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Those who first encountered the "Skotobazu", will be unpleasantly surprised or even outraged - such a repulsive name is referred to as the website, which stores millions of private photos of users "Vkontakte". That hides the resource and is it possible to get access to his database on.

What is "Skotobaza"

The Resource "Skotobaza", which gathered on its servers about 107 million of compromising photographs of users, not innovative. 15 years ago in the "Live Journal" began to publish "for fun" was a bad pictures uploaded by users. "Skotobaza" is focused (Yes, past tense - today website is not found in the search, as it is closed by CPS) for the content of social network "Vkontakte".

Immediately it should be noted: if you have posted a photo album with a lock "Visible only to me" type image "Skotobaze" appear, can not. But if you send the image to the interlocutor, in a closed community, in a photo album visible only to friends or a limited group of people, it is possible that it has been in the domain of this dubious resource.

what is skotobaza

Many found out, what "Skotobaza", used this resource to learn something personal about their friends, enemies, enemies, test your mate. Website, I must say, skillfully profited from careless users who send photos that are too personal to whom it is not necessary and where it is not necessary. For a bribe in the amount of 490 rubles, you can not only permanently remove your photo from the archives of the "cattle farm", but to get any kind of guarantee that you won't tip our hands on this resource.


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"Skotobaza": counterparts

As already mentioned, the website for obvious reasons, was closed. "Skotobaza" tried to recover, moving to other domains, but in vain - they also blocked the access. The "mirror" of the resource is not the same.

skotobaza lock bypass

To some extent the analogue site was a similar resource is "Burned", but he is also no longer functional. The same fate overtook and smaller copy Poiskvk. Of course, if the "surf" in the "Classmates", "Vkontakte", "Instagram", "Facebook", you can find closed groups and communities where users post personal photos and failed his random chat buddies and acquaintances (those once popular group "Hens" and "Cocks" in each city).

Of Course, the resource scope "cattle farm" will not appear instantly - need a lot of time at least in order to accumulate such an archive.

To Bypass the "cattle farm"

Once the resource is closed access, in a network there was a lot of hacking of the "Skotobaza": lock bypass". It is believed that to see a database of photos and hide your IP address, that is the location of your gadget, as the CPS is entitled to block access only to the Russians. You can do this in two simple ways:

  1. Using the browser "Opera", version not older than September 2016. This development is good because it has a VPN - virtual private network, allowing not to advertise the actions of the PC owner, seeks to get to the site "Skotobaza". The bypass is done as follows: go to "Settings" (this can be done by a combination of keys "CTRL+F12"), find "Security" and in her section on "VPN". Activate and try to look for the controversial resource.
  2. Using the sites anonymizers. Press, if necessary, "Hide me" and enter: skotobaza.org. The resource should redirect you to the address. The downside is, and he is the next not so easy on the Internet to find the free anonymizer to get the site archive "Skotobaza".

The Bypass is, in this way, you can quickly run through these operations.

How to use the "Skotobazu"

After Learning about "Skotobazu", many will want to check up whether they or their loved ones and friends on this resource. It is very simple: fill in the box on the home page need the ID of the user "Vkontakte". If it is in this questionable basis, the system will redirect you to its photo archive.

skotobaza bypass

According to some users, then in 2017 to go to "Skotobazu" became impossible, as its creators have removed the resource, which apparently is no longer brings former profit.

How else can you find a photo of the user

Knowing what the "Skotobaza", you'll want to use less questionable to the search of the person and his photo:

  1. System "Yandex.People": enter the search engine name.
  2. The Service Find Face: people search conducted on the photos, the system recognizes a face in an image and offers profiles of similar people in social networks.
  3. Search by image in Google (right click mouse on the photo - "Search a picture in Google): the system will search for a similar image not only in social networks but also across Networks. If there is no photo in the network, then drag its icon into the browser window and start a search.
  4. Similarly, you can use "Search by picture" of "Yandex": click on the camera icon near the main line.
  5. Intelligent search system "Nigma.Ru", use the results and "Google" and "Yandex".

skotobaza analogues

What is the "Skotobaza" in a nutshell - controversial resource, has accumulated a large collection of private photos of users "VC." If you want to find a person or photo in the Network, much moreit is advisable to use for this permitted the search engines.

Article in other languages:

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ZH: https://tostpost.com/zh/internet/7342-skotobaza.html

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