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Insomnia during pregnancy – the problem that was avoided only two dozen per cent of women. For most, falling asleep becomes a real flour that adversely affect the health of the expectant mother and fetus. It is noteworthy that insomnia during pregnancy can be encountered at almost any time. Some women begin to suffer it since that moment as on the test will see two cherished stripes, and others – at a later time, when the growing belly and the baby starts to deliver a number of unpleasant sensations.

the risk of insomnia

Reviews about insomnia during pregnancy give an idea the doctors are quite serious about this issue and try to help my patients deal with it as quickly as possible. This is natural, because sachivalya during the night the woman may inadvertently harm herself, performing the simplest of actions, she observed the noticeable lack of energy that is required for the development of the baby, and psychological state gradually becomes more and more oppressed. So if you are familiar with a problem such as insomnia during pregnancy, our article – for you.

Let's Talk about insomnia

If you look at any of the medical directories, we can see that represents the physiological condition of the body. According to this information, insomnia can be called any sleep disorder, expressed in its lack of quality, short duration and problems with immersion in it.


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Insomnia during pregnancy often becomes a constant companion of women, regardless of the timing. At successful coincidence of circumstances it can stop to torment expectant mother itself, but many write that it is the lack of adequate sleep has become their most serious problem for all nine months.

It's Hard to say what to do about insomnia during pregnancy, when you are not familiar with the mechanism of this phenomenon and its types. And this information can be very important, because at every stage of gestation crumbs sleep problems have their understandable reasons. If you are aware of them, you can find several effective ways that will help to alleviate the condition of the pregnant woman and will give her the opportunity to fully relax at night.

Let's try to understand the types of insomnia. During pregnancy this will help you correctly identify the cause of your condition and report them to the doctor, who will select a list of the best recommendations.

Classify insomnia

Doctors insomnia during pregnancy as at any other time, are divided into three types. They are described in medical reference books, where is given the detailed characteristic:

  • Situational;
  • Short;
  • Chronic.

With respect to a pregnant woman each of these classifications has its own rationale and reasons.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, insomnia is most often situational. It occurs after a major emotional outburst, and it can be both positive and to have a negative connotation. Because the hormonal status of a woman expecting a baby is very unstable, any strong emotions instantly deprived her of sleep. Insomnia in this case can last several days or weeks. Usual it runs itself when the impressions gradually fade, and the emotions cease to be so significant. In order to avoid such conditions, the family of the pregnant woman need to protect her from negativity and to surround with care. If it fails to do in full measure, the insomnia in the first trimester of pregnancy you to treat is not necessary.

Short-term sleep disorders are very real physiological causes. For example, on 35 week of pregnancy insomnia can occur due to the turbulent perturbations of the fetus. Also, the disorder manifested as a result of stress, cardiovascular problems, and some medications. Short-term insomnia may last for thirty days, and this is the period during which it is possible to serious harm. The pregnant woman's body is extremely sensitive to lack of sleep, so you should not hide this problem from your doctor. Even two weeks in this mode can be very dangerous for the expectant mother.

Chronic insomnia – the most difficult type of sleep disorder. It rarely occurs in pregnancy. Often the woman suffers from it for many years and in anticipation of the baby insomnia is only getting worse. In this case, the problem requires a serious treatment, but the doctor in female consultation should be corrected. As the drugs taken regularly before conception may be strongly contraindicated for the next nine months.

The dangers of sleeplessness for women who are expecting a baby

It may seem that if the mother and tormented by insomnia, pregnancy is nothing to fear. In fact this is a wrong assumption, because all the dangers of this condition, doctors have long been revealed.

Lack of sleep experts quite often put in one number with such signs of pregnancy, drowsiness and toxicity. Every woman knows that from the moment of conception all the forces of the body directed to its hormonal restructuring. So insomnia during early pregnancy does not allow the expectant mother to relax. The body is forced to work for two wears out twice as fast. Any daily work becomes difficult feasible, the focus falls several times. In the end, the woman may harm herself due to his absentmindedness.

classify insomnia

In addition to physical fatigue, which increases with each new stage of pregnancy, insomnia adds and psychological discomfort. The expectant mother becomes irritable, tearful and prone to depression. She loses control over their actions and are not able to make the right decisions. Especially dangerous is when a woman drives a car or doing something that requires your full attention.

Features of insomnia in pregnant women

What to do about insomnia during pregnancy, we'll tell the readers a little later, and now try to classify the problems of sleep disturbance, which often occurs with mothers-to-be.

Many women are starting kind of sleep disorder. Starting insomnia during pregnancy in the later stages is the most frequent. It is reflected in the fact that the woman could not sleep nights. Expectant mother tossing and turning from side to side, solves a lot of problems, thinks about the upcoming birth and suffering from excessive night activity of the baby. In the later stages women may lie awake until the morning, it prevents a large stomach, and other physiological changes in their body. In the end, to replenish their forces they can't and in the morning feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Other well pregnant fall asleep, but Wake up regularly, which significantly reduces the quality of night rest. To get this type of disorder may at any time: in the first, second and third trimester.

During pregnancy, insomnia may be of a different order. She is that woman wakes up in the morning and can't fall asleep. Thus, leisure is not complete, and the expectant mother will feel most tired.

Psychological causes of insomnia

Each professional is able to name a lot of causes of sleep disorder. Among them are physiological and psychological. There are times when only one reason for depriving the woman of sleep for a long time. And in some cases it is necessary to neutralize a number of causes of insomnia.

The Most common insomnia during pregnancy in the third trimester, and therefore its occurrence reasons are mainly of physiological nature. To them in the first place is an inconvenience due to the large belly. The woman is hard to find a comfortable position for sleep, in search of which she can spend most of the night.

Increase in the size of the uterus and causes nagging pain, they often appear in full in the evening and lasted until dawn. Of course, that sleep in this condition is quite difficult.

Babies often are beginning to behave with the onset of evening twilight. Baby can spin and spin for several hours during which mother will not even try to sleep.

The growth of the abdomen causing stretch marks on the skin. They are accompanied by itching, worse at night. To get rid of it quite difficult, so women long suffer from insomnia.

call a doctor

In the last trimester pregnant women often get heartburn, cramping calf muscles and back pain. All these symptoms do not allow a woman to relax and feel rested in the morning.

Towards the end of pregnancy the baby begins to put pressure on the bladder, so often the expectant mother a few times during the night stands in the bathroom. Not surprisingly, with this periodicity standing from the bed difficult to sleep.

Psychological prerequisites for insomnia

Any woman expecting the birth of a baby, has a lot of reasons for weight loss,...

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