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Today, Halloween is celebrated around the world. People dress up in costumes of evil spirits and don't sleep all night. But not many can afford to give an account of why they do it. Appeared Halloween in America in honor of All Saints Day. Today we'll show you how to celebrate at home and light the traditions and interesting facts.

How was the holiday?

how to celebrate Halloween in AmericaToday it is believed that Halloween originated in America, but it is not. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, on this holiday do not know. Most of the first settlers of America-the puritans. Their faith was no place for a Catholic holiday. Only with the influx of immigrants from Scotland and Ireland All Saints ' Day became popular.

Why is October 31 celebrated the feast? It is no coincidence that you selected that number. Halloween to America brought the Catholic faith and Christianity from 31 October to 1 November, celebrated the Day of all souls. People used to believe that before you go to hell or heaven, souls live in purgatory. And now, on the last night of October, they come to earth to say goodbye to their living relatives and friends. That is why the early Catholics celebrated All Saints ' Day, first in Church and then the cemetery. The deceased left food, milk, sweets. It was believed that the spirits will eat the offering, and will not disturb the living people.


Halloween in America a dateMany wonder, where did the tradition of dressing up in costumes of evil spirits. Halloween in America today is a national holiday, but as we found out, it was not always so. Tradition and change appeared in France. Christians sincerely believed that if they put on masks and go to the prom or to another crowded place, that their spirits do not know, and therefore, nothing bad will. The Americans took this tradition note, but a little beat in their own way. They don't just wear masks, they dress up in evil. People believed that spirits not only they do not know, but even be mistaken for their own and nothing bad will. Over time, the true story began to be forgotten, and costumes became less scary. Girls dressed kitties, and bunnies, in the opinion of Americans of the nineteenth century, would be considered vulgar. This outfit definitely would not be able to protect from the impure forces. But today the costume-is a way of expression, and few people wear traditional clothes and masks.


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Home Decoration

Halloween in America, the numberOne of the national holidays in America – Halloween. The date of All Saints Day - October 31. On this day people dress up in costumes and go to parties, and children going door to door collecting sweets. How did the tradition of decorating not only themselves but also their own home? Their homes, the Americans were decorated not so long ago. But today it is due to the same belief in spirits. To evil is not learned, he need to disguise.

In fact people through the decoration of his home Express. Americans love to beat their neighbors in everything. So, no decent family will not allow her house was decorated worse than a semi-detached structure.


Probably everyone knows the movies, as is Halloween in America. Adults and children dress up in costumes. And if the parents party takes place in two scenarios: they either celebrate at home or go to a party for friends - the little rascals having fun all night. They go home, and every time you open the door, the children shout: “a Treat or your life”. If the neighbors give them candy, the children go back home. But if the door is not opened, or certainly not given treats, dressed urchins can and fool around. The most loyal way to take revenge on the neighbors - it's cast aside their house with toilet paper, but one of the worst options – “ornament” the house raw eggs.

How to celebrate Halloween in America? One of the ways to celebrate the holiday – to participate in the parade. This event is taking place in new York. Its official beginning at 7 p.m., but at these festivals, people rarely arrive on time. Therefore, the accumulation of dressed up people hits the road in 8 hours. The parade is accompanied by songs, dances and dances. People meet, talk and take pictures, in General, have fun.


how to celebrate Halloween in AmericaHow to celebrate Halloween in America? To understand this, we need to consider the traditions that define the holiday.

  • Carving of pumpkins angry faces. This is done in order to scare away evil spirits. Cut the pumpkin put a candle and put near the entrance to the house. Sometimes orange vegetables decorate the windowsills and verandas. Some people even take pumpkin with them and walk with them on the street, well, I guess, in case if you meet the evil spirits on the way.
  • Many farmers on the eve of Halloween put on their land allotments Scarecrow with a pumpkin-head. Why is there such a tradition? The fact that the feast has not only religious and agricultural roots. October 31, the ancient Celts, predecessors of Americans celebrated the end of agricultural work and harvesting.
  • The Traditional colours of Halloween are considered to be orange and black. Orange symbolizes joy, hope, sunshine successfully harvested. And black reminds people about death and evil spirits who live alongside us.

Interesting facts

Halloween in America

  • Halloween in America every year becomes more and more popular. Now this is not only a national holiday, but financially profitable event. Thanks to widespread publicity, tourists from around the world flock 31 October in English-speaking countries, thus creating huge income.
  • How people celebrate Halloween in America? Of course, widely. That is why there are even special shops that work for 2 months a year. They spetsializiruyutsya on the sale of Halloween, costumes and other accessories.
  • Pumpkin carved with a funny face is called Jack O lantern. And the first versions of these figures Catholics did from a turnip.
  • There are many superstitions associated with mirrors. Americans believe that if at midnight on 31 October to look at any reflective object, we can see his death. Although many women believe otherwise. They wonder at the mirrors. At midnight, you go down the stairs with a candle in his hand. If you manage this moment to look in the mirror, you are going to see his betrothed.
  • In 1921 was held the first large-scale Halloween celebration in America. It happened in Anoka, Minnesota. Since this place is considered the capital of the U.S. holiday.


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