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What is prom? For most this is a fabulous event, alien to the modern information society, a relic of the past with its dismal formalities and unnecessary requirements. However, the ball – is not a fairy tale, but an integral part of Russian culture. No other form of entertainment can boast a similar cultural and educational value. This fact indicates the necessity of the revival of ballroom traditions in Russia.


The meaning of the word “ball” its origins dates back to the Italian and French language - bal, ballo, which means “dance”. There is another version according to which the word was borrowed from Polish or German languages in which bal means “circle”. Thus, a ball is a social event, the Central entertainment of which are dances.

Until the XVIII century dance in Russia was called by the Assembly. Only under Peter I, when the Russian culture began to mix with European, Russian language included the word “ball”. After 3 centuries of it's historical significance has not changed and still means one of the most solemn events.

The Development of ball culture in Russia

The First idea was given in 1606, in honor of the wedding of false Dmitry I and Marina Mnishek. However, with the rupture of relations with the Polish government ballroom culture has left Russia.

what a ball

The Tradition of ballroom celebrations were re-introduced only 2 centuries later, in 1718, by order of Emperor Peter I in St. Petersburg was given a luxurious ball. However, in the beginning of the XVIII century the mentioned traditions. Only ascension to the throne of Catherine II, i.e. to the end of the XVIII century, the balls moved from the category of rare celebration in the ordinary event that are satisfied to know, as well as honorary citizens of the city – teachers, doctors, etc. the First ball in Moscow was given in the walls of the hall of the Noble Assembly at the end of the XVIII century.


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The Balls were given almost all year round, the exception was the period of Great lent. The season began in late September (the time when the nobles were returning to the city from foreign travel and country residences) and ended in the last days of carnival. After the revolution of 1917, when the tsarist government was overthrown, the Imperial tradition has sunk into Oblivion together with the Imperial regime.

ball in Moscow

Typology ballroom events

The Balls were varied depending on the places of its carrying out - the main varieties were the courtiers and the public.

Despite the fact that prom is a dance entertainment event, celebrations were particularly stiff and strict requirements. Guests at them were city notables and intellectuals, visited them with royalty and the noble families of the city. At court balls was considered extremely indecent retreat from the canons of ballroom rules, in connection with which the atmosphere of the festivities was very official.

Public balls were significantly different from courtiers. Here guests could defiantly dance, have fun, chat and have fun. However, the rules of etiquette were important to observe here.

the script homecoming

Ballroom etiquette

The Prom is a celebration, a magnificent celebration, a prerequisite for which the organization was as weddings and birthdays, and anniversaries and national holidays. However, he demanded from the guest to comply with important formalities – ballroom etiquette. This is a set of rules in ballroom culture, from the manner of conduct to the tone of the dress.

Invited to the ball the official invitation sent to the father of the family in the form of cards or letters. It stated the time and place of the event, and also if the ball was themed, items of clothing or appearance, to match where guests were required.

Within 2 or 3 days of the summoned person is supposed to answer. To withdraw from of the ball was extremely indecent, and the only reason exempting invited from liability for such uncivilized behavior to all the organizers, it was considered mourning, Express check-out or, in extreme cases, the disease.

Especially it is necessary to consider this element of ballroom etiquette, appearance and particularly the dress.

Closet Ball gown

How was being sarcastic hero of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov: “That's all you have as the parade”. The specified statement does not apply to ball-room etiquette, but completely reflects it. Guests are obliged to look at the ball as solemnly as if on parade: men in uniform jacket or ballroom costumes (gown pair with a tie), and women in dresses of strictly defined style. For ladies to appear twice in the same outfit was the apogee of indecency. Every self-respecting woman preparing a separate toilet for the new publication. In connection with this event invitations were sent in advance for 10-15 days, so guests have time to implement all the arrangements.

Depending on the theme of the ball he could be a costume, monochrome, stylized. In addition to the clothes needed to prepare attributes – masks, decorations, stylized elements, etc.

meaning of the word ball

The hands of gentlemen and ladies were adorned with white gloves. To remove them was impossible even in case of damage - in such cases the visitors took a spare pair.

An Important attribute of the female wardrobe was a fan. With the help of it ladies availale face and shoulders after a rousing dance, used this accessory is also in communication with the men.

Modern ball culture

Cultural education of the nation is one of the priority areas. Go back to your basics and a new look for the organization of celebrations, to raise the level of their culture and to join the history help the newly organized ball event. Ball is the first kind of intelligent recreation.

Today reborn ball culture in Russia, and it has some success.

ball this holiday

Modern balls are divided into historical, i.e. implying a reconstruction of known events from the history of Russia, masquerades and stylistic. Stylistic points usually visited by people from the same social category, which is determined by the affiliation celebration. For example, in Moscow annually host a ball of dentists and Sevastopol to develop a culture of officers ' balls. An important event of the year was a ball debutantes TATLER, which was attended by boys and girls the most famous families of Moscow.

Organization of celebrations

In recent years, educators interested in the development of aesthetic taste of students, and the inculcation of norms and rules of etiquette. To teach children and teenagers the rules of behavior in society will help the ball. Depending on the age of the participants and the event to which it is confined, you need to prepare the script. For the fall dance, you could play a comic scene, which will unite students after the holidays and will introduce newcomers to the team members. The script's winter ball can be timed with the new year festivities and spring for the upcoming holidays or parting with the school.

ball it

Students are very popular balls in the autumn, because this time, when exams still so far away, and thoughts soar memories of carefree summer. Depending on the varieties of ball (historical, stylistic or masquerade), the scenario for the autumn ball is required to choose the appropriate. For schoolchildren up to 10 years can be taken on the basis of the story or the cartoon, from 10 to 15 years – a movie or a book. For high school students and students can conduct historical points which will allow together with fun to join the history of their country.

Moscow ballroom events

Tradition of organizing and participating in balls gradually revived in Russia. Because the ball is primarily a cultural event, a place where people can intelligent to rest.

The Main event in 2017 in the ball culture will be a Viennese ball in Moscow, scheduled for may 20, 2017. Unfortunately, applications from girls have already finished, but boys can try your luck and be at the event.

If you have the opportunity to go abroad, please note that many travel agencies offer tours to points around the world. In Austria only in January 2017 will be about 12 such events, including:

  • 13.01.2017 – the Styrian ball.
  • 13.01.2017 – the Ball of flowers.
  • 14.01.2017 – the ball of the Vienna University of Economics and business.
  • 16.01.2017 – Ball officers.
  • 19.01.2017 – the ball of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra etc.

For children up to 8 January at the stadium «Luzhniki» will take place new year interactive play-ball “the Battle with the Troll’. Tickets cost from 500 to 2500 rubles. Bal is a celebration

The Man caught the ball once, you will never be able to organize their leisure time differently. After all, what is prom? This history and culture without the vulgarity, it's the solemnity and splendor without pretentiousness, it's aesthetics and a good example of how must rest an intelligent and educated person. E...

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