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The bandits even after their death, particularly sensitive. In the cemeteries they get only the VIP places: on the Central Avenue or at the entrance. Some of the monuments have special lighting, even in the winter they will not see any snow or ice, and in the summer it's chock full of fresh flowers. The graves of criminal authorities are available on all prestigious cemeteries in Moscow Vagankovskoye, Danilovsky, or Ancient Nikolo-Arkhangelskoye. There are even special private cemetery for the lads, like located in the suburban Raketka. In the 90 years, the thugs bought the whole land, so that after death the boys stayed together. Today we go on a little tour of the cemeteries of Moscow and “view” on the graves of criminal authorities, photos of the monuments most famous criminals, will be presented below.Graves of criminal authorities in Moscow

A Legendary figure of Moscow of the end 80-x

The Godfather of the capital crime and at the same time a fighter for justice believed Otari Kvantrishvili. At first he was just a card player. By the way, he was a close friend Vyacheslav Ivankov, known as Yaponchik. In 1993, the year Otari created a party called “Athletes of Russia” and took part in the defeat of the government building (White house). He headed the Fund of social protection of sportsmen of them. Yashin. What else can you say about Otari Kvantrishvili? It deserved the coach of Greco-Roman wrestling and businessman.

In 1994-m to year, on 5 April, he was shot by a sniper-killer when you exit Krasnopresnenskaya baths. Killer still not found. None of the versions that have advanced the investigation, has not been confirmed officially. There is a perception that the wings at the murderer was a famous Russian Hitman Alexander Solonik, aka Alexander the great. On account of his dozens of murders, including crime bosses.Graves of criminal authorities photo


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The head of the Ryazan criminal groupings

Marching on Vagankovskoe graveyard further. Prestigious cemetery is today considered a shut, it is full. There are only graves in a related line. However, the churchyard is still mysteriously there are new graves of criminal authorities (the bandits). So, for example, it is unclear why there arose the headstone of Victor Airapetov. Approaching the monument, you want to squint. The heavy marble slab surrounded by a richly gilded fence. Some say that admire the grandiose tomb he came Airapetov. Not, of course, and from our everyday life. The official version of the bandit is dead, but in fact (according to one version) dramatized shortly before his death, he received the Greek citizenship and a new name Aravidis.

Monuments authority

The graves of criminal authorities in the Armenian section is similar to the Pushkin monument on Tverskaya square. Headstone of Vladimir Sergeevich Oganov executed in the form of an old chair, on which sits brooding bronze man. To his left is his brother – Rudolf. All the space near the graves of marble vases filled with roses, lilies and chrysanthemums. Brothers Oganova, they Vachos six-fingered and Rudik Baku, were not just thieves, they occupied the highest place in the criminal hierarchy. That is what they had to pay. In the last century, the brothers Oganova and Ded Hasan (Aslan Usoyan) has unleashed a criminal war, which later became the war mafia clans.Graves of criminal authorities

The Most erudite “authority” of the late ' 80s

Moving on through the cemetery, where we will see the graves of criminal authorities Bauman gangs. In the heart of the 28-th section of the cemetery Vagankovsky is black monument under which are buried the leader of the fellowship – Boron (Vladislav Abrekovich of Vigoren-Wanner). Next to him rests his bodyguard.

Bobina considered one of the most widely knowledgeable and a strong “influencers”. His criminal gang has intimidated half of Moscow. He, in turn, was the right hand thug of the Globe (Valery Dlugach). Bobone passion was cars, he often drove his white sport "Buick" without a driver's license, which he simply was not there. The fact that one of his terms he was serving in a psychiatric hospital, where mastered English, but with the availability of information about mental illness, he could not pass the examination and obtain a driver's license.

Because Of a dispute that erupted in 1994-m to year, relative to a night club, whose patron was the globe and his group, Dlugach suddenly asked to increase its percentage share. For which he was shot “Kurgan», and all the blame for the murder they decided to take on Solonik. He is later killed Bobone. Killers to prepare for operations in a concrete fence in the territory of tyre, located on the Volokolamsk highway, the advance was probabley holes. Only machine Bobone entered the courtyard, as it opened fire. Together with criminal authority was killed and his bodyguard. Survived by daughter, who in time fell on the floor.

Do Not place makes the man

At the Danilovsky cemetery grave crime bosses hidden from prying eyes. Entering the world of granite, the first thing you pay attention – a family burial Chograshi. On the stell marble embossed: “Teddy”, “kike" and "Dato".

In 2001-m to year, in the month of August, in Khimki burned 600-hundredth Mercedes, which moved well-known, Armenian thieves in law – brothers Chograshi. The car moved in the direction of Sheremetyevo, but suddenly on the road caught fire. The cause of the fire was a blast. Brothers Dato and Nono died in hospital from severe burns. Presumably the attack is associated with the section of thieves ' common Fund.

The Dead crime bosses rolled down to his last resting place in bronze and lacquer. Their graves can be considered a real work of art: they are made of mahogany, fitted with brass handles, have lighting, air conditioning and even a built-in stereotypically system, some decorated with paintings by famous artists. Special popularity dvuhkryshechny coffins, equipped with an Elevator. The cost of such a “home” not less than 10 thousand dollars. Space for the grave crime bosses in Moscow cost 50-200 thousand rubles.monuments to the authorities the graves of criminal authorities

New landmark Vagankovsky cemetery

In 2009, the year the entire criminal world was followed to the grave by Ivankov (jap). His grave is one of the most famous cemeteries of the capital – Vagankovsky. Here lie such prominent figures as the poet Yesenin, actor Mironov, athletic Yashin and artist Surikov. In short, mere mortals to stay out. But the tale of Ivankov in depth found the grave of his mother, so the city authorities have given permission for the burial authority. The funeral was attended by hundreds of bandits.Graves of criminal authorities bandits

In any city of Russia, the graves of criminal authorities noticeably stand out against the old, sometimes rusty monuments.


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