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Out of a huge number of dogs, we chose the border Terrier as the hero for the article - an old hunting breed that is used for hunting foxes. In addition, this dog is quite cheerful and cheerful, so it is perfect for the role of a pet.

From the history of the breed

The first mention of the Border Terrier breed dates back to 1880, but officially the European Kennel Club recognized the breed only in 1920.

The homeland of these animals is the area between Scotland and England. Dogs of this breed have always been kept by farmers, hunters and shepherds. The Border Terrier feels great in cold and humid climates thanks to the wool: the outer hair has water-repellent properties, and the soft and very thick undercoat perfectly warms the animal.

More recently, this breed was known only to a narrow circle of specialists and hunters in Britain. At home, the breed is actively developing: they are the most common pets in England. In Holland, these dogs live even with members of the royal family.

The Border Terrier was first brought to Russia in 1998 by breeders AND. Ippolitov and I. Alexandrova. At various competitions and exhibitions, the dogs have proven themselves well.

Breed description

This is probably one of the smallest working terriers. Height at the withers – 28 cm, weight - 5-7 kg. Dogs are used for hunting foxes and rodents. The Border Terrier is very hardy and has an excellent reaction.

The head slightly resembles the shape of an otter's head. The skull is quite wide. The muzzle is short, with developed and strong jaws. The nose lobe is usually black.

The ears are small, hanging in the shape of the letter V. The neck is not too long. The limbs are straight. The body is long and narrow, the loin is well developed.

The tail is short, thick at the base. The dog holds him high above his back.

Color yellow, dark red, gray with tan red, red with gray tan.


A border terrier, whose photo is not too often found in Russian cynological publications, the dog is very mobile, brave, ruthless on the hunt, and at home affectionate and very loyal to its owner. She is very attached to children, loves long walks and trips. His character is simply amazing, but not everyone can understand him. Borders cannot be called a dog with a "soul wide open". He will fully open only to a caring and loving owner.


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Features of the breed

The creators of the breed did not set out to get a sample of exhibition aesthetics, so the border Terrier has a somewhat nondescript appearance. However, the first not too positive impression changes as soon as a person looks into his smart and funny eyes. When you look at his touching muzzle, a smile involuntarily appears on his face.

After a short conversation with this funny dog, it becomes clear that he has a playful, but at the same time balanced character. The Border Terrier treats dogs of other breeds peacefully. They are very curious and interested in everything that surrounds them. A dog with a sense of dignity, and even some severity (which is manifested exclusively on hunting) has a good sense of humor. It is not uncommon to see a borderer who smiles, baring his teeth. At the same time, his muzzle expresses embarrassment or pleasure.


In general, it is a very healthy breed. The life span of a border terrier is 12-15 years. Most often, a dog may have a hip joint displacement and a heart defect, and cases of knee joint displacement are also noted. In order not to miss the onset of the disease, regular examination of the joints and heart of the animal is necessary.

Using a dog of this breed

In foreign medical institutions, the Border Terrier is often used as a "therapy dog". They come to hospitals and nursing homes together with their owners. For many, they become very welcome visitors. In the UK, the border Terrier undergoes a series of tests that confirm that it is friendly and reliable, and only after that the dog becomes a "therapist".

Border Terrier Rescuer

This is another important job in which these dogs have shown themselves to be true professionals. Dogs on the trail are looking for dead or lost people in an area of any complexity. Agree, it is a very important and difficult job.

Border Terrier puppies

These babies are quite expensive in Russia. Today, not many breeders are engaged in breeding these animals. However, we do not recommend buying a puppy from random people. It is more expedient to find a nursery and buy an animal in it. The border terrier, whose price ranges from 20 to 50 thousand rubles, will have all the necessary documents and vaccinations corresponding to the age of the puppy.

Future owners should know that puppies of this breed need confident and consistent upbringing. Kids are very smart, easy to learn.

What the owners are talking about

The Border Terrier receives only laudatory reviews (although few). It becomes obvious that this animal is benevolent and friendly. It is very important for hunters that their pet is hardy and brave. Parents are happy that they were able to find a real kind and cheerful friend for their children.

Many owners are very pleased that the pet does not require complex care. They feel great both in a private house and in a city apartment. However, some people note that it is not always possible to take long walks, but the playful border terrier, whose photo you see in this article, needs them very much.

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