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Content marketing – for the target audience interesting presentation of fascinating and useful information. Modest is more beneficial (mostly advertising and very concealed, while content marketing goes together with crowd-marketing).content marketing is a

Content marketing – is a well-formed message that is distributed and designed to attract visitors with bright flow, a structured argument.

What is it?

This is the content and work with it. And then — with SMM and SEO.

SEO professionals without any content will be to optimize absolutely nothing. How SEO works? There is the visible area of the page — an article, video, photo — all content. There is also a hidden area — metadata assisting search engines to index the page. In addition, each link, each keyword in the text — is a small hint making people way to your specific content.

Tweets and newsletters, a brief description and three-dimensional landing of goods in various online stores — these are separate pieces of content. The content marketing – some work with any content that helps you meet your goals. While we all have different goals. Someone wants to increase their brand awareness, the second — to demonstrate their own expertise. Some seek to attract new customers, second thinking about how to keep still. Different purposes — hundreds. And the main part from them allows to solve the well-created content.

In this article we will discuss content marketing, the new methods of attracting customers.

content marketing and rock n roll

What business is content marketing?

In fashion Today content marketing. However, many apply it not solved — is too vague and unobvious advantages. Definitely want to see the firm valued clients, while how can this be achieved? The purpose it looks very abstract, but how to achieve tangible results? Take a look at what content marketing. Promotion of the company with it is now becoming increasingly popular.


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Brand Awareness

Let's Start with the fact that once you've created the content, people have, anything to talk about, start discussion, not only content, but also the whole company who created it. So the people exchange links, exchange experiences, they would form their opinion about a particular firm. Word of mouth — it's a great strategy for content marketing.

Trust and reputation

It is worth to specify that to win the trust — not an easy task. This takes time. At the same time when you their competence to prove, to you would go much more often. People believe experts. Be it: content marketing (book it now is available for sale in any store) helps to earn a reputation as a real expert. The main thing in this — the emphasis is on quality and not on volume: one good post a week is much better than 7 mediocre.

content marketing new methods of attracting customers

Sites that generate tons of content at the same time as not caring in abundance. To be like them is not worth it. Do not force your readers to dig in the dump of texts of dubious quality to get unverified information. Man needs the website to whom they can absolutely trust. They should be your resource.

Trust is a staircase leading from content to services of the company.

Implicit conversion

A Correctly formatted content-marketing, new methods which are presented in this article allows to attract the necessary audience, in addition, reduces the distance between your product and people. If a person articles arouse interest, he will also be interested in your services. Main — focus on your reader, the person you need. Otherwise you can run into a rake, once known as “Megaplan”.

“Megaplan” launched a newsletter in autumn 2012. She scored during the half year 100,000 subscribers. This is a great example of content marketing: a truly useful and quality articles — and zero advertising. While the distribution of commercial potential was not. According to its former editor of Maxim Olahova, it turned out to be an unprofitable project. And Mikhail Smolyanov, SEO specialist « "Megaplan" ”, said that 100,000 subscribers — it's good but not good enough.

The Mailing list became popular, it was not aimed at the right audience. First letters — sales, management, business — was addressed to entrepreneurs. However, all other — about thinking, psychology, personal effectiveness — solely to employees. While employees — absolutely not the people that will begin to implement a similar system of business management.

content marketing promotion

This distribution with the product was not connected. And if you plan to run content marketing — you need to take this into account.

The more interesting content marketing? Stelzner, the author of a book about new technologies for managing them, says that it is not necessary to create content of interest to all. It is important that the larger the audience, the wider the coverage, you know that you these people need?Let you are not read by 100,000, and only 5,000 — but it will be your target audience. People can become over time your regular customers.

Increase traffic

Proper management of content marketing is impossible without it. Well-organized content enhances traffic and it is inevitable. The more fascinating the content is published on your site, the more people you attract. And they know who you are and what services are offered.

SEO promotion

Considering methods of content marketing, it should be noted that without content SEO does not make sense. The more popular your content, the more often refer to it and the fact it stands higher in the search engine results. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In addition, the search engines scan it and include in their own database. Then, when people create a query that builds the index. It your page takes a specific position. The more your content matches the query, the higher is the page to be in the results.

Quality content attracts traffic. Examples can cause a huge amount. They all lead to one. Without SEO the content makes no sense.

