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Before you can answer the question about why we need bitcoin, you must know what it is. Bitcoin – innovative e-currency which is rapidly gaining popularity in the society. Every day more and more people know about this kind of earnings, as mining cryptocurrency. However, not all fully understand what are bitcoins and why they are needed. Let's try to understand this issue and try to understand where did this demand for the digital currency.

why bitcoin

Where you can pay with bitcoin?

If you are going to become a professional miner, you should understand that in Russia you cannot legally accept cryptocurrency. For example, if you want to purchase a car, real estate, or just a mug of hot coffee, you'll have to pay off the national currency – ruble. Neither the seller you will not be able to issue a check in if you are going to pay by bitcoin, since it violates the existing legislation. However, don't prematurely abandon bitcoin mining because by the end of 2017, the situation may change for the better. The state Duma, with the direct participation of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank is already working on a bill that will control existing types of cryptocurrency and will allow everyone to make trades using digital money.

Hence the logical question is why we need bitcoin, if today is anything to buy? You can buy, but only on the black market. All transactions take place fairly quickly, safely and anonymously. You will be able without any fee to pay for almost any product in the Internet or go on one of the resources which offers the cryptocurrency exchanges on familiar to most people, the money, such as euros, dollars or rubles.

Where does cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin – a result, complex computer calculations. Daily bitcoins is becoming more and more that complicate computational processes and increase time processing. The emission is constantly decreasing, and in 2021 it will be equal to zero. Limited amount and complexity when mining cryptocurrency leads to the fact that the value of bitcoin is constantly growing. This has increased interest in this currency.


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bitcoin exchange rate against the ruble

Why you need bitcoins and who buys them?

As a rule, buying electronic currency interested citizens of the Eastern countries and Europeans. For example, in Germany you can legally buy a property paying the seller bitcoins. In Japan you can have good dinner in the restaurant by paying the bill with cryptocurrency. It is very convenient, do not need to have a large amount of time and lose a lot of interest for the committed transaction.

However, not all so in a hurry to spend their savings, which are stored in the form of digital currency. Most holders of bitcoins who buy coins from miners, deep down I hope that the rate will suddenly go up and there will be an opportunity to sell the cryptocurrency. This is one of the ways how to earn using bitcoin. Thus, many of those who bought the digital currency as soon as it began to gain popularity, could make a fortune.

How to withdraw digital currency?

Before you can mine cryptocurrency, you need to know how to withdraw bitcoins. For this purpose there are special wallets. They can create an unlimited number of addresses to which transfers some bitcoin, in our case – bitcoin.

what are bitcoins and why are they needed

In order to make a transaction, for example, to buy bitcoins, let the seller of digital coins the address of your wallet. As soon as the bill will come admission, the system will notify you about it. Now we know why you need a bitcoin wallet. Let's see how to create it on the official website.

How to get a wallet?

Most beginning miners spend a lot of time on various resources, seeking information about how to create on the computer a bitcoin wallet. There is nothing complicated. Enough to go to the official website and download the casino client. This method is the safest. Wallet installed on your computer, you can how to withdraw bitcoins and store them (to accumulate).

It is Also worth considering the fact that when you install the wallet from the official site, you must have access to the Internet, as it downloads the information about all executed transactions. Available hard disk space must be at least 100 GB.

How to get a bitcoin?

price of bitcoin

Become a happy owner of bitcoin in several ways:

  • Mining.
  • Purchase with it.
  • Exchange.
  • The Exchange.

Most people who know what the bitcoin is and how to turn it into a source of income, use online exchangers. However, you should take into account the fact that exchange each one offers their own conditions for the transaction. You need to carefully examine all available information, not to run into exorbitant Commission that inventive entrepreneurs camouflage for an attractive rate. As a rule, many exchangers offerbitcoin up to $ 5,000, although the actual bitcoin exchange rate to the ruble – 1:228000.

You Can mine digital currency, using the power of your computer. This is called – mining. As a rule, in order to increase the speed of mining, are so-called farms, which are equipped with several powerful graphics cards, allowing for a greater number of calculations per second. According to unofficial statistics, productive farm able to pay for itself within a year, maybe sooner, because the bitcoin exchange rate against the ruble is growing.

how to withdraw bitcoins

Reliable and the easiest way – to buy bitcoin on one of the largest exchanges. But to make such a transaction with a credit card will be problematic. To date, all banking institutions under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, have extremely negative attitude to transactions of this kind. None of the risk management Department do not want to mess with the «gray» currency, so they prefer to block such financial transactions, the number of which in recent times has increased dramatically, as people become more knowledgeable and know why you need the bitcoins.

Reliable protection

The Most common payment method in online stores – credit card. However, you should consider the fact that when created “credit”, no one even imagined that there will be the Internet, and especially the fact that it will be a financial transaction. That is why credit cards can not be called reliable. Buying an item and leaving with personal information, you risk losing control of their funds in the Bank account.

Despite the relatively high cost of the bitcoin transaction in this currency does not involve disclosure of personal data. All you have to do – to enter a public and private account. A public account can know many people, including the person with whom you deal. However, private – known only to you. Only in the interaction of these two keys, you receive the opportunity to sign a check and make a transfer.

No inflation

The Most common problem faced by all world currencies – inflation. It occurs when the economy is in a critical condition and to maintain it is necessary to pour new money. As soon as the state launches its typewriter, then comes inflation. Such measures lead to the fact that the currency loses its value exactly as much interest, as it was released new Bank notes.

Bitcoin is protected from such negative phenomena, as the number of coins that can be created is strictly limited. According to official data, the maximum number of bitcoins – 21 million coins that will be produced in 2021.


why you need bitcoins and who buys

Sometimes people will strive to ensure that no one would know about a particular purchase. Using to calculate cryptocurrency you can safely hide your personal data. Despite the fact that the information about your wallet and how much bitcoin it is available to anyone, no one will know the real name of the owner. The payment system does not oblige users to enter personal information when you register.


Keeping your money in the Bank, you demonstrate your trust this financial institution. However, as practice shows, you can only trust yourself, as any Bank shall have full right to dispose of the available deposited funds at their own discretion. Often there are situations when you require a substantial sum of money, but you can't get from any ATM or in the office. The procedure of cash intended delay, to gain time.

If you have bitcoins, you truly independent from any brokers. Your funds are always available and you can at any time spend them at its discretion.


Unlike other payment systems, bitcoin wallet will never deny you access to personal funds. Consider, for example, to Yandex, which may at any moment find that you are wrong to spend money or limit your functionality, explaining that the security service doubts that the purse disposed of by the owner. In this case, you will have all kinds of ways to identify yourself, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Further benefits of cryptocurrency

The great advantage of the use of bitcoin in the calculation of – speed. Unlike banking services, when payment of the cheque or at the time of transfer have to wait a few days before the money arrives to the account, the cryptocurrency comes to balance almost instantly.

why you need a bitcoin wallet

The Minimum fee, or complete lack thereof. People making transactions using a credit or debit card, constantly pay a certain percentage of the amount for the Bank's services. Using bitcoin as unit of account, the Board almost never requires, except in certain cases.


Now you not only know what bitcoins are and why they are needed, but also understand the principle of operation of the system, as well as familiarized themselves with the basic ways of earnings on the cryptocurrency. Tounfortunately, no one will give you the guarantee of success of this digital currency even in the near future, so I will review the possible risks and then invest personal savings.

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