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Sergey Konkov Russian professional ice hockey player who plays on the wing. Currently playing for the club "Siberia" (Novosibirsk) KHL (Continental Hockey League). From sporting achievements Konkova are the following: silver in the championship of Russia in 2008, twice the championship of the tournament the Cup (in 2012 and 2013, also on this tournament he won silver in 2009), champion of the Russian championship KHL in 2012 and 2013. The assets of sporting achievements hockey player Sergei Konkov also have such awards as the Cup of the mayor of Moscow (2012) and Cup Opening (2012).

What other clubs played S. A. Skates?

For his entire professional career, the athlete changed eight clubs, including: "wings of the Soviets" (Moscow), "CSKA" (Moscow), "CSKA" (Moscow), "the Hammer-Prikamye" (Perm), "Neftekhimik" (Nizhnekamsk), "the locomotive" (Yaroslavl), "Dynamo MSK" (Moscow) and "Siberia" (Novosibirsk).

The Most successful and remarkable career of trophies was at the club "Dynamo MSK".

Sergei Konkov

Sports biography of the hockey player Sergey Konkov

Sergei Konkov was born on 30 may 1982 in the city of Moscow. Childhood was a very lively and active child, always tried to the yard to play football or volleyball. At the age of five Sergei saw on TV, like playing hockey. Interest and surprise there was no limit, because before him no one told me that there is such a sport where on the ice chasing the puck from gate to gate. Soon, the boy asks his parents to buy him skates, so he learned to go on the ice.


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The son's Desire was fulfilled, and after several years he enrolled in a section of hockey. For several years, showed good speed, positional orientation, remarkable accuracy, and high strength (wrestling body, balance, etc.). In the end, the Skate was noticed by the coaches of the Moscow club "Wings of Soviets" and, accordingly, invited in their composition. Here he played for the farm team (reserve; the 3rd composition) and showed good results. Professional career began in 1999 when he joined the Foundation of the club "Wings of Soviets."

First transfer transitions

The Next season was marked by the transition of Sergey to the team "CSKA", which played in the Higher hockey League. Here he played for three seasons. His statistics for this period were as follows: 56 points in 131-m the held match. In the season 2002/2003 Skates has moved into the legendary "CSKA", but has only been here two games and signed a transfer agreement with a new club "the Hammer-Prikamye" (Perm).

Sergei Konkov

In 2003, Sergey Konkov (see photo above) signed a contract with the club "Neftekhimik" from Nizhnekamsk (Republic of Tatarstan). Here he became almost the most important player on the team playing up to 2007. During this time the Skates managed to score 83 points in 214 games. Sergei was a non-team player (excluding injuries), who scored in almost every match.

In April 2007, the striker has signed a contract with Yaroslavl "Locomotive" with which they win silver in the super League and after the championship of the Continental Hockey League. In the club Skates spent 174 games in which he managed to score 83 points. In early 2010, the fans and the fans of the hockey community was shocked about the fact that Sergei Skates away from the "Locomotive". The club has considered necessary to return the player back to the Nizhnekamsk "Neftekhimik" in exchange for a Central striker Konstantin Makarov.

Return to the club "Neftekhimik"

Returning to the composition of the Nizhnekamsk club, he kept pounding the puck in the opponent and quickly re-gained credibility of the leader of the team (81-m held the match earned 48 points). Here, however, he played until may 2011, then signed a two-year agreement with the Moscow hockey club "Dynamo". However, the story with "Neftekhimik" is not the end. Skates will be back in the city in 2016 and will play one more season.

hockey player Sergei Konkov

Transition to the Moscow "Dynamo"

As part of the "cops" Sergey Konkov has twice achieved success in the Cup of Gagarin – winning in 2012 and 2013. The first season in "Dynamo" conducted brilliantly and was considered the best players in the offensive line – 27 points in 47 games. However, the following season his role in the team slightly changed: striker mostly stayed in reserve, because of poor performance of the game. In 23 matches, the striker has earned only 2 points, which is too little for a professional level. Under the playoffs of the regular seasons Skate was more useful – 6 points in 20 games.

Playing for Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

In 2013 Sergey moved into a well known club "the locomotive" from Yaroslavl. Here he already played in the period from 2007 to 2010 and was held in high esteem and authority. However, the upcoming season in the "locomotive" forward Sergei Konkov held, frankly, bad – 9 points in 27 games. Despite this misfire, quickly rehabilitated in the matches of the series play-off against Dynamo (Moscow), which recently played. In this game Skates scored scored two goals and became the hero of the match. Sensational victory "Loko" knocked out "cops" from the tournament, which was a two-time Gagarin Cup holders.

The Following team in the tournament was "SKA", where Sergei Konkov netted three goals, securing a crushing victory to his club. Such triumphs, by far, is poured into the life of a talented, napadayuschego bright colors. He still has much ahead, he definitely still has something to show off on the ice. As events will develop, only time will tell, but at the present time we can safely assure you that this player is capable of much.

Sergey Skates hockey player

Performances of a hockey player Sergey Konkov at the international level

For the national team of Russia on hockey Skates performed in the framework of the Euro tour tournament in the 2006/2007 season. This annual international tournament was first held in 1996 as a preliminary preparation for the upcoming winter Olympic games. The Euro tour was attended by four States: Russia, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic. Here the striker has managed to earn 5 points in 9 games.

Sergei Konkov photo

Unfortunately, due to the large competition S. A. Konkov in the national team is no longer called. Of his career the player has played more than 370 games in the NHL (76 goals scored), more than 690 (155 goals scored), including the rest of the League.


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