Video conversion

Nothing convinces people as much as a faithful description of the service or product. This is stated in the book “Content, marketing and rock-n-roll" (D. Kaplunov). If customers will note that you are unusual — they will be attracted to you. Important: “correct” — meaning well done and aimed at your target audience, relevant, interesting and clear.content marketing new methods

The Principle of a flywheel

It is not necessary to think that this all will happen very quickly, as also mentioned in the book “Content, marketing and rock-n-roll”. D. Kaplunov, the author, says that it is always a very long voyage. Achieve quick goals, he is absolutely useless. If you think that you should start a blog, and a month later you go the crowd of customers, and organic traffic will grow significantly — you are sorely mistaken.

This type of marketing works like a flywheel. In order to run it, it will require effort. You are pushing the flywheel, the energy spent to accelerate the wheel — but only after it takes off, it begins itself to produce energy. Please be patient enough — eventually everything comes. Content marketing is not a panacea, these results are not instant. If traffic the next day remained at the same level, this does not mean that the content is not working. Wait, at the same time continue to do things the previously compiled plan.

Without a team and budget

From content marketing to give up, if you have little or no money, while the team only 2 people, it is not necessary. Of course, if not enough capacity, all the time to generate good content, you just physically can't. In this case, focus on the content.

Here are the examples of search algorithms of Google. It all started with the little material that the author created for his own needs. While it has evolved… you know what. Today, anyone who wants to know about the changes of the algorithms of Google, it appears on this page. She 2011 scored 1700000 hits. And all this with a small budget for further promotion. And with a little effort: the author of the material is deposited bit by bit, with fixed only.

On the reverse side, with a small capacity you quality material to fight intensively and carefully plan your goals. It is worth noting that it is better less, but better.strategy content marketing

How to convince a client or boss that they need it?

The Content is certainly king, but the people who produce it, often trying too hard to convince everyone of the value of such marketing. The reason is simple: the most popular type of content (guides, articles, videos, newsletters, webinars) belong to the top of the sales, to the stage, which is a few steps from the conversion.

This content helps you find people. You even for love or remember. You are able to gain a large audience. While educational content — the stage is not final and the sales it brings rarely. There are more conversion its varieties. The efficiency and value of his check hard, and, therefore, to explain to the boss or client what is the beauty of this marketing can be difficult.


Initially — tell them about the benefits:

  1. Time experience.
  2. A Long-term relationship with the audience. Thus, you establish trust with the people who will come back to you.
  3. Speaking about the merits, be completely honest. Unrealistic promises don't do. Build the right expectations. Interested in creating an image? The increase in the audience? The increased visibility? All this will be. Just be careful. This kind of marketing is the first phase of sales, the period of raising awareness, when a customer only remembers and learns company. Therefore, it is foolish to think that buyers would flock crowd to your shop if you will read 2-3 post in the blog. It is necessary that the chief knew it well.
  4. Run the flywheel, allowing you to achieve the desired marketing objectives.

Many of the content marketing refuse, because they believe that they have very specific business and people will be talking aboutthe cement plant is not interesting to read, as well as about production of mineral fertilizers or matches. But that — absolute nonsense.

It is Important how, not what. It's not about what you say, but how you do it. The question is the right strategy. In the case if you engage in content marketing correctly, the customers will be interested to know about anything. Including, matches and cement.

Talk the language of numbers

Despite the fact that content marketing is on top of sales, this does not mean that others cannot be persuaded of its true value. . Just have to build a complex method of calculations — one that will demonstrate how content leads to conversions.

Will help Us in this "Google Analytics". It will use a model of multi-channel sequences. You will need to properly configure Analytics – it will begin to track all points of interaction right before the conversion.

What does it all mean?

If a user on your website has passed through social networks, they receive intelligence of the conditional score. If the blog post read, the same score gets already blog. After will need you to perform, what kind of role plays in sales each used channel. And to make conclusions based on this.

Now you only need to know one thing: everything can be measured, including content marketing. Thus, you will have the numbers to justify how the content will be profitable.methods of content marketing

Show competitors

“all our competitors are using content marketing in full”, “do It all” — this is a rather strange argument. If you need to convince someone that he is needed and useful, then all good. Show the competitors that do this. Thus get ready that you will say: «Do the same”. Only no need to rush: for content marketing up — it's always a losing strategy.

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