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Marxist philosophy gave a great opportunity to look at familiar things differently. The contribution made by Karl Marx in the development not only of philosophy but of all world history, really is priceless. Marxist philosophy also includes works of such a great figure like Friedrich Engels. By itself, Marxism – the doctrine is quite broad. It also includes Marxist-Leninist philosophy, which gained its complete form in the thirtieth years of the last century.

The Philosophy of Marxism

The Emergence and development of Marxist philosophy refers to the late nineteenth century. This teaching includes socio-political issues, and political economy.

The Philosophy of Marxism was able to provide answers to the major questions of his time. Spread it once and got over a large area. In some countries this philosophy has been recognized as the official dogma, on the basis of which to build public and political ideology.

Marxist philosophy would never have been as it is without the materialistic philosophy of Epicurus, Democritus, Locke and many other thinkers. Contributed to its development and emergence rapid growth of various technical and scientific discoveries. These include the discovery of the law of conservation of energy, the development of the theory of evolution, the invention of the car, pictures and so on. Marxist philosophy came at a time when there are new ideals, but society was not ready to implement them when the class contradictions have been sharpened to the maximum, then, when a crisis of traditional bourgeois values.


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Actually, the whole Marxist philosophy can be divided into two parts. The first includes everything that is related to dialectical materialism, in the second – everything that is connected with historical materialism.

The Materialist conception of history – the innovation of Marx and Engels. Its essence is as follows:

- At various stages of development of society people have to interact with each other – the only way they can properly provide for their livelihoods. These relationships are productive. They are objective and do not depend on the wishes of their subjects.

- Economic system is formed just on the basis of the relations of production. In itself it is a definite basis on which are built various institutions and social relations and the state.

- the Institutions mentioned above are the kind of superstructure of the economic basis.

the Superstructure and Foundation are interconnected. On the basis of them we can distinguish various kinds of socio-economic formations.

- the Course of history is determined by material production, economy, relations of production.

The means of production according to Marx – this is what allows to produce new goods using labor. As a rule, they are alienated from the wage workers, that is concentrated in the hands of owners. It's about the fact that the majority of people for survival should be allowed to exploit themselves.

Produce more goods consumed means of production and wage labor. The difference is called surplus value. Part of it is the capitalists take, and part sent on receipt of new surplus value.

The Dialectics of Hegel-the basis of dialectical materialism. Marx and Engels took some of the ideas of the great philosopher and presented them differently.

In dialectical philosophy States that consciousness is determined by existence, matter is constantly changing and evolving, at the heart of development are the laws of dialectics, God does not exist, but the most important factor in the development of – practice.


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