The medicine "Fenistil" (drops for infants) is a salvation from allergies!


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Unfortunately, such a disease as allergies can bother even the smallest and most defenseless children, causing them itching and other unpleasant symptoms. Every mother, having found signs of allergic reactions in her child, begins to worry and think about how to alleviate the condition of her baby. Often, allergists can prescribe antihistamines to a child, which are intended for adults, only in a small dosage. However, mothers doubt whether it is possible to take them to such small crumbs, and whether there will be negative consequences from this?

Fortunately, nowadays new drugs have been developed that can be used by children from the most tender age, they are absolutely safe to use and will help the baby get rid of allergies. One of these drugs is the drug "Fenistil" (drops for infants). It is one of the newest antihistamines for children.fenistil drops for babies

You can take it from the first month of life, it treats not only allergies, but also urticaria, Quincke's edema, allergic rhinitis, rubella, chickenpox, will help get rid of itching, relieve the condition with insect bites. The drug "Fenistil" (drops for infants) is used to prepare children for vaccinations, to prevent complications. In this case, the drops are taken a few days before and after the injection.

Despite the fact that the drug is much more effective and safer than the outdated Suprastin or Tavegil, it has its side effects and contraindications.fenistil drops for infants price

Medicine "Fenistil" (drops for infants): instructions

Indications for use

Itching on the skin in diseases such as measles, atopic dermatitis, rubella, chickenpox, dermatosis, eczema, food allergy, urticaria, insect bites, serum sickness.


The first trimester of pregnancy, children under 1 month of age, is prohibited for premature babies.


For children under one year: 3-10 drops; after a year and up to 3 years: 10-15 drops per day. The medicine "Fenistil" (drops for infants) is recommended to be given to a child from a spoon, the drug has a pleasant taste.

Side effects

Allergic reactions, individual intolerance to the drug, fatigue, nausea, dry mouth, sometimes there is a sedative effect. If you simultaneously use the drug "Fenistil" (drops for infants) with other drugs that affect the central nervous system, it is possible to enhance their properties.

It is recommended to give medicine from a spoon or add drops to a bottle with warm baby formula, the main thing is that it is not hot, namely warm. However, it is still better to take it undiluted, so the drug is better absorbed.fenistil drops for infants instruction

The medicine "Fenistil" (drops for infants), the price of which is about 240-260 rubles, can be purchased at a pharmacy. Never buy any medicines by hand or in an unverified place, only in a pharmacy, otherwise there is a risk of purchasing low-quality and expired goods.

After following all the instructions and prescriptions of the doctor, after completing the course of taking the drug, you will notice that your baby's allergy passes, and the disease recedes! And what could be better for a mother than when her child is healthy!

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