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Our nation is famous for the ability to celebrate well. Sometimes we don't even need a reason for fun and entertainment. However, there are also enough outstanding days in the calendar in almost any month of the year. Some of them are known to everyone, while others are so narrowly professional or affect such a small group of people that only the perpetrators of the celebration themselves know about them. Let's find out, for example, which holidays are in November. In Russia, our fellow citizens celebrate many celebrations.


The very first thing to do on the way to finding an answer to this question is to create a small classification. Let's start by finding out what kind of holidays there are in general. They can be divided by sphere of influence into the following categories:

- secular holidays;

- church holidays.

what holidays are in November in russia

Both of them are quite popular among the population, as well as their fans and opponents. So, what are the holidays in November? There are a lot of them in Russia today. We will start, perhaps, with church dates. They generally belong to the Orthodox denomination in our country, which is considered the main one for our state.

What are the church holidays in November?

We will begin to list them from the very beginning – from the first day of this month. On this day, the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Wonderworker John of Kronstadt.

public holidays in November

Therefore, if you have friends of Ivan, born in November on the first day – it's time to congratulate them on their name day. And besides, the same day in 2013 was Dmitrievskaya Saturday – the day of commemoration of the dead. This holiday is the so-called "floating", and every year can change its date. Usually all the faithful residents of Russia visit the graves of their relatives, and also put candles in temples for the repose of their souls. The second and third numbers are not marked by any great events, but Artyom and Paul can safely receive their congratulations – at this time the days of the name days of the respective church leaders are passing.

Church holiday

Many believers will easily tell you what holiday is November 4th. After all, on this day, the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is honored. This is one of the most revered images of the Virgin in Orthodoxy, because it is considered miraculous, and traces its history back to the sixteenth century. There are other honoring icons in the month of November – so, two days after Kazan, the next icon festival with the poetic name "Joy to All the Sorrowing" is held, and on November twelfth – the day of the Ozernyansky Mother of God. In general, the veneration of the images of Mary this month falls almost every week, if not more often. This is the commemoration of the icons "Gracious", "Quick-listening", "Vzygranie".

We continue to discuss what holidays are in November. In Russia, on November 21, the celebration of the Cathedral of Archangel Michael and other Celestial disembodied Forces takes place. This holiday was established at the beginning of the IV century at the Local Laodicean Cathedral.

church holidays in November

It is also impossible not to remember that the Christmas fast is on the nose. And its beginning falls just at the end of the penultimate month of the year. So, in 2013, this holiday fell on the 28th. 


Church holidays were mostly laid centuries ago, because their formation took place simultaneously with the history of the Orthodox religion. Due to the almost 70-year-old forced rejection of the institution of the church in the period after the revolution and before perestroika, many of them were forgotten, and only now they are beginning to gain popularity among the population of Russia again. And in that period of history, the most famous autumn holiday was November 7 – the day when the Great October Revolution took place. Despite the fact that, according to the old style, this date fell on the 25th of October, it was celebrated with parades and rallies already in November. But today this holiday is already in the distant past, and new generations know little about it. And what holidays are celebrated in the secular sphere in November?

There are also a lot of such celebrations in Russia, so we can classify them. So, public holidays are separately allocated – approved by the government of the country. They can be considered non–working days, or they can be just dates in the calendar, but their distinctive feature is legitimacy, confirmed by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation. And it's quite another thing – folk holidays, sometimes even international ones, that have entered the hearts of ordinary citizens of Russia.

National Unity Day

Let's start the enumeration after all with the first category of social events. In November, the state holidays of the Russian Federation are celebrated as follows.

November 4th what is russia's holiday

National Unity Day. It is celebrated on November 4. What holiday of Russia have we already mentioned on this day? Of course, the commemoration of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God. And it's not for nothing that these dates coincide. When the government of the country was faced with the choice of a day for a national holiday, it was about this image of the Virgin that statesmen remembered, and therefore decided that it would be ideal for uniting all the inhabitants of the country.

Day of Consent and reconciliation

The iconic date of November 7 for our ancestors will not remain without attention. "What holiday replaced the birthday of the revolution?" - you ask. This time, this date does not separate people, but unites them. Now it is a Day of Harmony and reconciliation. According to the country's leadership, it is designed to unite and make different segments of the population understand each other.

November 7th what a holidaySeparately, it is worth noting the memorable dates of November. This month, such Russian troops as artillery and chemical, radiation and biological protection troops celebrate their holidays. If suddenly there are people serving in the ranks of the army among your friends, perhaps you will have a good reason to congratulate them on their professional day.


Well, and among people of other specialties, what holidays are celebrated in November? As it turned out, there are also a lot of them. Some of them have a state status, and some are simply people's. In particular, all those who have chosen the profession of manager, as well as bailiffs of Russia, consider the 1st as their day. But November 5 is a real holiday of our national "Stirlitz" – the Day of the military intelligence officer.

The 10th is the Day of the militia. This is a celebration of courageous people, who are not so few among the population of the country. But on the 14th and 22nd, representatives of such rare specialties as sociologists and psychologists celebrate their professional days.

November 15 is the All-Russian Conscript Day. It began to be celebrated in 1922.
The next day, that is, on the 16th, the All-Russian Day of the designer. It was first celebrated in 2005. This celebration appeared to mark the importance of such an important profession as a designer.

November 17 is the Day of the precinct. Since 1923, this day has been the date of the beginning of the formation of local police commissioners in the internal affairs bodies.

What other holidays are in November? In Russia, on the 19th, the Day of Rocket Troops and Artillery is celebrated. This holiday appeared according to the Decree of the President of Russia dated May 30, 2006. In peacetime, these troops stand guard over order, but when necessary, they are used to gain and maintain fire superiority over the enemy, cover open flanks and joints, etc.

what holiday is November 4th

It is also celebrated in the Russian Federation on this day of workers of the glass industry. Celebrating this celebration began in 2000 on November 19, the birthday of the scientist M. V. Lomonosov, who was the creator of the chemical production of glass and porcelain.

If you or your loved ones are related to the tax service, November also has a separate holiday for you. The Day of the employee of the Tax Authorities of the Russian Federation is celebrated on the 21st.

Mother's Day

But perhaps the most important holiday for everyone living in our country is such a "floating" date as the last Sunday of the month.

what holidays are celebrated in November

It is on this weekend that we definitely need to congratulate the people closest to us – after all, this is Mother's Day. And, perhaps, this is the most popular of all November holidays.


As you can see, the penultimate month of the year is rich in various festive events. Almost every citizen of the Russian Federation, whether Orthodox or agnostic, old or young, man or woman, will find a reason for joy in it. And, most importantly, not only this month can boast of such "regalia". In fact, almost every day of the year you can find a reason to rejoice, congratulate your family and friends, as well as arrange pleasant surprises and unexpected gifts.

After all, even if you don't know what kind of holiday today is, you can always say that today and only today is the Day of a good person, that is, you and me.

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