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A Toadstool people commonly call mushrooms a dirty-gray color on a long stalk. For a similarity with them was just named a very graceful water birds. Most of all resemble a poisonous mushroom big and little grebe. Bird plumage is of a dirty gray. Long neck crowned by a head with a black and red collar (the two tufts of feathers of black color), which makes it representative of birds very similar to the famous mushroom forest.toadstool bird


Bird great crested grebe (great crested grebe) has a narrow and short wings, while the muscles that they have set into motion, are only ten percent of the total weight of (seagulls, for example, they are heavier in 2 times). The flight is fast, it is not maneuverable as a bird, unlike the gull, though, can boast of aerobatics – flying exclusively in a straight line.

The Landing and take-off for her, like for airplane – it is not easy. However, here the comparison with the seaplane is more appropriate. The bird dares to land on a hard surface because it can't put out the speed at the expense of what would greatly hurt the ground. It should be noted that water significantly softens the landing, looks like a basic drop.bird grebe photo


Bird squad grebes lives on the East hemisphere of our planet. In the southern regions they settled in the North – migratory.

Birds in Central Russia arrives in April. Young grebes occupy new nesting sites. But the elderly are mainly settled in old. Each pair nesting area is quite extensive-several hundred metres in circumference. Jealously guarding and his wife. In this case, if the few good places for nesting, the birds get along fine in the colonies. For example, one time in the Azov sea on the island of Long (this is a narrow strip of land with a length of 1.8 km with maximum width of 20 m) zoologists have counted 165 nests.bird great crested grebe


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Grebe-a bird nest which is mainly located so that all of the younger vegetation – reed, rush, sedge – it was protected from wind, prying eyes and waves. Should also have free access to swim up to it birds.

Sometimes working on the construction of the nests of the birds interspersed with the display. It usually precedes the construction. Bird grebe (photo of it is presented in this paper), placing another part of the material, begins the ceremony with the pleasantries. So, sailing towards each other, they simultaneously lowered and then rise up. Then, chest out, dramatically lifted above the water, with each movement follows the other like in a mirror. Periodically, these wedding rituals are done with the stalk in its beak. Looking at these birds with their elegant collars of feathers, I remember the Grand movements of ballet dancers-very graceful and they move synchronously.bird squad toadstools


Grebe-a bird in may lay 3-4 greenish-white egg. They very quickly become olive-brown in color from decaying plant located in their nest. Contribute to this and females, covering their walls with plants, if not for long leave the nest. It should be noted that the eggs hatch male and female. In June the Chicks appear. They have from birth are wonderful swimmers, dive and teach their parents.

It Happens also very interesting – one of the adults slowly floats past the kids, holding in his beak food, then again. And the kids, in turn, try to grab the fish. After grebe dives with her, inviting children to do the same. But the youth to follow the example of their parents is not solved. In this case, one of them puts food on the water and in the distance crying, "Kwong-Kwong!"little grebe bird

The Chicks are thrown in a crowd, and only the best swimmer can get his deserved reward. It is touching to watch the kids, tired from a long swim, creep on the parent's back to rest, after that ducking, relieved of its precious burden.

Grebe (bird): food

The parents of the striped Chicks are fed worms, insects, fish. Do not refuse also crustaceans, frogs, molluscs, but preference is given, of course, fish. Be sure to note one interesting feature of grebe in the stomach, you can always find a bunch of feathers. Grebe-a bird that collects them on the water, and plucks. The reason is that they live on the water, in which silt. bird grebe photo

It is impossible to find stones, which birds swallow for the improvement of grinding the food in the stomachs. Although some ornithologists do not agree with this common statement. They believe that a ball pen is a kind of sieve, which retains the bones of the fish. But whatever the opinion was correct, the Chicks from the first days of life received from parents with food, and the feathers.

The Young grebes become independent at the age of 2.5 months. They have at this time brown plumage, and there are not very clear stripes on the neck and the head. Adult apparel they will appear a bit later. It should be noted that a particularly elegant birds in spring. Two beam horns (or ears) on his head and a collar on the neck of red color form the long feathers. The top of the ears and the edges of the collar - black colour. Wings and back are white, with transverse stripes of dark-brown hue. And the bottom of the torso – brilliantly white.bird great crested grebe


Due to its satin feathers bird grebe, a photo which you can see in this article, and the elephants. So, in the nineteenth century from the skins of these birds began to produce clutches, hats, trim for ladies ' clothes, boa.

I Wonder what fishing bird feather sometimes rose and sometimes fell. For example, in the seventies of last century only one in Akmola region every year to the Moscow market was delivered about 100 thousand bird skins!bird squad toadstools

A Huge number of grebes were also killed in the States of Western Europe during the next boom, which is already in the beginning of this century was caused by the incredible demand for the products of their fluff. Therefore, it is not surprising that grebes in Europe a few decades ago are fairly rare. Such is the fashion!


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