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Our planet is home to many living beings. If we turn to the smaller brothers, then the person showed special care in relation to pets. Today, the owners get a variety of pets, but rabbits remain the cutest and funniest. They often become pets instead of traditional cats and dogs. For example, the butterfly rabbits, the photos of which are presented below, have conquered the hearts of all Europeans and are gradually entering our homes.

Decorative rabbit breeds

  1. Dwarf shorthair rabbits. These are surprisingly cute and cute animals with short fur, a strong and small body, a dense back, a small neck and paws.
  2. Dwarf Dutch rabbits are decorative. The animal differs in that it has colored circles around the eyes. Such fur is also marked on the back of the calf, but the main shade remains white. The hind legs are decorated with "white socks".
  3. Angora rabbits. A miniature breed, the body of the animal is almost invisible behind the fur. The coloring is most often white, but today breeding work is underway to breed blue, red, black, gray colors. Funny tufts of wool always stick out on short and erect ears. Thanks to this feature, the breed looks funnier.
  4. Fox rabbits. The animals have a stocky body covered with long soft fur. The ears are erect with beautiful curves. Such an animal is commonly called a "dwarf fox".
  5. Angora lion. There is a very long coat all over the animal's body. Even the ears are covered with abundant down, only the fur is shorter on the muzzle. Color - reddish-brown.
  6. Lion's head. The animal resembles a little lion. Representatives of this breed have wool concentrated around the neck, there is a mane on the muzzle, so the head seems larger than it actually is. The color can be any.
  7. The lop-eared rabbit is a ram. Hanging ears make the animal comely, with a claim to originality. One of the most tame breeds. The color can be yellow, brown, gray, blue, white, black.
  8. English, German, French lop-eared rabbits are decorative. The country in which the animal was bred influenced the name of the breed. All representatives of this group are distinguished by hanging ears and can have the most diverse color.
  9. Ognevka. An animal with a soft, shiny coat of blue, black or brown color. It is distinguished by distinct nostrils and circles under the eyes.
  10. Dwarf hare. The animal is white with red eyes, but the color is diluted with dark spots of blue, brown or black on the tail, muzzle, paws.
  11. Japanese rabbit. An animal with an amazingly beautiful coloring. Dark and yellowish stripes are located almost symmetrically throughout the body. The border of colors runs strictly in the middle of the back: the left side should be yellow, the right - dark, and vice versa.
  12. Polish ermine Hermelin. An animal with dense and soft fur. Hermelin always has a white color. The rabbit has big eyes, a wide head, standing short ears.
  13. Rabbits of the butterfly breed. The animal has a beautiful backline, a stocky body and an amazing coloring, which predetermined the name.

It is on the latter breed that it is worth dwelling a little more, since it is ranked among the most popular.

Rabbit breeding history

This variety originated for the first time in the XIX century, in one of the English counties. Rabbits of the butterfly breed immediately spread throughout the country, they gained real popularity among the owners of farms. It was the English breed that became the progenitor of other descendants that resulted from breeding.

In Soviet Russia, large-sized butterfly rabbits were used for meat harvesting, but now they have acquired a slightly different - decorative - function.

Features of the breed

  1. Specific color. If you look at the tip of the animal's nose, you can see a large butterfly of black or brown, blue, gray shade, which depends on its variety.
  2. The weight of the decorative animal does not exceed 2 kg. If rabbits are bred on the farm, their weight can reach 5 kg.
  3. Females have excellent fertility and milk production. They quickly get used to the surrounding conditions.
  4. The coat is characterized by medium density, it is short, elastic and shiny, pleasant and dense to the touch.
  5. Each eye of the animal is framed by a dark border, which complements the pattern of cheeks, ears and nose. The color of the ears and eyes corresponds to the coloring, but there are small pigmented areas on the cheeks, located strictly symmetrically.
  6. Rabbits of the butterfly breed have a meek disposition, are not shy and are very popular with children due to their cute appearance and unusual coloring.

Rules of care and maintenance

A devoted, cute animal will fill the house with joy, regardless of whether there are children in the family or not. Animals touch even adults, but the maintenance of pets requires close attention. Decorative rabbits, reviews of which sound quite often, are unpretentious, but require responsibility.


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What you need to know

  • Rabbits are gentle and sensitive creatures, they should not be stressed. It is strictly forbidden to take them by the withers and ears;
  • The animal becomes more obedient if you play with it often;
  • The cage should not be less than 70 cm. Unacceptable factors of maintenance – cold, stuffiness, drafts. The cage must be located away from batteries, air conditioners, doors and windows. You can put a rabbit house on a low pedestal. Complete cleaning and disinfection are carried out at least once a month;
  • The animal needs a tree litter, its replacement is carried out twice a week. It is advisable to equip a burrow with a mat-lounger;
  • The animal is a nocturnal animal, during the daytime it rests more;
  • The pet should be washed as needed, the rabbit takes care of itself;
  • The feeder for loose food should be equipped with a retainer. A hayloft is used for hay. The water in the drinker changes once a day;
  • Nail clipping - once a month;
  • A monthly bite check is desirable, since the teeth of rabbits are a weak spot.

Basic diet

Competent maintenance of decorative rabbits cannot be organized without a proper diet. The main food of the pet is hay, cereals. Juicy feeds are a treat. It is recommended to immediately accustom the animal to specialized feeds, they have an optimal balance of trace elements and vitamins. It is better to give greens in small portions, for example, a sprig of parsley or dill a day.

Vaccination and deworming

The procedures are carried out on time with strict coordination with the veterinarian. At the slightest suspicion that the animal is unwell, it is better to call a specialist at home. Transportation to the clinic is carried out only in special cases, as it is stressful for the animal.

Owners' opinions

Pet owners admit that the cutest and most direct creatures are decorative rabbits. Reviews of all breeds sound in a purely positive way:

  • The animal perfectly merges into the family and becomes a universal favorite. However, care must be taken when there are small children in the house, it cannot be squeezed and pulled;
  • Rabbits of decorative breeds are like soft toys, especially when they are small. They are so unpretentious that they are suitable for maintenance even for workaholics;
  • This is a very smart animal, if you engage with it from an early age, it is able to perform even some tricks.

The cost of pets

If we consider such a popular breed as the butterfly rabbit, the price for one individual is on average $ 10. Other varieties of decorative rabbits can be purchased from $ 7 to $ 11.

Instead of completing

It's easy to give yourself joy and a lot of positive emotions – let the rabbit into your house. Let him become a pet, loved by all the household, and fills everyone with care and tenderness.

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