Edible and non-edible mushrooms: nutritional value


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In our country there are many species of fungi, some of them many people never even heard of. But fans of “passive hunting" hunting should be careful, because among a huge number of many types - edible and poisonous mushrooms. fungi classificationThe Classification may be based on structure and nutritional value. In this article we systematize the mushrooms based on their nutritional and taste properties.

Classification of mushrooms

All the mushrooms on the food properties can be divided into three main groups: edible, conditionally edible and inedible (poisonous).

Edible mushrooms, depending on what taste they have, are divided further into 4 categories. Conditionally edible can contain harmful substances, but they are not forbidden to use for cooking after processing (soaking, cooking). And poisonous mushrooms should not be eaten at all.

Edible mushrooms

The Classification of this species is divided into 4 categories:

- First – mushrooms, which are renowned for their taste and do not require special treatment. This, of course, white mushroom, real mushrooms and ginger.

the classification of mushrooms by edibility- the Second category – mushrooms are also delicious, have a pleasant smell, but are inferior in taste and nutritional qualities of instances of the first category. This includes the mushrooms, the common mushroom, boletus, volnushki, boletus, yellow and aspen mushrooms.

- the Third category usually includes mushrooms which have average taste properties, and collect them only at that time when I was born valuable fruit the first or second category. It includes black mushrooms, flap mushrooms, chanterelles, morels, and some species of Russula.


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- the Fourth category-the mushrooms don't have high taste parameters, are collected only fans. This category includes meadow and summer honey agaric, rogatica, polypore, oyster mushrooms, dung.

Conditionally edible mushrooms

Classification is that this group includes the fruits that contains harmful and bitter substances. In addition, they may have an unpleasant taste or odor. Use them for food only after special processing, boiling, soaking with changing the water, boiling with removal of water. This group includes volnushki, morels, Lactarius black, lines, pig, and some species of Russula that have bitterness. For example, Russula and the shrimp should cook for five minutes, then to merge broth, and mushrooms to stew, fry or add to soup.

Poisonous mushrooms

Classification of poisonous mushrooms according to the mechanism of action and the degree of poisoning of the following:

  • The first group can be attributed to fungi, which cause local poisoning. For example, they may lead to disorders in the digestive system. Their action starts in about an hour, and the consequences of poisoning can be observed about two weeks. If the patient is severely weakened, it may be fatal. This group includes about a raincoat, some types of fungus, blewits tiger, etc.classification of fungi
  • The second group includes fungi that affect the human nervous system. The first signs of poisoning can be detected in half an hour. May cause hallucinations, episodes of crying or laughing, disorders of the digestive system, and loss of consciousness. Such mushrooms include the Amanita, Govorushko, blewits, etc.
  • The Third group – mushrooms with plazmaticeski effects on the human body. Their toxins begin to exert their effect already in thirty minutes, but the signs of poisoning can appear only on the second day. Even if the time to take all the necessary measures for the treatment, death occurs in about 30% of cases. This group includes the cracker, smelly and spring Amanita, molochnicy, gall fungus.

Classification of mushrooms by edibility is very important, especially if the person is in this business the beginner.

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