Children's experimentation in kindergarten: what is it?


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A mobile and active child of 4-5 years old asks about 400 questions a day. And not all questions can be answered so that the kid understands. This is what children's experimentation in kindergarten is for. Why is the wind blowing? Why do objects fall down and not up? Why is ice hard, but water is not? These and other questions can be answered, or you can conduct an experience with a child, during which he will see the patterns with his own eyes.children's experimentation in kindergarten

Why introduce child experimentation in DOW?

What is the benefit of children's experimentation in kindergarten? Firstly, children have contact with objects, which allows them to understand their qualities and properties. Secondly, experimental activity awakens even greater curiosity, opens up a new world full of wonders and mysteries for the child. Thirdly, children deepen their knowledge about nature – living and inanimate, they expand their horizons, learn to reflect, observe phenomena, analyze and draw conclusions. And, of course, children's experimentation in kindergarten allows children to feel that they have independently discovered some phenomenon, which naturally affects their self-esteem.experimenting in kindergarten schemes

Types of experiments in DOW

Experimentation can be demonstration and frontal.

  1. Demonstration observation – this is a type of activity in which the object of observation is alone, he is with a teacher who conducts and demonstrates the experience to children. This type has its pros and cons, but the personal initiative and involvement of children is minimized. Only if the kid is already interested in experimental activities, he will carefully observe the progress of the experiment. Otherwise, a passive reaction of the group is possible.
  2. Frontal observation is an activity in which there are several objects, and they are in the hands of children. Of course, this type of experimentation is more suitable to activate the work of all kids, arouse their interest and curiosity. However, it can be difficult for one educator to monitor the whole group: the speed of work of children is different, there is a risk of non-compliance with safety rules, etc. Therefore, it is better if several teachers are present at the frontal observation.

experimentation corner in kindergarten

How to design an experimentation corner in kindergarten?

The question is not idle, because the corner should be decorated in accordance with safety rules and, at the same time, arouse the interest of children. So, in your corner, select a place for:


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  • Permanent exhibition. Here you can store rare items (stones, shells, crystals). You can add the best crafts for kids.
  • Devices. Based on your work plan, there should be the necessary things (pipettes, cans, ropes, funnels, plastic bottles, etc.) in order to ensure interesting and productive experimentation in kindergarten.
  • Schemes. Prepare memos for the guys so that they know what they are dealing with (for example, "Water" about the properties of water, "Air", etc.). Memos should be colorful and understandable for kids.
  • Materials (natural, non-natural, unstructured).
  • A place for conducting experiments.

experiments for kindergarten

How to select experiments according to the age of children?

The younger group should not be given complex experiments with the presence of glass objects, a microscope, etc. Introduce them to the air (experiments "We caught the air" using balloons, "I see the air" with a tube and a glass of water), wind ("What is wind?"), magnets, water (experience "Sinking - not sinking", "Does water change color?" using paints). Remember that children's experimentation in kindergarten is a way to awaken interest in science, so how bright and interesting your experiments will be depends on how the child will grow up!

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