Snow-shu cats, or Panda Cat: description of the cat breed with photos


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There are so many varieties of cats in the world that we have never even heard of many of them. Today we want to introduce you to an amazing American beauty – snowshoe. Translated, the name of the breed sounds like "snow slipper". They are calm, playful and very friendly cats. The breed was bred by a complex crossing of American shorthair and Siamese cats. It does not require special care, it is ideal for maintenance in a city apartment.

A little history

snow shu

The Snowshoe cat breed is still very young. Its name speaks for itself. The paws of these animals seem to be shod in white shoes. In the sixties of the twentieth century in Philadelphia (USA) in the kennel of Siamese cats, purebred representatives of the breed had kittens that differ from their parents with their white paws. The owner of the nursery was very pleased with the kids. She tried to repeat the result, but all attempts were in vain. Then Hinds-Dolerty (the owner of the nursery) decided to choose another breed for crossing with Siamese. Her choice fell on American shorthair cats. So a new breed was born - snowshoe. Soon its representatives began to participate in exhibitions, and Dorothy began to prepare a breed standard and come up with a name for her pets. However, the new animals did not arouse public interest. Only in nineteen seventy-four, the newly created breed was officially recognized. And in 1982 it was recognized by TICA and ACFA.

Nowadays, white-toed cats are becoming more and more popular in America. In Europe
there are still very few specialized nurseries professionally engaged in snowshoe. This fact greatly affects the price of animals.

snow shu cats

Description of the breed

These are rare animals in our country. Snowshoe cats and cats are outwardly very attractive. They have a rounded head of medium size, correct proportions. The cheekbones are high, the nose is not too wide. Small ears are rounded at the tips, rather wide at the base. The eyes are shaped like a walnut, very large. The length of the eye is slightly longer than its width. Usually blue in color, they contrast beautifully with the color of the animal.


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In shape, it resembles a medium-sized rectangle. Cats are a little smaller than cats. But they shouldn't be too fragile. The animal's musculature is powerful. The back is slightly arched.


It can be either very short or half-long. In a healthy animal, the coat fits snugly to the body and shines well. There is a slight undercoat. Recognized colors are Seal Point and Blue Point. The weight of the animals varies, but can reach five and a half kilograms.


snow shu cat breed

Snow-shu is a curious and playful, calm and intelligent cat. Her character is much softer than that of Siamese brothers. She is very friendly, and this allows her to become a favorite of the whole family. These animals are very smart and quick-witted. They adapt easily in an unfamiliar environment. Very quickly these cats accept the rules of behavior in the house, especially if they were explained to them at a young age. Cats are easily trained, they can easily be taught some tricks. Snowshoe, like no other cats, needs communication. Perhaps this is the main need of these beauties. If an animal often stays alone in the house for a long time, this can negatively affect its health. Therefore, it is better for owners who are absent from home for a long time to choose another breed. If you need this white-footed beauty, then you can have two animals. So it will be easier for them to bear separation from the owner.

Snowshoes are great to everyone in the host family. In addition, these charming creatures easily converge with other animals, especially if they are just as active and cheerful. These animals are characterized by a unique ability - not to cross the permitted line in games. They can stop in time and not turn the game into a farce. These cats are completely devoid of rancor and harmfulness. They will not take revenge on a person or intentionally mess with him. However, they will not tolerate a bad attitude towards them, they will try to escape as soon as possible.

These beauties also have a small drawback – they can steal. But this does not apply to food. It is unacceptable for them to climb on the master's table and steal a piece of meat or sausage. But small things for games arouse their great interest. But, as a rule, this happens only in cases when the animal does not have its own toys, and it has to play with what it finds on its own.

snow shu kittens

Care and maintenance

Snowshoes are very unpretentious in content. Its rules are slightly different from those for other breeds, in particular for Siamese cats, but are simpler.

The fur of these animals is thick and does not shed too intensively, so it is enough to comb the kitty once a week with a special brush. But given the incredible cleanliness of these animals, you can be sure that your pet will keep her fur in order. By the way, snowshoe kittens are born completely white, and darken with age.

There is another characteristic feature of these cats – an incredible love of water. Do not be surprised if your cat climbs into a small amount of warm water you have collected in the bathroom on its own. In a word, there are no problems with bathing these animals. Otherwise, the content of these cats is standard. There should be a tray with filler in the house. It is not difficult to accustom an animal to it – we have already said that these are very smart creatures. In addition, your pet will need a scratching post.


snow shu breed

Snowshoes are not picky about food. However, it would be useful to consult with a veterinarian or breeder on how to make a proper and healthy diet. This is especially important during the molting period and during the gestation of kittens.


By nature, snowshoes are endowed with very good health. Thanks to the hard work of breeders, animals are deprived of the vices inherent in their ancestors. It is necessary to vaccinate regularly. The owner needs to monitor the condition of his pet's eyes and ears. Representatives of this breed live, on average, 12 years.

"Snow slipper" is a cat that does not cause problems to the owner. He just needs to love his beauty, play with her and not push her away when she wants to take part in his household chores.

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