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treatment of cats with antibioticsLet's consider today one of the most important means in treatment — an antibiotic. For cats, it is prescribed for inflammations and diseases that local drugs can no longer cope with. As a rule, these are bacterial infections and various kinds of relapses. But even the veterinarians themselves admit that before introducing any medicine, it is necessary to examine the pet and make sure that the drug is really necessary. Why? Because when we try to treat one, we literally begin to cripple the other. Everyone knows that most medications are excreted by the kidneys. There is also a load on the liver. Treatment of cats with antibiotics is an extensive topic, we will consider the most important issues. So...

Atibiotics are...

These are drugs that destroy bacteria, some parasitic and fungal infections. They are divided into bacteriostatic (stopping the growth of bacteria) and bactericidal (killing microbes and removing them from the body).

They are produced in the form of tablets, injection solutions, powders and ointments.


In what cases is an antibiotic prescribed for cats? A remedy of this kind can be used in the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • Abscess after bites (with purulent cavities in the tissues);
  • Skin infections (bacterial, developing as a result of scratches inflicted independently or during a fight);
  • Eye infections;
  • Respiratory diseases (for example, pertussis bacillus);
  • Pyometra (serious infection of the uterus);
  • Giardia (protozoal inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract);
  • Chlamydia;
  • Operations.

What antibiotics can be given to cats?

antibiotics for cats with infectionThe only correct answer can only sound like this: those that are assigned by a veterinarian! As already mentioned, first of all, the pet must be examined. Any medicine should be given to the animal, adhering to the scheme drawn up by the doctor, observing the correct dosage. Below are examples of some diseases and a number of antibiotics that are most often used by veterinarians in the treatment of their four-legged patients. Please note that our article is for informational purposes only. This means that it is impossible to diagnose yourself, as well as to "prescribe" a particular drug to an animal, since many diseases have a number of similar signs. In addition, each course must be completed completely (followed by an additional examination). You can not prescribe an antibiotic for cats yourself also for the reason that bacteria, as well as viruses, are constantly mutating. The medicine used next time may not have the desired effect or may be useless at all. For the same reason, the course is not interrupted: the infection must be destroyed, otherwise, having undergone transformations, it will "raise its head" again and it will be much more difficult to fight it.


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They are diagnosed with a thorough examination and by symptoms. Treatment is prescribed according to the results of the examination and depends on the stage of pathology development. An antibiotic is most often used. For cats, human drugs can also be prescribed, so to speak, but in other dosages. As an example, "Benzylpenicillin", "Amoxicillin" can be considered. A single injection (intramuscular, 25 mg/ kg) is often enough. Penicillin derivatives are effective against most types of abscess-forming bacteria. Cephalosporins and Clindamycin can be used (orally), but they are already less effective against anaerobes. It is important to understand: an antibiotic for cats in this case only promotes healing after surgery, which is performed after the full maturation of the "capsule" with pus. Excised abscesses are washed with peroxide and filled with antiseptic. It is recommended to leave the wound open for subsequent drainage.


antibiotic after cat sterilizationTo clarify: this operation does not involve the removal of the uterus, but, nevertheless, it is considered serious, like all cavities. The procedure is the same everywhere, but there are discrepancies in the use of antibiotics. And big ones.

An antibiotic after sterilization of a cat is not used by all veterinarians. Sometimes injections are done before surgery. Why do some veterinarians not prescribe an antibiotic after the mentioned procedure? It turns out that cats have an innate resistance to peritonitis. Perhaps. But not at all. That is why the treatment of cats with antibiotics (or, rather, prevention) is very desirable. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are needed here. As a rule, these are fluoroquinolones and cephalosporins. The multiplicity and dosage are calculated by weight, according to the instructions.


antibiotic for catsUnfortunately, it is a very common disease. It is diagnosed only by veterinarians. An experienced doctor needs a thorough examination with an X-ray (or ultrasound). The results of the tests indicate the form of the disease and help to more accurately determine which antibiotics are needed in each particular case.

If your cat has been diagnosed with pyometra, know that surgery is not always the only way out. Sometimes conservative methods can also have an effect: droppers, hormones, antibiotics (Enrofloxacin and Amoxicillin are most often used). Specify whether such a solution is suitable in your case. But the verdict should still be made by a veterinarian. Please note: self-medication is unacceptable here, and slowness in making a decision can cost your cat's life.

Viral infections

In the fight against them, globulins, serums and antiviral drugs are usually used. Let's take a closer look. With viruses (both with the threat of infection and with direct disease), immunoglobulins are often recommended. These are antibodies. Their job is to attach an active virus to the antigen and destroy it. For the speedy withdrawal of their own antibodies in the serum are also destroyed. Viral infections are treated with drugs "Giksan", "Vitafel", "Vitakan". By the way, the maximum effect is observed in kittens, because they do not yet have antibodies (or there are too few of them).

treatment of viral infection in catsInterferons do not allow the virus to multiply. This explains their current popularity. The effectiveness of the drug "Interferon omega" has been tested over the past decade. With oral administration, an immunomodulatory effect is achieved, and with intravenous administration, an excellent antiviral effect is achieved.

Another drug is Anandin (a low molecular weight inducer) with the widest spectrum of effects (against genomic viruses, fungal lesions, staphylococcal infections). It is primarily recommended for the treatment of dermatropic, neurotropic, pneumotropic and pantropic viral infections, as well as for immunodeficiency. The drug stimulates the immune system, accelerates regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Effective even with the plague.

What antibiotics are used most often for cats with infection?

1. "Gentamicin" 8% (for pneumonia, infections of the skin, respiratory tract, eyes, ears, lacerations);

2. "Enrofloxacin" (an analogue of "Baitril") - for problems with urinary systems, skin, lungs.

3. "Amoxicillin" - for infection of blood, bones and all of the above.

4. "Terramycin" (an analogue of "Oxytetracycline") - for inflammation of the oral cavity, eyes.

5. "Azithromycin" - for chlamydia, streptococcus, bartonellosis, Lyme disease, otitis media.what antibiotics can be given to cats

6. "Amuril" - for bacterial infections of soft tissues and integuments, salmonellosis, bronchopneumonia, colibacteriosis, genitourinary infections.

7. "Amoxiclav" — for respiratory diseases and problems listed in clause 6.

8. Betamox is used for bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system, skin and soft tissues.

9. "Vetrimoxin" - for wound and postoperative inflammations, cystitis, metritis, infections of the respiratory tract and digestive tract. It can be used for prevention.

10. "Recef" - for respiratory diseases.

11. Tetracycline ointment - for infected wounds, burns, the presence of pustules, eczema, boils and folliculitis.

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