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For almost two hundred years, the pet products market has become familiar with the Purina brand. During this time there was everything: both ups and downs. However, the company managed to overcome all difficulties and establish itself as a first-class manufacturer that produced Purina cat food. Reviews of numerous pet owners, including cats, confirm this fact.

Purina line

There are many well-known brands in this product line.


Canned food of the highest class. Even the most fastidious cat will be delighted with them.


Dry food in croquettes. All components are carefully selected so that the cat gets only the best. The composition is fully balanced in vitamins, macro- and microelements, proteins. The food is delicious and healthy and is perfect for a full-fledged daily pet nutrition.

Purina proplan cat food

Nature has given the cat four protective systems that help her stay in good physical shape and not complain about her health - these are the immune, excretory, digestive systems and the skin with fur. Recent research in the field of nutrition has revealed that the introduction of additional substances into the feed will help these systems work in complete harmony and ensure maximum protection of the pet. Nutritionists and veterinarians of Purina are working on special formulas that include all the essential nutrients in such combinations in order to ensure optimal operation of the systems and organs of a pet whose owner purchased Purina cat food. Reviews confirm this.


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In addition, the company's specialists believe that the protective functions of the body also depend on the taste of the feed. That is why one of the main ingredients for this feed is fish. Crispy croquettes are specially processed with a unique liver spray containing high quality animal fats.

Purina one

A lot of veterinarians and nutritionists have worked on this development recently. They applied the most innovative research programs. And as a result, a full-fledged dry food Purina One appeared, capable of providing a cat with good health and a happy life for many years.

Cat Chow

Includes meat, poultry, fish. All components are of the highest quality. As a supplement - effective natural ingredients: chicory seeds, spinach, carrots, rosemary, parsley. They act as natural antioxidants. They support the digestive system. They ensure the health of the immune system. Reduces the smell from the cat tray.


Full-fledged and balanced food. It contains a balanced amount of all the necessary nutrients.

Today, Purina is one of the largest companies producing products for animals. Its credo has not changed since its foundation and sounds like: to devote life to animals. The company copes with this task quite successfully and helps to improve the life of pets, make it safer and happier.

There are animal feeds "Purina", which have been known for more than one generation. And there are new products - the result of many years of painstaking work on nutritional value, quality and taste. The range of products was developed in such a way that every pet, no matter how fastidious, received dry food "Purina" and maximum pleasure with benefit.

Features of Purina

Features are the balance of cat food and cats of any breed, size, age. The highest nutritional value and positive impact on the health and well-being of the pet, which is confirmed by many years of scientific research.

The owner's care for his little friend is manifested in proper feeding. The owner needs to take into account age and weight, gender and lifestyle when choosing food. All this caused the creation of several brands by Purina, which are united by a single slogan - quality above all!

It should be remembered that real and high-quality animal feed of the Purina brand is sold only in veterinary clinics and specialized pet stores. Such a wide selection of brands will allow the owner to choose the best option for his cat and even try new products. The packaging of the feed ranges from small bags and jars of 80, 200 gr., to large bags and cans of 240 gr, 10 kg. "Purina" is a feed whose price is available to almost everyone.

Which cat food is the best

Not every owner feeds his cat with natural food. Many people purchase special feeds that are sold in pet stores, considering them fully balanced for animals. A lot has been said about the dangers of dry food, but the owners of cats are in no hurry to refuse. And this is justified only when a really good food is selected for the pet.

Inexpensive types of cat food

The economical feed class seems ideal for the buyer because of its price. But it hides serious flaws. The first of them is that corn and bone meal are present in the composition of such feeds. These harmful ingredients have a negative effect on the kidneys of the cat and serve as one of the factors contributing to the appearance of urolithiasis or cystitis. And before you choose a feed from this class, you should find out if it is harmful?

The second disadvantage is the short duration of the "action". The cat satisfies its hunger with such food for a very short time. Therefore, the animal begins to eat "in reserve", absorbing a larger amount of food than it needs. And as a result – digestive disorders and inevitable obesity.

And the third minus is that economy-class feeds are equipped with a whole "wagon" of food additives. The pet gets used to them extremely quickly, and other products "become" tasteless for him. Then it is impossible to wean the animal from such dry food.

It can also be difficult to determine which kind of food from this class is purchased in the store. They are sold by weight. And you can only ask the seller about the composition and hope for a truthful answer. Considering all this, it is better to stop at canned food. So the chance to get decent food for a pet is much higher and you can always find the composition on the package.

Middle class feed

This class is higher than economy, but does not go beyond the average price. These feeds are distinguished by a wide variety of flavors, a specific purpose (from hair loss, for the prevention of urolithiasis, for sterilized), the presence of vitamins in the composition.

This type is made from by-products: kidneys, lungs, liver. And if the choice has stopped on such food, then you should feed the cat with natural fish, products containing fiber, and milk.

The secret of expensive feed

Premium class for cats is not easy to find. It is not sold in regular stores. You can learn about it from professionals-"cat owners", and from breeders' reviews. The composition of such food is characterized by excellent balance, and scientists have not yet found side effects from the use of such a product as Purina cat food. Reviews of cat owners radiate positive. The feed is based on meat and cereals (more often it is veal or turkey with rice) and a vitamin complex in the complete absence of flavoring additives. In addition, a number of feeds have a therapeutic effect, and therefore veterinarians prescribe it. This food is also relevant for the reason that you can choose a diet for a pet for any occasion.

Feed selection

The most popular variety is dry food. It is easy to use and store. And housewives don't even have to wash dishes, as dry croquettes leave no traces. But still, even if the cat eats premium food, it is worth diversifying the diet with pieces of natural boiled beef.

Each dry food has its own characteristics. Different shape of croquettes, different composition, the presence of certain useful ingredients. It can be biotin or antioxidants that prevent premature aging and improve the appearance of the coat.

The feed may contain additives and vitamins for cats of various breeds and types (for British, Persian, long-haired, Purina cat food). However, this is practiced by manufacturers of expensive products. For example, they include Purina cat food. Reviews of cat owners indicate a preference for this class.

Separate shelves in pet stores are occupied by dry food with a therapeutic effect. These include Purina medicinal food. This is a specialized food, and it is intended to rid the pet of any ailment, such as urolithiasis, for example. But such feeds should be prescribed only by a veterinarian, and taken under his supervision

In addition to dry, there are also "wet" cat food. These are canned goods, first of all. They are sold in cans or sealed metered bags. Their main advantage is a variety of tastes. There are canned food with various types of fish, veal, rabbit, turkey, chicken.

Canned food can also be specialized. There are series for kittens or products for pregnant cats.

Also, when choosing food, it is necessary to take into account the age of the pet. All market offers can be divided into three groups: food for kittens (liquid food, easily digestible and contains many useful substances), for mature cats (there are different specializations, depending on the weight and condition of the animal), for older cats (canned food or dry adapted for fragile teeth).

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