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Food is one of the greatest human needs. And if a small percentage of the world's population treats food intake with slight disdain, then for some the process of cooking various dishes is a whole art. And in order for every minute spent in the kitchen to give pleasure and joy, a huge number of companies around the world produce the necessary and high-quality household appliances and dishes. One of these companies is the German concern Rosenthal.

Thomas cookware reviews

Company for the production of serving and professional tableware

This giant has assembled several subsidiary brands under its leadership. One of them is "Thomas" from "Rosenthal". This brand is a manufacturer of high–quality dishes and accessories that allow you to decorate not only the cooking process, but also its reception.

The use of various innovative methods, coupled with established traditions, form an ideal environment in which all Rosenthal products, including Thomas tableware, are created. Customer reviews, recommendations and wishes are always taken into account when releasing a new line of products. Currently, the brands of this particular German manufacturer are the leading suppliers of tableware, accessories and items for a cozy life.

Production lines

The giant Rosenthal Concern produces several lines of kitchen utensils. These include:

  1. Products of the Studio-Line brand. Here you can find porcelain products of the highest quality. The brand harmoniously and confidently combines new beginnings and established traditions. Numerous designers are working on the release of unique, innovative and, at the same time, functional collections.
  2. The line of tableware "Selection". A huge variety of porcelain and glass cutlery of excellent quality and excellent design unmistakably distinguish the manufacturers of this kitchen utensils from many competitors.
  3. Products manufactured under the Versace brand. The legendary brand, widely known in the fashion world, also paid tribute to the innovative solutions that the Rosenthal Concern widely uses in its work. Combining the luxurious, glamorous and bright style of the Versace fashion house and the harmonious combination of know-how with generally accepted standards, the union of the two giants has created elegant, refined and bright dining accessories, the beauty of which is breathtaking.Thomas professional tableware
  4. Tableware and accessories for home decor, coming to the market under the brand "Sambone". The "highlight" of this line is the production of products using stainless steel and silver. If you feel comfortable in high-class hotels and chic restaurants, then it is this brand that will help recreate an atmosphere similar to these establishments at home.
  5. The next line of dining accessories of the Rosenthal concern is kitchen utensils, produced under the name "Hutschenreter". Tableware and accessories with a long German name reveal to the buyer the gentle sophistication of folklore motifs of the Mediterranean, the seal of which bears each item of the collection. "Beauty that lasts a long time" – under this slogan, the products of the Hutschenreter brand present their "face" to the whole world.
  6. The sixth and last line is the Thomas brand tableware. "Design that you want to live with" is the motto of this brand. Practical and original, innovative and creative, stylish and elegant – this is the Thomas tableware. The reviews of our compatriots about this branch of the company's products are few. However, foreign housewives and restaurant owners "take off their hats" to the perfect quality and sophisticated design of these dishes.

Thomas tableware


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Thomas products

Let's look at the last brand in more detail. Thomas tableware, with its clear lines and fabulous patterns, excellent quality and multifunctional purpose, is appreciated all over the world. The wide range of products offered focuses on meeting the needs of both lovers of quality products and professionals. Parties, family celebrations, banquets, weddings and anniversaries – events of any type will be held at the highest level if there are Thomas dishes on the tables. Reviews of the use of the company's products make it clear that the company keeps the quality of products at the highest level.

Thomas cook tableware

Branches and product categories

In addition to cutlery, collections of various accessories and souvenirs are also produced under this brand. The German product line includes several different categories. These include Thomas tableware in various variations. This group includes 14 subspecies. For lovers of strict refined forms and restrained white color, sets and individual items from the Amici series are perfect. "Frowned" soup tureens, "pot–bellied" saucepans and salad bowls, round and oval dishes without edging and sides are a branch of products called Medaillon. Geometric shapes, the presence of short and cropped "spouts" in coffee pots, round handles in cups and the absence of any unnecessary details allows you to highlight another series of dishes named Vario Pure. Bright colors of Brazilian motifs adorn the objects of Medaillon Rio de Janeiro with thin lines. A separate subspecies are sets and dishes with raised edges. The latter belongs to the Quadrondo series.

Thomas pan cookware

Souvenirs and accessories

The cutlery of this company deserves special attention. Here the buyer can choose one of two series: Skid and Tema. The first category includes single items made of stainless steel. The second subspecies is sets. Both categories perfectly tolerate washing in the dishwasher.

The introduction of innovative technologies into production and the combination of different styles – this is the Thomas tableware. Reviews of the work of contemporary artists spurred the designers of the German company to create souvenir sets, where the trend of modern culture is reflected in a bright spot. This is how cups and saucers based on the works of Andy Warhol were born.

Color variety

Do you want the color of your kitchen to match the hue of the dishes? Then you need to opt for the Sunny Day Colours series. Plates, dishes, cups, saucepans and many other utensils are presented here in more than twenty colors. Bright sets from the Sunny Day Coffee and More category will help you enjoy a cup of coffee. Dining sets, soft fabrics for the kitchen and various accessories of Sunny Day Kitchen will help you enjoy every minute both in the kitchen and at the dining table.

Thomas pan cookware

Professional series

It should be noted that, in addition to serving dishes, professional Thomas tableware occupies a separate position. This category includes pots, pans, pressure cookers and other containers that are directly involved in the cooking process. To the delight of customers, these products are not as expensive as, for example, other German analogues. The reason for this is the place of production. The equipment allocated to a separate category is manufactured by a Chinese organization that has received a franchise from a German concern.

thomas dishes

Product Characteristics

Thomas Cook and Pourware are kitchen items made of stainless steel. This material allows you to use pans and pots for a long time. As a rule, all covers for the professional series are made of tempered glass. Due to several disks built into the bottom of any container, the food warms up evenly, and thanks to the non-stick coating of Teflon Select, it also does not burn. Any item in this series, be it a Thomas frying pan or a saucepan, is ideal for cooking in the oven. In addition, the presence in the house of a stove with gas, electric, ceramic, halogen or induction burners will not be an obstacle to the purchase of any item of this series. To the delight of the owners, all professional Thomas cookware (frying pan, ladle, pressure cooker, saucepan, etc.) is superbly "friendly" with the dishwasher.

Thomas frying pan

Customer reviews and comments

An interesting fact is that you can buy these products in a network of hypermarkets and most often on promotions. This marketing move is aimed at fueling interest in the new series. At the same time, users who have already become owners of this tableware are ready to share their experience with other potential buyers. So, for example, most people highlight several negative points. The first of these is a metal handle (or handles) that heats up under the influence of a flame. At the same time, this problem is advised to be eliminated by the correct selection of the burner: the diameter of the bottom of the container should correspond (or be larger) to the diameter of the gas burner.

Thomas cookware reviews

The second point is a somewhat overpriced, in the opinion of many, price. However, it should be noted that professional tableware of any world manufacturer, whether it is "Zepter" or "Tefal", costs much more than an analog intended for ordinary home use. Although many users note that Thomas Cook products are an ordinary average line, the designer of which is a German concern, and an Asian colleague is responsible for all other parameters.

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