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To Get education in France is a dream of many young people. If you are among them or are just interested in the given question, note this article. In it we describe how the education system works in France, and what levels students need to in France

A Little history

Currently, many pupils and students prefer to get education in France. States in Europe offer high-quality and, very importantly, it is available for money training. To get a high score, the state has come a long way, which lasted more than a hundred years. Well-known “the laws Ferri”, released at the end of the 19th century, ordered that all citizens learn compulsory from six to twelve years. The next stage of development of the system became the sixties of the 20th century. It was then that the government took decisive action that helped the country to achieve the desired results in the age of education. France had to introduce compulsory education of children up to 16 years, to establish primary and secondary schools (College, high school or technical College). Then we propose to review in detail all the levels of education of France.

Preschool education

French nursery gardens await within its walls kids from two to five years. Most modern parents prefer to let kids in preschool at age three, although staying there is optional. Here I would like to tell you a bit about the development of education of France. The first kindergarten in this country appeared in the late 18 century and early 19 came and actively operated the whole system. In the large industrial cities worked kindergartens for the poor and for the children of workers. Famous teacher Pauline Kergomard made a great contribution to preschool education in France. She offered to teach preschoolers game methods and to abolish corporal punishment. Thanks to her “mom's school”, which was formed in the early 19th century, became very popular and is still functioning in all cities of the country. The analogue of the Russian kindergartens has the following levels:


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  • Up To four years, children play only.
  • Up To five years studying drawing, sculpting, perfecting speaking and interpersonal communication.
  • Age group – to six years. Here are the kids getting ready for school, learn numeracy, reading and writing.

Sometimes in the parent schools can hear criticisms that argue that the rules here too strict. However, most experts believe that the French kindergartens provide children with adequate training to school – one of the best in Europe.the education system in France

Primary education in France

The Children, aged six years, go to College, where studying in the same program. Mandatory kids improve their skills of numeracy, writing and reading. Also, they learn foreign language and improve their speaking in their native language. In third grade, students take exams and receive a diploma.

Secondary education

At the age of 11 children can choose their future path – to attend a typical College, technical or vocational. The latter option of the two-year study of the chosen profession (as a vocational school in our country), and then issued a certificate of completion. However, in this case the student is not entitled to higher education, unlike the first two cases. The end of the General Lyceum allows to enter any University, to continue his studies on his specialty.

There are not only public but also private schools. There are also boarding schools. In state institutions education is free (books will need to buy yourself) and you can do not only to French citizens, but also foreigners. However, you will have to pass an exam on knowledge of the language, pass an oral interview and to write a motivation letter. In private schools take foreigners, if they speak French at a basic level.the formation of the French state

Higher education in France

To Get a higher education can be anyone, but the future student must have a bachelor's degree that gets every graduate of the Lyceum. Then he has to choose what type of education he wants to. You can go the short way and after two years to become a certified professional in the service sector or industry. The advantage of this way is saving time and the possibility of quick employment. Those who prefer long-term training (and from five to eight years), after graduation can qualify for a high-paying job in a prestigious firm.development of education of France


The education System in France designed in such a way that any person can obtain a free profession. In these schools can do even a foreigner, if you pass the test on knowledge of the language and pass the interview. Note that considered the most prestigious universities that teach the profession of doctor, lawyer, teacher and journalist. At most universities, the state pays 30% of the seats, and the rest of the students will have to pay the entrance fee (150 to 500 euros). However, many are happy like this because the students are entitled to scholarship which is approximately 100 euros per month. Private universities charge students for a fee of 10,000 to 20,000 euros a year (depends on the chosen specialty).higher education in France

High schools

Higher education in France, you can get into prestigious high schools, however, to obtain this opportunity, have to withstand a serious examination. Some of them accept only students who passed the University basic course of study. Studying in a school is considered more prestigious, since graduates were guaranteed employment and high wages. Some students receive a stipend from the state as they are the future teachers, soldiers, librarians, and even politicians.

Language schools

If you decide to learn French, it will help you with this so-called language schools. To arrive for training in a period of seven days, but the average duration of treatment is two to four weeks. Here you can study the people with any level of language proficiency-elementary, basic or advanced. The immersion guarantees a high score and those and others. Also provides courses for such specialists as doctors, lawyers, employees of travel agencies. Many students combine this kind of training in France, cooking courses, horse riding and many other activities. The students usually spend on training from 20 to 30 hours per week, and the average cost per week is € 300.age of education of France

Reviews Russian students

Every year many foreign students come to the country to get listed and prestigious in the world of French education. France, by and large, still, who will be the foreign student or local citizen. Therefore, the Russians enthusiastically prepare for exams, learn the language and apply for training to several schools. Our compatriots come to the delight of the fact that education in France is free or find some sponsorships in the face of private firms. Thus, it is possible to provide not only the diploma highly regarded University, but also promising job with a good salary.

Universities in France

Next we want to introduce you to the most famous universities in the country and tell about their features:

  • Sorbonne – the history of the famous temple of science began in the 13th century, and is now one of the best universities in the world.
  • University of Nantes – is among the largest and most famous universities of France and each year it has 45 thousand students. He's not as old as other schools, but boasts a wide choice of subjects and quality of teaching.
  • University of Toulouse – represents seven different educational institutions, United by one name. The cost of studying in the oldest University of the country up to 360 euros a year. Students can live in a local hostel or rent an apartment in the private sector.
  • The University of Grenoble – in this old University students studying to physicians, technicians, linguists and scholars of the social Sciences. In the number of students included many foreigners, who, as French citizens receive free education.
  • University of Montpellier – besides the great reputation of the famous fact that in the 16th century, these walls were driven by the world-famous soothsayer and alchemist Nostradamus. The list of specialties taught in the modern University is big enough – doctors, mathematicians, chemists, biologists, athletes, humanitarians and technology.

 French education France

We will be glad, if you'll appreciate the material presented in this...

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