands. But in order for the holiday to be special and remain in the memory of the guests for a long time, you need to come up with appropriate dishes for it. First of all, pumpkin treats should be present on the "sinister" table. It can be an ordinary pumpkin pie, which will be decorated with berries in the form of a scary face. You can also cut sinister faces from champignons that will be appropriate for the festive table. Halloween dishes should be simple, but scary in appearance. A little imagination and you will become "your own" among the evil spirits!

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