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Everyone wants to surround themselves with beautiful things, return to a cozy home, admire beautiful interior items. There are many ways to bring a twist to your life. Tapestry is a simple but elegant product that will decorate any room. It has a long history and even glorified the whole country, which is still proud of its woven plots.

Tapestry – what is it?

A tapestry is a hand-woven carpet that serves as a decoration for furniture, walls, clothes. As a rule, the product is made on the basis of a plot drawing, although an ornament may be depicted on it. Tapestries have long been valued by many peoples. This is a great gift for any holiday. You don't need to be an expert in applied art to appreciate it.

Historical background

The history of this art goes back to the 17th century, when the brothers Tapestries opened a royal manufactory in France. Continuing the work of their father, who was a wool dyer, they not only strengthened the financial position of the family and opened a carpet weaving shop, but also glorified the name of their ancestor to the whole world. Louis 14 himself bought the company and gave it the status of "royal". The products of manufacturers began to be called tapestries, and even in the most difficult times for the country, the government supported production. Carpets of wondrous beauty are the hallmark of France.

Tapestry products

Our grandmothers reverently treated the tapestry, which was in short supply during their youth. It was believed that only wealthy families could afford to buy a handmade product. Paintings served as the decoration of the house, and a bedspread proudly "reclined" on the bed. Tapestry is still an expensive pleasure today. For a medium-sized painting, you will have to pay about 2 thousand rubles.


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We are used to tapestries in the form of paintings, wall panels, bedspreads, tablecloths or napkins. However, it is not uncommon for such a pattern to adorn any item of clothing: a bag, blouse, dress. Now it is fashionable to wear a headband or a hair clip with a tapestry.

Haute couture

In the winter season of 2013-2014, the famous Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev created a collection of light outerwear "Full Moon", in which he widely used tapestries of domestic production. The master used the products of the Moscow Weaving Mill, the Vologda Textile enterprise, the Smolensk Hosiery Factory. Tapestry, jacquard fabrics and linen have become a source of inspiration for the maestro of haute couture. The collection is designed for both men and women.

Jackets, coats, jackets made of tapestry look stylish, fashionable and bright. There is one drawback of "high" products – their price. A women's jacket made of tapestry costs about 10 thousand rubles.

Tapestry production

From a technical point of view, it is easy to weave a tapestry, but since its basis is often a work of art: a picture of a venerable artist or another complex image - the product is "born" with difficulty. It is not enough for a master to have the skills of a weaver, he himself must be an aesthete, subtly feel the transition of colors and shades, the play of shadows and have his professional secrets.

The tapestry is created by interweaving the weft and the warp (transverse and longitudinal threads). When the base is ready, a drawing is placed under it, which is reproduced by the master. Each row is secured with a special rail that allows you to adjust the thread tension. Wool and even mohair threads of various colors and shades are used in the process. The edge of the tapestry, which will be bent under the frame or hemmed, is made of linen threads. They are more durable than the main ones. A tapestry is not just a product, but a work of art.

The house where the tapestry "lives"

What is the central place in the bedroom? That's right, the bed. What is the "center of attraction" of the bed? Of course, the bedspread. The tapestry also came in handy here: manufacturers offer customers a huge selection of woven products. The simplest furniture will be decorated with a hand-made bedspread with an exquisite pattern. It can be made in a classic style or decorated with a modern fashionable pattern. There are products with a "coupon" pattern. They are ideal for decorating any room.

Tapestry pillows, chair covers, chair covers and stools can complement the interior. Tablecloths, napkins will bring sophistication to the meal, and curtains with a woven pattern will make the windows stylish.

Paintings and icons

Tapestry paintings are in no way inferior to traditional images. They convey the whole palette of colors, the play of shadow and light, although they do not look as bright as their prototypes. What is the best way to decorate the interior - with a painting on canvas or tapestry? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. Not everyone can hang an original on a nail, and woven products look no worse, and sometimes even more advantageous.

Many Russian and foreign weaving workshops are happy to reproduce paintings by famous artists in the interweaving of threads. The works "Hunters at a halt", "Rooks have arrived", "Morning in a pine forest" and other works of art are widely represented in tapestry execution.

The masters reproduce the works of foreign artists, as well as create their own author's motifs. Tapestry icons are also often woven – such a product is truly priceless.

On guard at the Hermitage

The most famous museum of St. Petersburg has more than 3 million exhibits. The collection of tapestries has also found its place here. The museum presents the most famous products of the St. Petersburg manufactory: "Poltava Battle", "Portrait of Empress Anna Ioannovna", several tapestries from the series "Countries of the World". There are also hand-woven portraits of all the monarchs of the Empire, famous nobles.

The museum holds many other tapestry paintings that were created in the 17th and 18th centuries. Some of the masterpieces were brought from France. They are unique instances. To see the entire collection of products, you need to visit the museum yourself.

You can't come to the Northern Capital and not go to the Hermitage. Tapestries, paintings, archaeological finds - this and much more are kept by the walls of the museum.

Rules for the care of tapestries

Tapestry is a unique product. In the workshop, it is necessarily covered with a special compound that increases wear resistance and gives a presentable appearance. To preserve the protective layer, it is important to properly care for the tapestry. You should regularly take the products to the dry cleaners, where special gentle procedures are carried out. At home, the tapestry needs to be regularly vacuumed at low power. In no case should the product be washed and steamed: it will inevitably lose its shape and appearance.

Out of time

"Gobelenov Street" is the largest chain of world-famous boutiques that offer customers only high-quality goods. The products are created at production sites in France, Belgium, which guarantees their uniqueness. Tapestry is the perfect gift for true connoisseurs of art.

Boutiques of the Gobelenov Street brand are located throughout Russia, there is an online store selling products. The manufacturer offers various tapestry products: from traditional pillowcases, tablecloths, panels, paintings to bags, toys and calendars.

You can buy tapestries in Moscow in many stores, but only branded boutiques guarantee the high quality of the products presented. Wondering what to give your family and friends for the upcoming holiday? Now you know the answer to this difficult question!

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