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Contemplation – is an ancient spiritual practice. In the Zen doctrine of mystical contemplation is the Foundation which is the basis for all spiritual development of man. The ability to observe is an art to understand which under force not to everyone. Contemplation is not for beginners, contemplate can only experienced searcher.

Contemplation is

Experienced seeker

Who is the experienced searcher? This is the man who has rejected or came close to having to reject their ignorance-night. This is someone who constantly asks God for his sleepless smile. Experienced seeker generates within itself the implicit love of God, according to his will.

Philosophical meaning of the term "contemplation"

In the philosophical sense of the contemplation of the world has many meanings, which sometimes even contradict each other.

  1. Visual contemplation with a special meaning.
  2. Contemplation as the General perception of the world.
  3. Irrational, neponyatiynom perception of reality.


But there is another group of values in which contemplation – it is something spontaneous, not related to the senses. Here the contemplation of it involves the perception of the world of insensible values, values and way. This group includes the following:

  1. Contemplation as the analysis of the values of a mathematical or logical nature.
  2. Internal process of direct formation of ideas, that is the contemplation in the spirit of Plato.
  3. Contemplation in the Kantian sense, as moral awareness and ethical principles.
  4. Contemplation as the perception of the perfect, of God himself-an intellectual form of contemplation in the style of German idealism.

Practice meditation

To Contemplate means to understand the world and its beauty without words. The person who is constantly practicing this teaching becomes more intellectually developed or professional. However, the ability to contemplate can make a person more calm, to teach him how to properly apply the knowledge he already has. Spiritual practices – is a direct path to development and progress of man to what is called spirit. By practicing contemplation, the seeker is looking for a direct way to get rid of the emotions of the past and anxieties about the future.


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It is Impossible to contemplate the world without activating the internal dialogue, and this requires a lot of time. The contemplation of beauty is the direction of attention not only on external but also to internal objects. It's a skill that is available for development only narrow circle of people. Therefore, do not expect that you will quickly master this practice - it does not give anyone right away. Just regularly working out, can be freed from the power of obsessive thoughts and ideas and to achieve inner balance and peace.

How to start practice

Behold the beautyThe Development of this practice it is best to start with the contemplation of nature. The main advantage of nature is not in its spiritual advantages over all others, and that the human mind is less likely seeks to analyze and understand. When a person looks at a stone, a tree or river, his mind is silent. Communicating in society, we always notice and try to analyze all the details: listen to the sounds, looking at the faces of people, read the signs. To learn simply to contemplate the beauty of nature, you need to go Hiking, for example, in the mountains. Picturesque landscapes will be a great background. Of course, you still have to learn to contemplate the world in which you live.

Forms of contemplation

Developing spiritual practices, such as contemplation, it is necessary to consider the form, as it is also important. As mentioned above, there are external and internal forms of contemplation. However, any Zen master knows that the concept of “inside” and “outside” are purely debatable value. This internal contemplation requires more practice and training. An example of such teachings - Vipassana.

contemplation of the world

You Need to understand that man is a complex being, and the development of one attention will not be sufficient for the development of the practice of contemplation. Will have to change the perception and attitude towards life in General. The first thing to stop Smoking, alcohol, drugs, adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle. So you amass a huge amount of energy that is required for contemplation. Should pay attention to his mental state: to get rid of obsessive thoughts and ideas that would interfere with the mind to correctly perceive the process of contemplation.

Contemplative practice directly involves the visual perception of objects, the world in General or even internal forms, which appears all real and meaningful.

The contemplation of the forms and entities

In the Kantian sense, the contemplation of form is space and time, which analyzes the sensations. They are the essence of these mind. This form of internal contemplation, which do not depend on experience, but only enable him to acquire. The contemplation of the ideas and essence – it is a spiritual process by which a person is able to grasp the idea of the subject. According to Plato, even before their resettlement into the body, the soul beheld the ideas. That is, inthis case, the contemplation of essence is understood as a Boolean value, mediated by perception.

Contemplation of beauty

Zen practice

Zen is the practice of contemplation is called hwadu. Literally the term means “head of speech». In this case, “head” is the top, where exhausted thoughts and speech. Therefore, contemplation – is bringing people into a state of peace and clarity of mind, which subsides distracting and disturbing the perception of chatter. In Zen, the main factor of contemplation is the constant sense of questioning.

Once you Start classes, try to always maintain questioning: “What do you see? What do you hear?” And before fade the initial interest, you can ask a new question. Thus the process of asking will not be interrupted, a new question will be imposed, and so on. In addition, we need to make the overlay was regular and smooth, but it is not just automatically repeat the question. It is not a mantra. To tell yourself around the clock "What is it?” useless. The main task is not to simply repeat the words, and in keeping a sense of questioning. Once this process is established, the mind will become calm.

Tips of the seeker

the Practice of contemplation

Contemplation – the battle of obsessive thoughts and drowsiness of the mind on the one hand and hwadu – on the other. In contemplation concentration and wisdom must unite into one. Without concentration it will be difficult to cope with false perception, and without wisdom – will increase ignorance. You are not the first and not the last who enters on this path. So don't stop, even if at times it will seem that this practice is too complex. Without exception, all mentors - ancient and modern - has experienced some difficulties along the way.

You Need every morning to Wake up for the night. This intention should increase with each passing day until it becomes inexhaustible. Try to control their behavior, never neglect the moral precepts that underpin the practice of contemplation. When they start to ripen Huadu, and the mind becomes sharper, it is extremely important not to stop and continue the classes. After all, the purpose of this exercise is a full immersion in Huadu. Everything else should be excluded.

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