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If you have decided that you are quite ready to become parents of a little man, then it's time to think about how to prepare for the conception of a child. Of course, quite often this process happens by itself, but it is advisable to pre-hold a variety of activities to be sure that your future son or daughter will be born healthy and strong. We will talk about how to prepare for the conception of a child today.

how to prepare for the conception of a child

Consult your doctor

Every woman who wants to become a mother is recommended to undergo a medical examination before conception. It is best to do this 3-6 months before the expected pregnancy. To begin with, you need to visit a therapist (he will determine the general state of your health), a dentist (since many infections can enter the body through teeth affected by caries) and, of course, a gynecologist.

Doctors will recommend you to undergo the following medical procedures and tests before conceiving a child:

  1. A general blood test (from a finger) and a urine test.
  2. A standard examination by a gynecologist and colposcopy is a study that allows you to exclude the pathology of the cervix.
  3. A blood test to determine the Rh factor. Moreover, this study must be carried out not only by a woman, but also by the future father of her child. If the Rh factor of both potential parents is positive, then everything is fine. If it is negative, then you will be asked to take a test for antibodies to the Rh factor. A negative result of such a study will be good news, a positive one means the impossibility of pregnancy, since an adjustment of the condition is required. In addition, at this stage, experts will analyze the compatibility of blood groups of future to plan pregnancy
  4. The so-called TORCH complex. This study, which uses blood from a vein, allows you to detect antibodies to such dangerous diseases that threaten the proper development of the fetus, such as herpes, cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis and chlamydia. Remember that it is completely useless to ask your parents if you had rubella as a child. Since this disease often occurs under the mask of acute respiratory infections, it is possible to detect the presence of antibodies to it only by laboratory examination.
  5. Infection analysis: swab from the genitals and PCR. This study will allow you to detect hidden infections that may pose a danger to the normal course of pregnancy. Moreover, this analysis must be passed to both spouses.
  6. Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs. This study will help determine the presence or absence of any pathologies in the female reproductive system.
  7. Drawing up a basal temperature chart. It will give the gynecologist an idea of the work of your ovaries. To make such a schedule, it is necessary to measure the temperature in the rectum every day at the same time in the period from 6 to 8 o'clock in the morning, without getting out of bed. Every violation of the regime (for example, if you overslept, forgot about this procedure and performed it later, etc. p.), as well as special circumstances (ailments, taking medications, intimacy, sleep disorders, menstruation, stool disorders, etc.) should be noted in a special column. In order for the data to be informative, it is necessary to record them for at least three cycles.
  8. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, the discharge is abundant and painful or, on the contrary, scanty, you have oily skin, lack or excess body weight, increased hair loss, and there are also any deviations in the basal temperature chart or ultrasound, the doctor will prescribe a hormone test to determine the hormonal status. For this study, you will need to donate blood from a vein.
  9. Coagulogram. It is a blood clotting test. This study is very important. After all, the blood flow and the provision of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus in the womb depend on how well the coagulation system works. Therefore, it is desirable to correct the existing violations before pregnancy.
  10. Tests for the determination of lupus anticoagulant, antibodies to phospholipids and to chorionic gonadotropin. These studies will reveal the factors contributing to early miscarriage. Thanks to this, even before conception, it is possible to find out whether there is cause for concern on this side, and take appropriate measures.
  11. The therapist or gynecologist, based on the initial examination and the results of the tests, may decide whether to consult with another specialist (endocrinologist, mammologist, geneticist, etc.). d.).

How to plan pregnancy: we understand our menstrual cycle

calculate conception


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When you have consulted with a therapist and gynecologist, cured your teeth, passed all the necessary tests, you can think directly about the conception of the baby. If you are not in a hurry, then it does not make sense to be puzzled by this question once again. However, if you want the long-awaited moment to come as soon as possible, then you can try to calculate conception in advance, or rather, the most appropriate time for this.

Determining ovulation

According to experts, conception can occur on any day of the cycle, but the greatest probability is at the time of ovulation. A woman can easily determine its signs on her own. They consist in an increase in mucous secretions from the genital tract and the appearance of unilateral paroxysmal pain in the ovaries. If sexual contact at this time is unprotected, then you are very likely to be able to get pregnant.

