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Cote d'azur flourished together with the growth of the film industry and fashion: a life of luxury and wealth. Anyone would like to dive into the glamorous atmosphere, to see their idol.

A Comfortable summer season in nice, and around the shores of the azure starts in early may, and it closes at the end of October.

After Reading this article, you can find out which beaches in nice is the best. But first present General information on the magnificent resort areas of France.a nice beach

Brief information about French resorts

French resorts open for the numerous tourists and travelers in summer and winter. The most wonderful comfortable stay, especially in summer, you'll be Cote d'azur. No less attractive are the Alpine ski resorts. There are in this state and other heavenly overseas territories. It Guiana, the Caribbean Islands and French Polynesia.
Since ancient times, the beaches of France willingly visited by beach lovers, but the most elite status they received after the Second world war, after the first Cannes film festival. The best are the beaches in Cannes, St Tropez, nice and Antibes. And the whole Cote d'azur are considered one of the elite beach.

Unimaginable without such rest areas and nice. The beach is one of the main places of many tourists-guests of France.


Nice – it is about seven kilometers of wonderfully clean beaches. The most popular stretch along the beautiful English of the Boulevard. Is here as a private (about 15) and municipal beaches. Almost the entire waterfront located free beaches with of the facilities only shower with fresh water. Equipped private beaches mostly owned by the hotels and seaside cafes.


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Usually in a private beach entrance fee, and sun loungers, mattresses and parasols are also taken in rent for a fee. Usually with all the beaches, cafes and bars.
Cote d'azur-this is a gorgeous resort town of nice. The beach is almost all shingle, so going on a trip, it is necessary to take special beach shoes.

Below is a more detailed look at some of the rest area of nice. However, note that the notion of "best" does not mean popular.

The Best beaches of nice

The Most remarkable, famous and oldest in nice paid beach is located opposite the Opera in nice. It features a fine restaurant with waiters who speak in Russian. The most popular and a include the following beach recreational areas: Florida beach, Blue Beach and Lido.the Best beaches of nice

They all Differ in their amazing pure natural beauty.

The following outline provides a description of some of the beaches at nice:

  • Beach "sporting" in nice is a pebble beach with paid entrance and rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. The recreation area is located next to the hotel Westminster. There is a restaurant.
  • Beach "the Wheel" (pebble) is located at the hotel "Meridian". Here kids have a beautiful pool. Local restaurant offers different fish and meat dishes.
  • Neptune – paid a pebbly beach, extending to the promenade des Anglais at the hotel "Negresco". A big plus is the presence of the children's pool with sea water. The restaurant provides a variety of Italian and French cuisine.
  • Owned by the elite hotel with the same name paid beach "Monte Carlo beach" has a beach, covered with sand. On the territory is filled with sea water a large pool and smaller for children. At the beach there are for rent wooden houses and there are three restaurants.
  • Close to hotel "Meridian" (Promenade des Anglais) is a paid beach "Galion", covered with pebbles. The on-site restaurant offers the visitors dishes of meat, salads and pizzas.the Beaches in nice: feedbacks

"blue beach" and "Lido"

Excellent especially for a summer vacation is nice. Beach "blue beach" is one of the Central in town and is opposite the Negresco (hotel). He also paid. On site there are toilets and changing rooms, small pool. Pebble beach combined with an excellent restaurant in which the menus of various seafood. In the evening you can hear live music. For cars there is Parking for a fee.

Another great pebble beach called "Lido" is located at the hotel "Palais Mediteranee". He also paid a restaurant.

The Above beaches – one of the best, the most comfortable conditions for rest are quite popular. Especially chosen by their members of the Beau Monde.What beaches in nice


Gorgeous and cozy Paradise beaches of nice. The reviews on them are most excellent as the representatives of the elite and stars and ordinary tourists.

Like lovers of gastronomy, recreation and restaurants at the beaches with their varied menu.

Good and evening walks along the Bay des na in the background of amazingly beautiful promenade des Anglais. This evening stroll offers a great chance to meet among the passers-by walking along the promenade, world-famous pop stars and movie.

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