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A well-known site "Classmates". This social network was born in 2006. And the following year entered the top ten Runet Award. "Classmates" today – the most popular social to change password in Odnoklassniki

Well, that's understandable. A great opportunity to communicate with distant relatives, you can see his old friends, learn how they live. And how much joy from the fact that there were best friend in high school. There is an opportunity to remember the past, to see what a classmate has now become, to know what he's doing. And their achievements is not a sin to boast. classmates website loginIn General that is created "Classmates". The website, the entrance to which is open to absolutely everyone, used in Russia and in other countries. To create your page, you need to pass free registration.

I Completed the registration, post your pictures, do search for people. You can join interest groups and chat, you can create your own group. Everything is provided there to get the pleasure of communicating. Is that someone by mistake dials instead of the word "classmates" - "classmates" to enter the site anyway, no problem. Enough to make a bookmark in your browser, and every time you will open your page.classmates login

I would like to tell about unpleasant moments. Namely about how to change the password in the "Classmates". The reasons for such action several. The most important of them – the hacking page. The page hacked and start sending out on your behalf a variety of spam and obscene character, can do you add any groups or communities. To avoid this, create a complex password. How to change the password? In "Schoolmates" it is very simple.


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On your page, under the photo look for the word “More”, click on it and choose the section “Change settings”. A new window appears in which you find the word “Password” and click on it. You will be presented with a data change. In the column "Current password" specify the old password option, in the column "New password" enter a new, more complex, and repeat it in the next column. Click on the word “Save” and it's done. You to protect themselves for some time. Why for some? Because of hacking attempts will be repeated. Suggest a certain time to change their data security. How to change the password in the "Classmates" now you FacebookThere are times when you just forgot your password, or your page was blocked. To restore data or modify them, you need to use e-mail. Therefore, creating a page, be sure to include his email address. Open the main page and find the line “Forgot password or login?”, it is next to the word “Login”. Click on the line, and in the appeared window enter the email address, then enter code from the image and click “Continue”. On your mail will receive a letter with the code. Enter this code on the next page. You can then enter a new password. By the way, for the whole of the procedure and your phone number. Only it is necessary to specify on the page. I hope that now you understand the question of how to change the password in the "Classmates".

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