However, not all representatives of the weaker sex can independently trace the moment of ovulation. If you are one of them or want to be as sure as possible, then you can purchase special tests sold in pharmacies. It is necessary to use them starting from the 9th day from the beginning of the last menstruation until you get a positive result.

examination before conception

How to prepare for the conception of a child by calculating the day of ovulation, based on the duration of the menstrual cycle? Most women resort to this method. So, if your cycle lasts 28 days, then ovulation in most cases falls on the 14th day. However, in order not to make a mistake, it is advisable to slightly expand this time range. It may be more difficult to calculate conception if you have taken oral contraceptives (pills). The fact is that after their cancellation, the duration of the cycle may change, and it will be problematic for a woman to determine the day of ovulation. Therefore, before trying to get pregnant, it makes sense to wait a couple of months and observe your body.

Is there a pose that promotes conception?

Wondering how to plan a pregnancy, you should not mislead yourself with various myths about this. Despite the fact that today you can often hear that one or another pose used by partners during intimacy helps to get pregnant faster, all this is nothing more than idle speculation. There is not a single scientifically proven confirmation of the correctness of such a judgment. After all, the cervix is always in a state that does not block the passage of seminal fluid. The only thing that can be recommended in this case is to choose such positions so that the sperm stays in the vagina as long as possible (for example, when a woman lies on her back).

Lie down a little after sexual intercourse

how much not to drink before conception

Most likely, you have heard more than once the recommendation that for conception you need to lie down for about a quarter of an hour after sex on your back, lifting your legs up. Of course, it is not necessary to lift up your legs at all. But you can relax lying on your back for a few minutes and not take a shower right away. This position will allow the seminal fluid to reach the cervix sooner.

Don't be too zealous

Many, considering the question of how to plan pregnancy, gain confidence that the more often they have sex during ovulation, the chances of conception will be higher. In fact, this is not quite true. After all, in some representatives of the strong half of humanity, the amount of sperm decreases in the case of frequent repetition of ejaculations. Therefore, if you prefer to have sex often enough, then it makes sense for a man to take seminal fluid for analysis, which will allow you to find out whether its quality and quantity does not decrease after frequent sexual acts.

Take vitamins

Surely this item was mentioned at the consultation by your gynecologist or therapist. After all, everyone knows that the human body needs a whole complex of various vitamins and trace elements. This is especially true of a woman carrying a child. Therefore, doctors recommend that women planning pregnancy, as well as their husbands and partners, take perinatal vitamins containing folic acid before conception. This element reduces the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus, which include, for example, congenital spinal hernia.

Avoid stress

tests before conception

Since the constant expectation of the moment of pregnancy is also a kind of stress, any extraneous factors can only aggravate it. And this, in turn, may affect, for example, the shift in ovulation time. Stress can also cause a variety of fears and sexual disorders.

Healthy lifestyle

When considering how to prepare for the conception of a child, pay increased attention to physical exercises. However, in everything you should observe the measure. After all, increased physical activity can generally lead to a lack of ovulation.

Proper nutrition

If you are used to exhausting your body from time to time with strict diets, then it is extremely undesirable to do this during preparation for pregnancy. However, if you suffer from obesity or, on the contrary, from underweight, you should bring your condition back to normal, and only then make attempts to conceive a child.

Quit smoking

how a man can prepare for conception

Of course, it is desirable to part with this bad habit not only for women planning pregnancy. However, if you smoke and want to conceive a child, then getting rid of tobacco addiction will significantly increase your chances of becoming a mother. This is due to the fact that smoking negatively affects the reproductive system of the female body, affecting hormone levels and ovulation.


Many representatives of the weaker sex who are planning a pregnancy are wondering how much not to drink before conception. Experts say that taking alcohol in large doses should be stopped a few months before the first attempts. However, it is quite acceptable to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. For example, a glass of wine drunk after dinner will not have a negative impact on your reproductive function, but, on the contrary, will contribute to relaxation and reduce stress levels.

How can a man prepare for conception?

Do not assume that the onset of pregnancy and the proper development of the fetus entirely depend on the woman. Therefore, the future dad also needs to pay attention to his health, at least for the time of planning conception, getting rid of bad habits, eating well and passing all the necessary tests and studies that the doctor will prescribe for you.

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