The similarities and differences between animals of the same species: wildebeest, Gazelle, Garnier


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There are many varieties of antelopes. They differ in size, habitat and appearance. Another feature of this cloven-hoofed mammal are hollow horns that have no processes.

The wildebeest is an animal of South Africa. Due to its large size, it resembles a horse with a bull's head. Upon closer examination, you would think that her appearance collected from taken from different animals of the little things and details.

The wildebeest has a mane and tail like a horse, on the inner side of the neck hair suspension is reminiscent of the mountain goats, and the voice is somewhat similar to the mooing of a cow. The animal grows very large, weighing up to 250 kg, reaching 1.5 m in height and length is 2.8 m. there is Also a large wide horns that are bent forward and then to the side.wildebeest

GNU has a fine slender legs which allow speeds of up to 50 km/h depending on the subspecies, the color can vary from gray-brown to dark grey. The animal is a herbivore, therefore is strongly dependent on the rainy season.

In search of food the deer have twice a year to migrate. Numerous herds, in which they lose while running, can harm the environment, treading many miles of the plains.

Mating season begins in mid-April and lasts three to four weeks. The female bears cubs 8.5 months. Wildebeest is a very caring and attentive mother.

In a litter is usually one (rarely two) calf. Already after only one hour after birth he can walk and run. After 7-10 days small wildebeest already tries the grass, but refuses mother's milk only after 7 months.


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To Tame these animals fails, but the hunt for them is always because their meat is very tasty.

During a surprise attack predators wildebeest scatter in different directions. They are included in the diet of crocodiles, lions, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards. In rare cases, the wildebeest can fend off attacks with hooves and horns.

From the mansions of the plains differs significantly mountain antelope - Gazelle. Due to the special structure of the hoof it moves great on the rocks. The animal is small in size, growing only to one meter in length, and has a weight of not more than 50 kg. Horns slightly curved back and reach 25-30 cmmountain antelope

Chamois can be found in the mountains of Europe. They usually live in flocks of 15-25 individuals, consisting only of juveniles and females. Males live alone, but appear in the herd only during mating.

Usually in the early summer of mountain antelope are born 1-3 cub that three months will only eat mother's milk. Life expectancy chamois  - up to 20 years. They are hunted by such predators as bear, lynx and wolves.

Asia is home to several species of other antelopes. One of them is Garen.

This Asian antelope has its own peculiarity: the female and the male, in contrast to many other mammalian species this species have different coloration. First much lighter than their relatives of the opposite sex.

Garen is a medium-sized antelope with a growth of 75-80 cm and a weight of 30-40 kg. Spiral horns that grow up to 75 cm are males only. She lives about 12 years.

These animals live in large herds in the plains only. Garnier never go into the woods. To any adverse conditions, they adapt very quickly.Asian antelope

During mating among males of Asian antelopes can be observed fierce fighting. Pregnancy females - 5-6 months. After the birth of cubs the female hides them for several weeks in the tall grass.

The Main predators that prey on garno are wolves. Thanks to its discretion and ability to develop a high speed, the victims of other large animals these antelopes to become rare.

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