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From  dreams about a slender, graceful and beautiful figure? And any man who pass by beauty with curvy hips, high Breasts and a delicate waist? Always been such women attractive to males and this has many explanations. First – since time immemorial women with magnificent forms was the key to good health and fertility. Not necessarily beautiful figure may be only the young, the history knows many women enough “adult” age - owners of luxury forms. And the slim waist as seen at the 73-year-old woman Katie Jung. Incredibly, 38 cm  - volume of a waist at this extraordinary ladies! 

The Most interesting that in his youth the waist of women was much more – 64 cm at the age of 28 years. Katie gave birth to three children, however, with the help of corsets, the woman managed to reduce their waist 26 see Its predecessor, which had the thinnest waist – Ethel Granger, had a volume of 33 see marrying, a young woman, with the full support of her husband, started working on her figure and has subsequently achieved such results. By the way, the waist of her she “did” also with the help of a corset. 

Following the girl behind her only 7 cm – Russian Oksana Mkhitaryan. 45 cm in girth is its the narrowest point of the figure. The girl was 32 and she was nicknamed “Krasnodar OSA”. Where there is the notorious 90-60-90!!!! In the list of Russian beauties, of course, she's not the only one. Life was famous for her figure, everyone's favorite Lyudmila Gurchenko. In her youth she was probably the most thin waist – 48 cm and kept her for life. What woman is it? Gurchenko throughout life caused envious glances from many women.   


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Was the thinnest waist (57cm) at the world-famous and beloved Marilyn Monroe, for many years considered the standard of beauty is unknown, and irrelevant. Beautiful Marilyn conquered the hearts of men with its insane charm and delicate femininity. It was called “goddess of love”, considered the sex symbol of the country, adored her, imitated her, but was she happy? Did she just woman's happiness, her extraordinary beauty and attractiveness? As they say historical evidence – no. 

So neither the thin waist nor the stunning beauty doesn't bring in a woman's life happiness and love. In a lot of history it was possible to observe cases when anything outwardly does not represent women had so much love and happiness that did not dream of any beauty. Therefore it is not to the detriment of his health and his family chasing the proverbial inches. Yes, the woman, of course, have to look after themselves, be well-groomed and desirable, but it should not become a mania. To maintain your shape in the right size, enough to eat right and perform some simple physical exercises. 

As already proven, is the easiest of all ways to get a thin waist – it's a corset. But how many will survive this watoe condition for a long time, and why? Unless there are several inches such strong victims? And who says a girl with a thin waist will definitely find love and happiness? But no one, of course. In any case, in order that the waist was already, there is a special set of exercises. In combination with a balanced diet it will produce results without taking such heavy casualties. 

In addition, it is necessary to exclude from your menu all kinds of cakes, fast food, flour and fatty foods and replace all of this “good” fresh vegetables primarily, fruits – the second. Connecting to this basis, dairy products and greens, fish and fatty meat, plus cereals, you will get a great full diet that will not contribute to the accumulation of excess fat on the waist and hips. A set of exercises will gradually withdraw from amounts of weight. Here you have a beautiful waist, and a slim figure. Success!

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