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For most countries the space race in the last century has represented a great opportunity. Manned space rocket launch to the moon - all this opened up great prospects in the technological, military and economic terms. However, the main States between which turned the rivalry in space, turned out to be only two leading Nations of the world. The Soviet Union made the first series of the victorious achievements, but after the United States took the initiative and managed to put a man on the moon. The moon landing of the Americans was a milestone in the technological achievements of mankind.

Now operates the site Wechoosethemoon. The launch of "Apollo 11" you can see it live. Let's leave the theory about the movie flight to the moon is a bona fide travel to the Earth lovers everywhere to seek an unfair trick, and the machinations of evil enemies, and in the meantime take a small excursion into the history and go back in the not so distant 1969, when Neil Armstrong made the first step on the lunar surface.

wechoosethemoon rocket launch

"Apollo 11" - the story of flight

The First landing on the moon happened the twentieth of July 1969 and the crew of "Apollo 11", the space Shuttle, which was built by the Americans, were three people. In fact, on the lunar surface the two astronauts set foot. The third remained in the Shuttle and oversaw the successful completion of the landing. The very first step on the moon made Neil Armstrong, and this name is now known by virtually the entire civilized society.

Achievements of the lunar program

During the landing of "Apollo 11" astronauts produced a set of soil which were collected and subsequently upsetting the other "Apollo", a total of about 400 pounds. During the manufactured "attacks" the astronauts not only went, but went to the satellite of the Earth on the lunar Rover. After five running the "Apollo" (the latter official was the seventeenth) the space program was curtailed and the Shuttle launch stopped. The official version is that the Americans chose the pressing problems of the economy, and made space exploration has proved too costly. And though the program stopped, but, nevertheless, contemporaries did not consider the fact that studies made at the time and the money allocated for scientific achievements of the time, was a huge basis for the modern world with all its technical "chips". In fact, the rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States served as the basis for the whole modern world has resulted in a technological benefit today.


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rocket launch to the moon

By the Way, about this little known, but the moon has reached the first Soviet ships. And though the person who made the first step on the companion of the Earth - an American, but the first technical probes collected lunar soil, was the Soviet.

Wechoosethemoon - rocket launch to the moon from the site

Now, with the development of the Internet, the Americans have launched a website which allows you to see how was made the launch of "Apollo 11." This website Wechoosethemoon. The launch, which can be seen there in great detail, is made up of many documentary materials. You readily available a variety of "chips" site.

flight to the moon the Americans


The Website Wechhosethemoon the launch allows you to trace interactively. All the functionality consists of eleven reconstructed using computer graphics scenes that can be seen from different camera positions. The first stage - the rocket launch from the spaceport, and the actions of the eleventh - directly to the Moon. All this action is accompanied by the voice of the speaker, made as if through radiotapes. The website has a nice interface, the only slight negative is the rather long loading speed of scenes. Interestingly, in the beginning, while loading of the website and the first scene, you expect the offer to download a certificate in order to show the entire reconstructed film about flying to the moon in schools and educational institutions.

Well, now you know that in the Internet site Wechoosethemoon the launch can be tracked, figuratively speaking, live. It is quite curious. Try, if you wish!

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