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Changing table belongs to the category of comfortable and functional furniture for the parents of a newborn baby. From baby's mom has not yet recovered the body after birth and back pain often. So to change a diaper, perform hygiene treatments and massages lighter raised to a convenient level surface than on the bed.

However, the question often arises whether to buy, because the child will grow, and the need for such furniture anymore. It is often referred to the experience of grandmothers who raised children without any additional equipment. But to make daily care routines for babies much easier on a specially designated place.

The validity of the purchase is justified by the fact that after the child grows up, a baby changing table can be transformed into a useful piece of furniture.

Changing table for baby

General characteristics of the subject

Changing Table is a piece of furniture intended for baby care. Its design allows you to effortlessly dress the baby, change a diaper, to carry out hygienic procedures, as well as to massage.

For the convenience of mothers and the safety of the child table must have a firm and level surface of sufficient size. Necessarily the presence of bumpers. The backbone can serve as the stationary frame, but there are varieties with folding legs. Online you can find models where a base serves as a dresser, bed or wall.

Design features

Changing table for babies can be presented with a variety of models. You can select the whole option or collapsible. The peculiarities of appearance and component parts of all the tables can be divided into types:


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  • Classic.
  • Transformers
  • Collapsible.
  • Tables combined with a bathroom.
  • Table-drawers.
  • Table with shelf.

Collapsible option table

Convenient for small apartments and travel. The type of device similar to an Ironing Board. The frame can be made of wood or metal. The stand can be locked at the required height, and the top is the base on which you can put the child.

Depending on the model, a changing table can have side containers for the necessary facilities and at the bottom a shelf for clothes. Perhaps an additional app in the form of small basins, which is located under the base.

This option is essential in a small apartment. It can be transferred to the location to use for bathing and after all procedures compactly folded. Often this design take on a trip, if the trip is assumed.

However, the portable changing table has its drawbacks. Unscrupulous manufacturers equip products unstable legs. In addition, the surface of the child is too small, and for children's facilities there is not enough space.

Changing sliding table


This design is installed directly into the wall and in working condition is a whole with it. To ensure that the product has taken work, it is necessary to tilt the working plane. Inside is often located several shelves for child accessories.

The Advantage of such tables in the compact. They are comfortable and don't take up extra space in a time when not used. Shortcomings that, if the design is correctly locked in place. But some don't have additional storage space, and the surface is not wide enough.

wall changing table

Board changing

Represents a broad base with sides from three or four sides. For a small room is the most viable option, takes almost no place and is set at any convenient angle. Often parents placed a plank across the cot.

However, this instance has significant drawbacks. For ease of use you need to have a place where you can set the Board, and the height should match the height of the mother.

Changing Board with baby bath

The Model is often advertised on various online resources. Is a baby bath with mounts and base for changing. Pretty easy stuff, but has a serious drawback. The bath is supplied small, and the baby grows out of it just two or three months.

Table with shelf

If the size of the apartment allows, it is better to buy stationary model. Changing table with shelf is a structure in the form of an open chest of drawers. Furniture can be made of wood, but there are high-quality plastic options.

Hardwood look durable, very beautiful, but are much more expensive. Plastic samples are stable, comfortable and less expensive.

Changing table

Changing dresser

Children's dresser with changing table the most popular and convenient for constant use. The product looks like an ordinary chest of drawers slightly reduced dimensions. There is a base which serves to wrap the baby. It be sure there are guard rails.

Sample functional, comfortable and can be used after the child grows up. Sufficient to remove the swaddling Board, and will remain a piece of furniture intended for children's clothes and toys.

Dresser with changing table most often made of wood. Therefore, it is stable and reliable in operation. But the price of them is significantly different from normal chests, though in size they are smaller. Moreover, installation requires a certain space, and the table is problematic to transfer.

Dresser with changing table

Pelenator for bathroom

In the case where a bathroom has the appropriate size, the positioning fixture to care for the baby there. It will add comfort and all the necessary hygiene items will be placed in one place. Moreover, the bathroom can be placed stationary or folding. It all depends on the available space.

It is Particularly convenient to use a combined variant, when changing the base is one design with baby bath. Kids often require water treatment. They wash away after you change the diaper, bathe daily, therefore, the location of all things in one place simplifies life.

Even if conditions do not allow to place pelenator, it is possible to set a special Board on the washing machine.

Built-in planelike

These devices are embedded in cots-transformers. This product is multifunctional and, in addition to the bed, settling down with a chest of drawers and a Board for the baby. Subsequently, the design is routed, and get a full bed and a separate chest of drawers.

The Surface for a changing Mat is used as a work surface for drawing or folding puzzles. Convertible crib with changing table is the most versatile, can be used more than one year and will allow you to store all things baby in one place.

This model is very popular. After the acquisition of a set of furniture subsequently no need to buy a bigger bed. You just need to remove the drawers and remove the protective slats.

Crib convertible with changing table

Selection Criteria

From the survey it is seen that selection of changing tables is quite diverse. There are compact models and quite bulky. The choice is influenced by many factors, so you need to take note of the following conditions:

  • The dimensions of the base. The longer it takes, the better. Children grow very quickly and may simply not fit on a compact version. If the table you plan to use up to a year, then the base should be at least 95 cm wide. For children up to six months will be enough 65 cm, Height is the most important indicator. If adjustable, what is the best option. Otherwise, the mother should not lean over or reach up.
  • Board Material. In this case, safety is important, so the best choice would be wood or high impact plastic. You can buy furniture from MDF and even chipboard. Importantly, the seller can provide a certificate of conformity of the products was not an unpleasant smell. If the table comes complete with changing Mat, it should have water-repellent properties.
  • Storage Space. Very useful when provided shelves or drawers for the necessary accessories. In this case the most convenient is a cot with changing table. Here everything is compact and in its place. When you select should pay attention to the rolling out of free boxes.
  • Resistance. Already in the store...

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