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Here and there you can hear: “He was so nice to me, even strange, I've heard great things”. The man who does not know, and kindly-what is this, ask yourself: “The other was with a woman cute or gross?”. Today let us examine the meaning of the words “helpful” and “kindly" because one without the other can not be viewed.

courtesy of this

Just say that the word is good. And the value of adverb and adjective overlap. So first let's consider the second, then first, and then move on to a more General concept of civility in principle. So, the value of the adjective “helpful”

  • Previously called “beloved”. Now it seemed ironic and a bit funny.
  • Courteous, gallant, polite. To clarify this value will need slightly more than one phrase, so we will talk about it separately, when we look at politeness.
  • Honey, darling. Despite the fact that the third meaning echoes and resembles the first, it is not considered outdated and is quite popular.
  • Unceremonious appeal to someone. For example: “you Know, the kind you do not puff my brains! I saw with my own eyes as you put the cigarette case in his pocket!”. It is easy to understand that it's almost a curse.

The adverb "kindly" can be the same meaning. But if we are talking about the evaluation of someone's action, then the value of – “cute”, “polite” – positive evaluation.

very kindly


- Our boy today for the first time showed maturity and gave place to a grandmother in public transport.

Oh! Very kind of him. He is brilliant!

In this situation, "kindly" is moving closer to the meaning of “cute”, given the context of the situation: a grandmother, a child, two women, all touches.

Emotional range of dialects “cute” and “kindly”

In the previous section it was said that the dialect, included in the header, can be used as synonyms, and it's true, but not always. Much depends on the language situation. Compare.

One situation. When the son-in-law makes a nice mother-in-law or wife, and she tells your mom, then as a response we can hear: “Oh, how kind of him!” In this case, the adverbs are interchangeable, and if you put “cute”, nothing will change.

courtesy of it as

The situation is Different. The wife tells her husband that a colleague lost her place in the car that transported them home. The husband responds: “It is very kind of him”. There would be “cute” sounded wrong and inappropriate, because the spouse doesn't know his colleague and him still, the main thing – the fact that his wife came home a little early. In addition, if a suspicious spouse, then his head comes the idea: “And if a colleague hit on wife?" What kind of mercy.

Thus, goes: "courtesy" – it's a neutral word that can Express call center polite when nothing in particular to say do not want and need.

Some readers may disagree with such a promise. Here everyone creates its own set of preferences. And this applies not only to writing scholars and people of art, but ordinary native speakers, unless, of course, the latter is quite competent to give his judgment, which begins with the words "courtesy –…”


Let the reader not to worry, there will be no treatise on morals, but it is strange to talk about courtesy and not say anything about more General notion where it is. A man brought up from an early age to know the difference of good behavior from the bad. When he behaves well – encourage him, for example, the word "courtesy". It – form of approval that the person behaves in accordance with societal expectations and requirements. The politeness only one problem – it is relative.

If, for example, in Germany, Russian tourist will be inferior to the old German place on the bus, she will look at him like he humiliated her. But so it is in terms of a foreign morality. His act showed Russian German contempt, felt that it is weak and feeble, and it is an insult.

I Hope it is now clear, courtesy of – how? Armed with this knowledge, the reader may freely be gallant.

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