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Surely you have at least once had to hear about "QIWI wallet". In fact, this payment system is very convenient for making different payments, and payment of services, and to your wallet, you can link a Bank card and pay for its purchase anywhere, as you can quickly top-up card or to transfer funds to your "QIWI wallet". Today we will lead to say about how to register in the "QIWI wallet". Just wanted to mention, as you have to pass registration in your wallet: if you are someone willing for a fee to install, register or somehow activate the "QIWI wallet", you know that it is working the scammers, as the registration on the site is completely free.

Free registration with "QIWI wallet": the first step

how to register QIWI walletThe First thing you should go to the home page of the payment system "QIWI". For this you can use a search engine. We urge you to check the address at which you move and would like to check, as there are currently a large number of phishing sites that just find out your password if you decide to do to recharge. Official website - qiwi.com. On top of the main page you will be able to see the button "Create a wallet" of it for her and you need to click. Check in the "QIWI wallet" will require you mobile phone number and need to enter a verification code, which can be attributed to protective, furthermore, to accept the terms of the offer. The offer is the terms of use and the provision of the service, so we recommend not to hurry and to examine the rules, and if you are satisfied, then you can proceed for further registration.


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free kiwi walletAfter you have entered all the data, but rather the phone number, verification code and agreed with the provided offer, you can proceed with registration, after which your mobile number will be sent a free message, which will contain the password which in the future will be required for authorization. If necessary, you will be able to change the issued password after you log in to your account. Change password you will be able in the settings. To register in the "QIWI wallet" you can also and a mobile device, however, the registration procedure with absolutely no changes.


The next step refers to the authorization directly in the payment system. To do this, go to the main page, and then select the button “Login”. The system asks you to enter your login (your phone number) and password that was sent to you in the message. Your mobile phone will be your wallet in the payment system, to display it you will notice in the middle of the page at the top, where is the state of your balance. register. accountNow how to register in the "QIWI wallet", you already know, as you can see, there is nothing difficult, all actions will not take you more than five minutes. Perhaps in the same place where you set your account, you could notice a small arrow, which is intended for account selection, for example, it may be a Euro or dollar account. Slightly lower after the search string, you will be able to see a menu, in which there are main types of operations: this is a Bank card withdrawal, payment or transfer. If you plan to transfer funds to other wallets "Kiwi", then ask your friends to help them set up accounts, but if they don't know how to register in the "QIWI wallet", you'll be able to help them. The service is advantageous in that, between the accounts there are absolutely no commissions. Of course, if you plan to withdraw funds to a Bank card that is not linked to your account, then the transfer fee will be charged, but in fact it is minimal compared with other payment systems.

New password

register. accountOnce you learned how to register in the "QIWI wallet", we recommend that you replace your password and enable the extra security. All the settings you will be able to produce quickly. Be sure to attach the wallet SMS-authorization, but rather in order to log in to your account, you will need to maintain a verification code, which will come to you on your mobile device.

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Hello I try to set up qiwi account by Vietnamese phone number , then wait to SMS code from operator but it did not come out , what should I do please let me know

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