Delicious mushroom "Boletus of the ordinary." Brief description, places of growth


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Mushrooms are an invaluable gift given to us by nature. They come from miracles and mysteries, which features all of our organic world.boletus ordinary Mushrooms & ndash; an independent Kingdom in this big world, it is composed of approximately 100 thousand species. One of them is called boletus ordinary. He is also very beautiful, even the photos are quite attractive.

Boletus ordinary: brief description

In nature, there are close to forty species of boletus. The largest in size and most valuable in his group has long been considered boletus ordinary. This fungus in every place is called by different names: berezovik, boletus, chernogolovik or babok. He is one of the best, if not to take into account white fungus, a close relative of which is and has a great resemblance to him.mushroom boletus description

The ordinary Boletus differs from other mucous cap red-brown, which in dry weather shines against the sun. The young mushroom it a convex shape similar to a sphere. Pores white, sometimes becoming cream color. The growth of the hat becomes cushion-like, decrepit, reaches a large size, a find an experienced mushroom picker is unlikely to put in their basket.

Leg is at a height 70-160 cm, a thickness of 15-30 mm, white, with brown scales on top, thickened at the bottom.

The Flesh is odorless, tasteless, white and cream, the color on the cut does not change.

The Mushrooms grow very quickly, full maturity is reached on the seventh day, and after two or three days they become unusable.

Boletus ordinary: growing location

Boletus is “saying the name”, saying that can be accurately described as the place of his settlement – where there are birch.

The Mushrooms of this species begin to grow in early summer and produce a crop until late autumn. In some years, their abundant quantity is found in deciduous, birch and mixed forests. There are times when the assortment of settle where there are spruce.ordinary boletus mushrooms


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If the summer and autumn will be warm and rainy, you can expect a large harvest, especially young growth of birches. To collect boletus easy and convenient, they are always in sight and never hide in the grass.

Used in cooking

The Pickers, leaving the game, always have the desire to see in your basket boletus. Use in cooking broad: it is dried, boiled, marinated. It has a pleasant smell, a delicious by itself, on salting only fit young mushrooms.

The Main value-the presence of protein, irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins, which promotes removal from the body, like a vacuum cleaner, just unnecessary.

Before you start to cook mushroom dishes, you must know some rules.

• How long to boil? If the mushrooms are young, you can not boil, but if they are old, the cooking time should be 20 minutes.
• How to clean them? Cleaned should the stem of the boletus ordinary removing method of scraping roughness or spongy layers if the mushroom is old.
• How to prepare? Recipes, which include mushrooms, a lot. Boletus ordinary is equivalent to white, and their application in cooking the same way. You can cook in sour cream, with potatoes, in soup, add to salads.
• to Process the mushrooms need as quickly as possible, literally within four or five hours after collection.

Use health

In folk medicine has long been known mushroom boletus. Description of its influence on important vital functions of man was set forth in the ancient books.

Babok known mushroom for a long time, it attracts not only good taste, but the presence of useful properties: the ability to rid the body of toxins and maintain in good condition the kidneys.

Boletus effective in the treatment of the nervous system. It is permitted to use in diets because of the ability to regulate blood sugar. Those who adds to your diet the common boletus (mushrooms), has a healthy beautiful skin, but who wants to lose weight can also eat the boletus, which have too low calorie content.

Mushrooms are contraindicated to eat people with ulcers of the stomach or bowel disease, and the symptoms of intolerance – banned and children.boletus ordinary short description

Boletus ordinary – very tasty mushroom, this is not to argue. Dry it, prepare tasty, treat people close to you, feed them enough. Such a treat will be much better and healthier sweets. Let the mushrooms grow and multiply and, maybe, in the hard lean years will help fill our coffers.

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