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All the spectators, which was impressed by Teletopia "Secret documents" to remember the names of the main characters - Mulder and Scully. The actress received the role of a brave agent, after the first episodes of woke up famous. The way skeptical my partner Mulder skillfully embodied the American Gillian Anderson. What is known about the best roles of the stars, her life and family?

Agent Scully: actress

Gillian Anderson was born in August 1968, her hometown is Chicago. The girl's family was in some way connected with the movie world, as my father specialized in post-production of films. Always moving – it is associated with childhood "Scully". The actress talks almost in all the interviews how often she had to change schools. Her family managed to spend some time in London, Puerto Rico, while the parents Gillian settled in a small American town.

Scully actress

Anderson in adolescence was hardly similar to a discreet friend Mulder Scully. The actress does not deny that in those years I loved to challenge public morality. She allowed herself this kind of stuff in school and beyond, provocatively dressed, could meet with several young men at the same time. Gillian from time to time attracted the attention of law enforcement, it was almost expelled from school.

Early career

Adventures – is more to it than the teenage years was engaged in “Scully”. The actress first appeared on stage at the age of 13, accidentally fell in the school drama club and immediately after receiving the role of Juliet. Around the same time attractive appearance allowed Anderson to star in several commercials. By the time of graduation, the American had no doubt that she wants to become a movie star.


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agent Scully actress

Acting Skills future star acquired in drama school Goodman, a student of which she became after moving to Chicago. Student years Gillian has not been as rapid as the school, which does not prevent her to remember this period with nostalgia. First role in a movie she made after receiving the bachelor's degree. Her debut was the film “Rotate” is a low - budget drama, remaining virtually unnoticed by the public. Interestingly, Anderson after filming has vowed not to participate in the “cheap” projects.


The Actress, who played Scully, argues that the role that changed her life, got her by accident. Indeed, to the casting she was “street”. Game unknown girl and her charming smile was impressed by the project Manager, defended the candidate Gillian. Anderson perfectly coped with the way the skeptical ladies, constantly criticizing the methodology Mulder, but helping him in all endeavors.

Scully secret files actress

The young Lady, before the release of the series not played any serious role, became known worldwide as agent Scully. The actress says that he received in those days, thousands of letters from fans who wanted to look like her, and boys who dream to meet her.

Other cinema

Of Course, the talented American could not be a star in one role. Among the colorful characters played by her, was not only agent Scully. The actress, for example, has received several prestigious awards for the edgy lady Deadlock created by her in the film adaptation of Dickens ' “bleak house”. Remembered by the audience and so her character as the narcissistic Director of the publishing house of Comedy “How to lose friends and make everyone hate you”. The applause of the audience and critics deserve her character Sarah Merit out of the picture “Last king of Scotland”.

the actress who played Scully

One of the last well-known roles Gillian – Duchess Anna Pavlovna, which she played in the mini-series “War and peace». Her character – the mistress of the fashionable salon and the most knowledgeable people in St. Petersburg.

Personal life

The audience – is not the only reason for a star to forever remember her character Scully. “Secret files" actress can't forget the fact that on the set she met the father of her first child, who was the assistant art Director Clyde. The first marriage of a celebrity was short-lived: three years later, after the wedding, “partner, Mulder” broke with her husband. Even less have held her own marriage to documentary filmmaker Julian – two years.

A Few years, the actress lived with mark Griffiths, from whom she has two sons. Child from the first marriage also survived.

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