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The Long winter evenings.  just created to  communicate in a friendly or family circle. It happened in accordance with the Christian calendar  and centuries-old traditions that most of January  given the holidays: Christmas at the Baptism. In the old days this time  was free from farm work and the people selflessly given  riotous merriment and entertainment.  Until we reached a  customs "folksy Antiques” associated with these days, called Saints or Christmas.

In our days for religious holidays has been added and the secular: New Year's day (which is in some contradiction with the Orthodox tradition, as it falls in the time of advent)  (very very strange holiday!) The old New year. It turns out,  holiday dvadtsatiminutka lasts from 1 to 19 January. Often the family spends time, going from a heavy meal to the couch in front of the TV and back. But you can make the Christmas day  the reason for the interesting  creative communication for all generations of the family. A family holiday can continue more than one day, if you think and create an original script. Christmas time  will remember you and your children as  a happy time together.

We know what  the traditions are respected in these winter holidays... the Script “Winter holidays" may include  and fun meal, and a night of divination,  and visit  clowns to visit, and home to the theater and concerts and caroling.

On the eve of the holiday the whole family has the tradition of decorating the house and Christmas tree. This event is for any child should become a ritual,  bringing together it with adults. Amazing woodsy aroma of wood, Shine  tinsel and toys  create a festive and fabulous atmosphere in the house. Decorate the Christmas tree it is necessary the whole family, it should include your script: Yuletide  start with warmth and love in the house.


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The Feast does not seem to pose any difficulties. But we have to remember that  Christmas treats  are especially tasty if the family prior to that he was fasting. There is some charm in that entire family to look forward to the rising of the first star, and she appears to sit at the table. Meat dishes, pies and other treats  be better than  longer you wait  permission.

Christmas with the children  we need to attend Church. We must not forget the main reason of  celebration. With Christmas and the start of the Yuletide. The script of the holiday  must  provide  it  educational and informative. So be prepared with a children theatre performance. Tradition tells us and  the material for the production: the birth of Christ, the events of the  Christmas night. There are many poems, songs dedicated to  this event. And if you master them  with children, the festival will give not only entertainment, but also knowledge of Orthodox culture.

Custom  visits the clowns and  caroling decorate your holiday scenario. Christmas time – this time for good communication with loved ones and even strangers. In ancient times it was customary to dress up in the most amazing outfits  and in this unusual kind of walk-in guests. Clowns  always expected and admired. Try to revive this tradition in your family, and the occasion will be remembered by both you and the children for life.

As fun and interesting  and can become the ritual of caroling. In the Christmas day all houses  is commonly expected by random guests who wish to glorify Christ. Good Housewives prepare any Goodies, Goodies for the Christmas carols.  But for children, this tradition should not be selfish in nature. I should explain that the purpose of such  visits is, first and foremost,  the good news of the birth of Christ, so it is important to prepare for this, learn Christmas hymns, poems and songs.

Another interesting point you can make a family holiday  scenario. Christmastide, Holy night  was filled with expectation of a miracle, magic. So often in these long nights wondering, trying to see into the future. The Orthodox Church does not approve of the tradition of divination, and it is important to organize it as a fun  and not to be taken seriously the results of the divination.

The holiday season Ends with the Baptism. And this day is accompanied by a  bright memorable events. But again, binding should be a festive divine service in the Church. It is important to remember  to achieve understanding of children,  Christmas – it's not an excuse for idleness and lavish feasts, and  time for spiritual purification and rebirth.

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