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“Where are we going to do Talia?” asked their Highness (movie of Baron Munchausen), but asked myself, for itself and answered. The framework is always good, especially when it's from a notable developer: as bootstrap from twitter, foundation from zurb, or as the cherry tree on the forehead of the deer, carefully planted by the Baron.

All CSS frameworks is good and practical. The fact that a known entity regained its value and moved to another path on the same vertices, said that the question - where do the waist - not yet found its final solution, and remains the pinnacle of what has not yet managed to conquer.

Past and present

Adaptive web design: browsers and devices

The Internet is available everywhere and always, but only through the browser. Only with a specific electronic platform. All other options lie outside of the visual interface. The browser is operating within the limits of a particular e-platform: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. There are other options, but these are most often used.

CSS frameworks

At a time when “sway” IE, who from birth had absolute domination, and the competition was initially close, was efforts to standardize.

As the process of production of computer equipment and mobile devices, it is impossible to control, and the development of browsers all the time moving in a democratic direction: controlled all by itself, there is natural difference and difficulty for developers. Internet space does not accept any of the farms or communities, or kibbutzim. And besides, all community of fans and followers of certain tools continuously migrate into each other, disappear and reappear.


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Of Course, when there is a need to create content for the Internet, you need a more or less solid Foundation, not shaky reliance on the always shifting sand of information technology. The terms "adaptive", "rubber", "cross-browser" and so forth came as the tag, as a symbol of that will work is not in vain that it will look the same and perform its function on any device in any browser.

a CSS framework Bootstrap

CSS-framework Bootstrap

The Meaning and purpose of this product to facilitate the programmer's work. It is believed that he was one of the first places among the most advanced and worthy of attention. Having in its composition:

  • Grid column, the units;
  • Templates, fixed, rubber, and others;
  • Graphics, fonts and their descriptions;
  • Media management pictures and movies;
  • Tables, normal clearance, sorting, new functionality;
  • Forms design and input fields, related events, names;
  • Navigation, tabs, tabs, pages, menu panel;
  • Alerts, dialog boxes, tooltips, floating elements.

This framework declares more creative freedom for the programmer who enjoys this wonderful experience of Twitter. All this is fine, important and interesting, but it is necessary to carefully study before the stated opportunities will become available to the developer.

Bootstrap, his followers and competitors

Essentially all frameworks - HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a well - known trio, in various combinations. Each developer makes different the complexity of understanding and requires a certain amount of time to master. But, as you may divide the procedure of web development the front end and bask end, one and all: from the common verbal husks, eclipsing only the mind of the customer (and then only temporarily), there is always a happy ending - real life, real task and responsibility of her decision.

frameworks html css

Indeed, the developer, armed with Bootstrap, Foundation, Kube, Semantic UI, Uikit, UniCSS, Maxmertkit, ... may work on the formula of 10/12 instead of formula 1`000/100`000 (handmade) + Factor “PI”. Figuratively speaking, CSS frameworks save development time project infinity or a large number of clocks (handmade), up to 10-12 hours on any project.

Remembering that before you lay an egg, even chicken will have diarrhea with it, you can assume that Time difference of the development of nowhere can disappear, she leaves the study framework, the choice of which to take, and a lot of other temporary spending, far from the development process.

Experienced developer would agree that even during the day, it is impossible to make a decent website. The human intellect works faster than any computer, but the conscious part of it - very slowly and carefully weighs everything before making even a very simple solution. The quantity and quality of used modern tools absolutely nothing and says absolutely nothing guaranteed.

The Modern website is not a set of pages demonstrating responsive layout. Care of any site is not to show how clever the developer, and what are the best CSS frameworks have in his Arsenal, and in order to fulfill the functionality required by the customer.

Adaptability in in fact in fact

The Task requires a solution - it is an inviolable rule. Develop a framework of adaptability and cross-browser compliant, dissertations on rubber layout with the analytical tabs for different “types” of rubber - lessoninteresting, but no more. Adaptive frameworks CSS, HTML, JS perspective, but it depends on the context in which to consider this prospect.

There is an understanding of the required functionality. There is certainty that the resource needs to work on the computer and on the smartphone. But this does not mean that the task of the adaptive layout more important task of implementation of the functionality.

I can't expect a horse and pony one and the same: pull the same strap with the same success. It makes no sense to carry the potatoes even on the plane (flying machine, very popular in the era of developed socialism), when from the field to storage on the doorstep. There's even the same pony one could manage.

The Term "adaptive" in the native sense of the word does not mean a mandatory need something something to do as he had done before, in a different place or under different circumstances. There is a task and its functionality, there are a variety of platforms and devices on which this functionality should work. If the goal of equivalence of processes, design and dialogue - this is a real utopia, if the goal in solving the problem is quite another matter.

A Historic moment and the future

Programmers are developing very quickly, and exponentially, is the specificity of the profession. The idea of the programmer is always faster than any computer, because separating the interface from the code, it was decided intuitively since the dawn of the information civilization. But to separate a little, you have the right to know where is the right edge.

These three things (interface, code, face) only part of the overall information of the entity. There is more data and the problem of their presentation. It is only at first glance it may seem that the data and CSS-frameworks are not interconnected. In fact, the idea always is determined not only code, but also the fact that he handles and how he does it, first of all, at the time.

Best CSS frameworks

Deciding to use a CSS framework, choose one or the other, estimating the time required to learn and comparing it with what is required to solve the problem, we need to understand the important not the framework, but only the fact that the problem posed in the past, has regained importance. It is important to understand in which direction the development of the problem and its solution.

About tips, guides, and evaluation of plans

In reality, understanding the question, who to trust and who not, who should give advice and who should not, the problem never occurs. But in virtual space there are serious difficulties.

All programmers (especially those of the team) and the accumulation of experience. This experience in one way or another and has its own framework. Before you take on trust a stranger, even a very popular and wonderful, you need to put yourself in the position of the researcher, but not a follower.

Responsive CSS frameworks

The Experience of colleagues is never a fundamental basis for work, especially in such a dynamic field as informacionnaja, but a good incentive to develop their own knowledge and experience.

Even if not destined to achieve something, nothing prevents to learn from others. In any event, my own experience and the experience of colleagues with a degree is better than my own personal experiences, and plans for this will be by far more promising and real.

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