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The homecoming, no matter where he goes and who collects, requires serious preparation and significant costs. As a rule, for one person to master the organization of such a holiday and the preparation for it hard enough.

Now often use the services of agencies, however, the result of professionals ' work does not always meet expectations and may differ from those of the festival, which wanted to make. So the best thing to undertake on their own, preferably in the company of two, three or four people.

Where to begin?

Start preparing the homecoming dance need to determine the number of participants. That is, decide whom to collect – the entire issue one class or group. Whether to invite the teaching staff and from whom it teachers to call. The number of potential participants and guests of the event is dependent on all other moments.

festival Organizers

Next you need to track down all those people who want to collect. It is planned to hold a homecoming dance in high school or have a frat party in the restaurant – wanted by the participants is the most important, a long and arduous preparation phase.

Having found all possible coordinates, people should be charged, or to call and not just send them an invitation. This must be done, because someone will go and someone will want to come not one. To call or need to get in touch with the teachers. We should not exclude parties beforehand, focusing on one's own views. That is, if, for example, the homecoming dance will be held in Moscow, and some of the potential participants live in Vladivostok, it is not necessary to decide that people will not come.


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You Need to specify your preferred times and dates each of those who will attend the evening, including teachers. Also, we should carefully ask about the financial possibilities, that is, to ask what amount the person is ready to provide for the organization of the event.

After these primary stages in the hands of the organizers will be a complete list of guests and participants, containing information about their free time and financial opportunities.

What next?

In the next step should be to determine the place, time, and sample scenario of the evening of the reunion. This is not difficult, on the basis of the estimated budget and number of participants. At this stage in the budget will require a “peep” twice, as in the number of participants.

The First thing is to start thinking through the scenario – the choice of location. If the event is expected over a hundred people, but with the amount of the budget is small, you should rent a cafe or small club with a minimum order on the terms “visitors”. That is, to negotiate with the owners of establishments that people will order drinks and meals. This method will significantly reduce the costs of the institution.

Photographer needed at the festival

Another option – to hold the homecoming party in school or College. But not always such method of organization of the event turns out to be more economical than renting a house. For the full celebration will need to cover the buffet tables, that is, to buy alcohol, food or ready meals. When purchasing products, you will need people who can cook. You will need tablecloths, dishes and more. You will also need to clean up after the holiday. In addition to the cost and hassle of holding the event in the school building has a number of disadvantages, such as the restriction of time and date, the need to move and carry furniture, because the atmosphere is not meant for celebration.

The best option of how to spend the evening meeting of graduates – the combination of attending school or Institute with the party in the restaurant. In the school auditorium or the student audience may go through the official part, a very fun move to a restaurant or café. With this choice, you must first figure out the dates and the hours during which the school will be able to take the event to combine it with preferred by most of the participants of the time limits and to choose a date.

Do Not accord immediately selected number and time of the administration, but agree only partially. We need this in order to find a suitable cafe for the selected time with a school within walking distance. Very inconvenient if the Institute or school located at a large distance from the restaurant. In this situation, some people will not go to the ceremonial part and the other on the fun.

However, at the nearby cafeteria can be occupied by a selected date or clock, but free is another number that is also convenient. Therefore, school should be arranged in advance and only after will be finally selected restaurant.

You can Now start developing the script, again using the guest list and the data about their financial possibilities. This is necessary in order to determine the number of contests with prizes, the menu for the evening which will be booked in advance and other similar moments. The scenario of her high school reunion, which will receive only ten people, even in the option “+1”, will be very different from program activities for twenty classmates and will be nothing like gathering with hundreds of people.

However, they all have the same structure:

  • The official part;
  • Transfer to a restaurant or just a break before the reception;
  • The time;
  • The formal completion;
  • ‘Dogliani”.

At the stage of choosing a scenario in line with the budget and number of guests should not go into the details of the content of each item, and distribute funds. To make it easier, starting from the costs that can be calculated with maximum accuracy, for example, from the ceremonial part. “Dogliani» in the budget at all should be excluded, but if you stay free money, it is quite possible everyone good-bye to present on a thematic cocktail. Very unclear from the point of view of the budget is always a major part of the evening, the one that goes according to the script and implies various contests, sweepstakes and prizes. So it should be left finally and the choice of what to fill to think in terms of how much money is left.

In the end, you get enough detailed financial estimates. It should clearly paint in order when questions of the participants about what they are raising money, don't try to tell the content of the PM, and just send in the messenger or on mail a list of dry figures. It will save your own nerves, and the suspicious classmates discourage the desire to haggle with the collector.

Once the funds are collected, should begin implementation of the plan. With a large number of guests typically requires many different elements and attributes of the holiday. Not worth it to do everything according to the principle of "how will" time and purchases or orders to plan, it is much easier and with a clear schedule, nothing will be forgotten.

How to spend the festive part?

The Contents of the official part depends on how many teachers it will be, and who plans to attend. For example, the rector of the Institute or head of Department, school Director, at the homecoming always make a speech, opening the event. It's a tradition that should be followed. If "high rank" is not, and is present only by the class teacher or several teachers, the right to open the evening and to spend the rest of the ceremonial part of the proceeds to the organizer. No matter who the teachers will be at the event, all attending the homecoming dance teachers, give flowers, and a commemorative letter of thanks.

The official part should not be snug, but too short to do. The optimal time-30-40 minutes. The contents might be:

  • Opening speech or the speech of the Director;
  • Presentation of commemorative diplomas or certificates, but only with a small number of participants, if people more than twenty people, diplomas are issued after completion of the official part at the exit of the hall;
  • The words of the teachers, and once teachers graduate, to give flowers and beautifully decorated “a thank-you paper”, the same applies to the Director or representative of administration;
  • Completion and an invitation to proceed to the restaurant (need to remind you the address and say that he is in the prompt).

If there is a desire from some of the graduates to say something, then do it after the speeches of the teachers and before the final formal part of the speech of the organizer of the festival.

If you have the opportunity to rehearse the ceremonial part, it should be done. Can always be any nuances that distinguish reality from written on paper scenario. The duration of the speeches, the microphone is broken, or the lack of stands under it and other stuff that when planning fails to take into account. They become obvious in rehearsal, and they can be corrected or eliminated.

To Complete the official part can be, not limited to speech. A good option would be the song. On homecoming, in the absence of the school anthem, you can prepare...

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