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Hard to argue with the fact that today calculations have become quicker, easier and much more comfortable than before. Transfer any money in the distance instantly without paying huge commissions.

Contributes to this state of Affairs is the development of several dozens of payment systems offering their services. One of these is the Robokassa service through which you can pay for most services remotely. As evidenced by the feedback on the payment system Robokassa from the average customer, with this service you can add money to your wallet e-currency or account in the e-shop is very simple, just a couple of clicks. Cost of service (Commission) is minimal.

What is Robokassa?


Formally it is a site which contains various options for payment of certain services. The founders of the companies just have agreements with other popular projects, receiving funds from users. In order to cooperate directly with any service, Robokassa offers its client to pay through it, quickly and simply.

After today there is not only a popular web site Robokassa, through which a huge flow of users, but a network of real terminals, standing on the streets. Why, for example, to go to the office to make a payment or to the Bank, and there to wait in line if you can just use the website or terminal, and your money will be instantly delivered to you?

How to pay via Robokassa?

Making a payment through the system is very simple, as reported by the reviews. “Just” constantly improves its functioning, allowing to pay for the services you use online or real life, is very simple.


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In the terminal Robokassa system are presented in the form of a grid, which consists of labels of the sites and services that are available for payment. Together, they visually divided into some categories (banks, online-games, selling tickets and so on). After the person selects one of these services by clicking on its icon, it sees a window with the requirement to enter data. Most often, these are the fields that need to be filled to identify the user, roughly speaking, to find out what he pays. Of course, you should know these figures (the number of your account or order).

After payment is done directly via “Just” (user feedback system to confirm this). The client is transferred to a special form with the requirement to specify the amount by which the payment will be made, or just to start making money (if we are talking about the terminal on the street). So the device itself can determine how much money wants to make the client.

After these procedures takes a little time - and your funds will be successfully credited to your specified service.

How to receive payments?

pay via ROBOKASSA reviews

Of Course, convenience in work with the system, you feel not only customers purchasing services and companies that sell them. After all, Robokassa allows you to quickly and conveniently get the money that entered your customer, not bothering to various technical nuances of reception of payments and the peculiarities of its implementation.

Of Course, the work platform may not be free, the service will charge a certain amount from the total payment. But as evidenced by reviews, “Just” is an effective tool to conduct online business. And when you consider the number of companies, including large ones, which have already joined the site, we can confidently say about comfortable work with the system.

The system

Of Course, before starting work, before you will be accepted payment via “Just”, customer feedback and information on the official website will tell you about some of the conditions imposed by this service.

feedback about the payment system robokassa

For Example, he basically makes the payment exclusively in rubles (for Internet-shops of Russia). Whereas when working with other services (including from the CIS, or other), “Just” makes an exception.

In Addition to this caveat, it should take into consideration a number of technical issues that are very important for all stores and websites that accept payment. According to the reviews, “Just” connected with code and script that will be posted on the site with services. This means that you need to properly install such a mechanism, set it up and check to be sure that the payments are made successfully, and the client may give you their money. If you do not understand yourself, it is recommended to turn to professionals.

Capabilities of the system Robokassa for buyers

As already noted, a key feature of the system are the available methods of payment for services the majority of services operating in the domestic market. This means that if you use the services of a company, you don't need to strain to go to the Bank for payment by Bank transfer. And even more is to visit this company with the goal to give them money. Just go to the terminal on the street (those with the icon system “Just”, feedback will not lie, quite a lot in all cities of our country - more than 100 thousand) and Deposit funds. And you can be sure that they have already reached the wallet of the seller.

robokassa ROBOKASSA customer reviews

The same applies to online payments. On the website of Robokassa (“Just”), customer reviews confirm this, you can choose one of many payment methods. That gives you the opportunity to pay regardless of what currency you have. Striking example of a highly convenient payments is the company's cooperation with China Aliexpress store, where tens of thousands of users from our country every day making purchases at the most favorable prices. Without the help of “ROBOKASSA” to achieve this would be difficult.

complaint ROBOKASSA

Available payment methods

In order to create maximum comfort for your client, Robokassa offers a variety of payment methods to choose from. Namely, with the account of the mobile operator, any of the available online currency, Internet banking, via credit card. To be more precise, it is only, as noted the reviews about ‘the Payment system Robokassa" of such methods of payment than 40. Most importantly, they are constantly being added. Using each of these methods, you can pay your seller without the problems associated with the conversion.


Of Course, “Just” not ideal, even though a lot of its benefits and the comfort that it gives to its customers. Because of some unknown circumstances or because of human error or a vendor payment may arrive with a delay or may not be credited at all. It allowed the possibility of some third-party error on the server, from which nobody is insured.

In such cases, to worry about what the client's money will be lost or sent to another account, not worth it. According to these facts created the complaint, “Just” sees it in the shortest time. Then the problem is resolved and the money is credited to the correct account or return to the sender. Due to the fact that today, every transaction can be easily monitored online, losing money is almost impossible.

The prospects of easy payment

To learn about all the facilities of the system, we recommend you to study reviews. “Just”, according to many users (clients and sellers), maintains a fairly high level of service that they are entirely satisfied. Most of the clients also stressed that they did not expect such speed and ease of payment remotely than was pleasantly surprised.

review on the payment system robokassa

However, since technology does not stand still, we should expect further development and scope of remote payments. Perhaps the company will introduce an innovative payment mechanism “bancontact” or “one click”, by which to pay off the debts much faster and easier than it is now. In the meantime, we can leave about the service “Just” reviews, in order to convey our opinion to the developers and in parallel to assure other people that the system is absolutely safe, simple and it should use!


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